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  1. Hans

    formZ v8.6.4 released

    Hello, I updated to 8,6,4 but the materiaals and other things like trees were not in the new instal folder. Where should I download them? Thanks
  2. Hans


    Hello, Use Rhino 3d with, with VisualARQ. And then export to FZ. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YHU7jQuI96k Rhino and VisualARQ both have a fully functional trail version that could meaby help you.
  3. Hans

    form•Z 8.6 Update Released

    Hello, Zooming in and out with the scroll wheel stops working as soon as I select a tool in FZ 8.6.2 In 8.5 this still worked finne. Is it a setting or a bug? Thanks Fzpro on win 8.1
  4. Hans

    profiles from LAB

    Here is the file, now it works oke for me. To use it, it should be a tif and not a jepg, but else I can not upload it here. Meaby some one else can use it to Hans
  5. Hans

    profiles from LAB

    Hello, I had a look at it my self today and changing the Profiles_Diagrams file, gave me the solution.
  6. Hans

    most recent files

    Hi, This alphabetical order was my problem, I turned it off and now it works oke for me. Thanks Hans
  7. Hans

    most recent files

    Hi, Working on Windows 8 with version 8.5.7
  8. Hans

    most recent files

    Hello Open recent files is not showing my most recent files, but always older ones. Can I fix that? Thanks
  9. Hans

    off screen

    This started since the last update, There are no special steps required to reproduce this. I am on Windows 8,1 Fz most recent update. This issu is not so importend, but just to let you know.
  10. Hans

    off screen

    Hello A small thing. If you are in display options and go from shaded full options to hidden line, sketch render, doodle or renderzone options and then back to shaded full options it is not updating. Should be easy to fix. Can you also have a look again at my question about fixing the pictures in profiles from lab ( a post from may this year), it look so unprofessional and should be easy to fix. Thank Hans
  11. Hans

    off screen

    Hello, After making my extra screen the main screen, this problem was solved. With latest fz update it is not possible anymore to print a renderd image right out of FZ. It looks like fz is rendering the picture then over and over again, endless. Can you confirm that? Hans
  12. Hans

    off screen

    Hello. I work on a laptop with extra screen and every time I want to use the project settings it appears off screen on the laptop. I can get it back on screen with alt- spacebar but I would like to fix it so that it appears normal. How to do that? With this setup of a laptop and an extra screen I always have to spend time rearrange the layout of the program when I open it. Can this be avoided. Not use, save between sesions is making no difference, every thing is away a bit shifted. Formz is the only program with which if have to do this over and over again. I use workspaces but that does not seem to help. I also see that in some workspaces the Zoom options turn up, and in some custum workspaces that I make, not. Can you have a look at that? Thank Hans Windows 8,1 fz lates update.
  13. Hans

    hide controls

    Hello Is there a shortcut to hide the controls of a few objects at once in a scene, with out selecting them? Thanks Hans
  14. Hello, If I use the profiles from LAB then in the tool options pallet from profiles, I always see the wrong example picture. With rectangular tube I see the example picture of a T-bar and so one. Is this a bug? Can it be fixed? And way is there so less activity in the formz labs? It is very prominent placed on the formz website but the last activity that I can see was already from May 2015. Thanks