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  1. Richard Fairbanks


    Ah, the good ol’ days: http://www.formz.com/products/formz/update/whats_new.html :-)
  2. Richard Fairbanks

    formZ v9.0.3 Now available

    Greetings, folks! With the update to version 9.0.3 (Build A123), I seem to have lost some critical palettes. The first screen shot, grabbed back in January (The Missing Palettes, Highlighted.jpg) shows the expected palettes, outlined in a red frame. The second screen shot (Missing Palettes in 9.0.3 (Build A123).jpg) shows the hole at the bottom of the image, where the above-noted palettes used to be, and were, until version 9.0.3 (Build A123). Also shown is the Palettes menu, that doesn’t seem to have any way of geting those palettes back. Any suggestions! ;-) Blessings, and thank you!
  3. Richard Fairbanks

    Incremental Update Log Location?

    Greetings, folks! Where is the page that lists the full set of changes in every incremental update to form•Z? It really needs to be in the same place, clearly, easily, readily accessible. Blessings, and thank you!, Richard Fairbanks
  4. Richard Fairbanks

    form•Z Input Palette Hosed

    < 3.5 GHz, 6-Core Mac Pro (MacPro6,1) with 16GB RAM and D700 GPUs, running macOS 10.14.6 > Working on setting form•Z 9 to match palette layout of form•Z 8. Input palette was only showing half of data and couldn’t be resized. I moved it around and now it’s completely disappeared, apparently part of “Status Bar - Bottom” set, but nowhere to be seen. Cycling “Status Bar - Bottom” on/off only changes the checkmark next to “Palettes/Input” menu item. Deleting preferences files: no changes at all. “Reset To Defaults Now...”: no changes at all. Relaunch without saving preferences file: no changes at all. Thoughts? Thanks!
  5. Richard Fairbanks

    Select All Challenges

    Greetings, folks! Sorry to take so long to respond; busy week. There was some (still unresolved) corruption in the file. Here’s a small snippet of my discussion with form•Z Support:
  6. Richard Fairbanks

    Select All Challenges

    < 3.5 GHz, 6-Core Mac Pro (MacPro6,1) with 16GB RAM and D700 GPUs, running macOS 10.14.5 and form•Z 8.6.5 > Greetings, folks! cmd-a used to select only those objects that were visible, unlocked, and only on visible layers, i.e., if I can see it on my screen after a zoom-to-fit and it’s not locked, it gets selected and nothing else gets selected. I just lost hours because form•Z was changing layers of objects that were not visible, on layers that were not visible! Almost all, but not quite all! (for no discernible reason), of my invisible layers and invisible objects get highlighted in my Layers and Objects palettes when I invoke the Edit/Select All menu item! I have gone through the online manuals to see how to restore this behavior with no luck. There also seems to be no way to reset the Tool Options/Pick/Attributes, e.g., any material selected cannot be changed to include all materials. Thoughts on how to select only those objects that are visible on screen and unlocked? Thanks!
  7. Richard Fairbanks

    FormZ 8.6 email

    Bless you, Bartjuan! I did the same procedure, got the same message, and here, too, the registration info. was already filled in! ;-) Life is good. (form•Z 8.6 is great!)
  8. Richard Fairbanks

    FormZ 8.6 email

    Thanks, but that file was not there. (It was in my 8.5 Pro folder.) Done, but the “This trial copy has expired” remains. Thoughts? Thanks!!
  9. Richard Fairbanks

    FormZ 8.6 email

    Greetings, folks! After the 8.6 download, I’m getting “This trial copy has expired.” (The 8.6 WIP worked fine.) Thoughts? Thanks!! ;-)
  10. Richard Fairbanks

    Rename Objects (and Groups)

    +1 (just to add additional encouragement!)
  11. Richard Fairbanks

    form•Z Printing Empty PDFs

    Greetings, folks, and thank you for the response; it is much appreciated! > We are not sure why you would be having trouble. If you download, > unzip, and open this file, go to the Print command, and choose Open > PDF in Preview (from the PDF menu at the bottom), does that work for > you? Before I got your response, I did a Safe Boot, as that can often clean up some OS X anomalies. (I really miss the [relative] stability of 10.6.8!) I downloaded your file, and it opens in Preview just fine, which was a relief! I then opened the file I am currently attempting to print to PDF, and it now prints to PDF just fine when in “Wire Frame” mode, but does not work in “Interactive Shaded,” which is what I need--I still get a blank page. (As noted, the “File/Page Preview” menu item produces a great looking image! I just need a higher resolution than a screen shot.) “Surface Render” resolves the model in less than a minute, but then just generates a relentlessly spinning beachball until a force-quit becomes necessary; “Shaded Render” doesn’t give me the edge lines that I need. (The PDFs are for submission to an organization that has strict requirements for submitted images.) > If that works, but printing another file does not, does choosing the > File Menu: Plot Print Setup: Scale to Fit option make it work? The “Plot/Print Setup...” had already been set to “Scale to Fit.” Thoughts? Thanks!!
  12. Richard Fairbanks

    form•Z Printing Empty PDFs

    < 3.5 GHz, 6-Core Mac Pro (MacPro6,1) with 16GB RAM, running OS X 10.10.5 and form•Z 6.1.2 > Greetings, folks! I was recently blessed with a Mac Pro, and can finally get back to long-missed work in form•Z (after a hiking accident that I have no memory of and was never expected to survive). I am simply trying to print out PDFs of models I developed many years ago. I can get the Page Options to render: a frame, crop marks, and the file name and date, so the PDF _is_ printing, but there is no image rendered; the frame is empty. The “File/Page Preview” looks great, and after clicking the “Print...” button, the screen flashes with the expected image (which then gets stretched horizontally before the window closes), but the final output has no model rendered. Any suggestions would be much appreciated! Thanks!!, Richard Fairbanks (FYI, the 8.5 demo doesn’t open 6.1.2 files, and didn’t print any PDFs either. There are just too many challenges with moving from 6.1.2 to 8.5, and I can’t [yet] afford the upgrade. Sorry!)