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    what's new webinar

    Hi Malcineurope, It suggests you watched the 'whats-new' Form Z ver-9.0 webinar ? As a potential new user, I must say it sounds disappointing. As little traffic about this webinar on this forum & reading between the lines, it appears to be so, perhaps that’s’ why its’ not on their YOUTUBE website yet, even with the editing ? It might be better, in my opinion, to just do a set of shorter YOUTUBE videos covering the main items ? I’d love to see some enthusiastic up to date YOUTUBE videos for Form Z ver-9.0, just like the ones done by Matthew Holewinski. I watched again the Form Z-free YOUTUBE video the other day & am still amazed what this basic version can do. What’s that saying again…………’ALL THINGS COME TO THOSE WHO WAIT’…..🙄

    Why isn't formz more popular?

    Hi Shibui Design, Thanks for your further replies, its much appreciated. I should have said, (to save typing), I've been using SU for many years now & various other CAD software for my Architectural business here in the UK, so am generally familiar with CAD terms & uses & of course what LAYOUT per-se is meant to achieve. This topic, (DRAFT MODULE) or now FZ-9 DRAFT-LAYOUT, I've since learned is under another discussion header post, so this continued over there prior to your reply. I'm still considering FZ-9, but will need to see some up to date video tutorials by ADS on their YOUTUBE channel covering certain tools & DRAFT-LAYOUT is just one I'd like to see.

    Long awaited Draft Layout App.

    To all, I thought I'd continue this topic under this heading as wasn't aware initially it was discussed in some detail prior, hence the link above. As I noted before, the SU-LAYOUT separate programme is really just for preparing your drawing sheets with some 2D tools etc for that purpose. So, the FZ version when it was first released, I guess was meant to emulate that principle function but was never too sure how users got on with this. Anyway, trying to play catchup on this subject, I now see the new FZ-ver-9 release notes (as copied below) suggests to some extent, the (old) DRAFT-MODULE is now combined with the previous separate LAYOUT programme & is now called: DRAFT-LAYOUT. It certainly is an interesting move, however I get the feeling & reading some other posts, users who work in FZver-6 as well, will still feel their work flows difficult to attain. form•Z Draft Layout Draft Layout is a new app that combines the features of the classic form•Z Drafting environment (v6 and earlier) and the layout environment of form•Z 7/8. This includes the separate draft and layout spaces from v6 and the sheet management and dimension styles from v 7/8. Draft Space is a real world scale 2D environment. This environment is ideal when you need to work on 2D data at its actual size. Layout Space is a paper scale 2D environment. It is designed for multi sheet layouts of drawings. form•Z Draft Layout and it can open classic form•Z Drafting files directly! The updated FML file format maintains a draft and layout space for each project. The FML format is now much more efficient than previous versions (i.e. files are smaller). When starting a new Draft Layout project, you can choose to start in Draft or Layout space. The Layout mode item in the Display menu indicates if you are viewing the layout Space. Use this to switch between spaces. Layout Space now has a number of features found in the classic form•Z color drafting environment: Color Palette, Draft Pane creation and selection tools.

    Why isn't formz more popular?

    Hi Shibui Design, Not being an FZ user, can you clarify why FZ-LAYOUT isn't usable in your opinion & what it lacks compared to SU-LAYOUT please ? When you say SU is unmatched for its line work, are saying line work compared to FZ-LAYOUT or FZ-Pro per-se, in any event, please can you clarify ? Also not quite understanding the FZ 2D/3D split comment, therefore can you clarify that as well please ? Sorry for the questions, it all helps potential users such as me.

    what's new webinar

    It would be good to see asap in any flavour 👍 In the meantime, I didn't see many comments on the webinar on this forum, or have I missed that dsicussion link ?

    Why isn't formz more popular?

    FORM-Z WHY ISN’T FORM-Z MORE POPULAR ? Or should it be:- HOW TO MAKE FORM-Z MORE POPULAR ! I’ve followed FZ from the early days, 2009/10 with Bonzai3D but already purchased SketchUP in 2005 on the back of their marketing video tutorials, at that time, there wasn’t anything like these videos & it soon got noticed. There’s nothing like being in the right place at the right time, as GOOGLE purchased SU in 2006 & a year later in 2007 GOOGLE made a free version to dominate the attention of their audience. Competing for a share of that cake by anyone would be hard work, even with FZ’s superior tools. The Bonzai3D tools, including some in-house Architectural tools, were really impressive from what I saw on YOUTUBE with the brilliant videos by Matthew Holewinski. I can’t recall when Bonzai3D transitioned into Form-Z-Jr but was equally impressed again with Matthew Holewinski videos showing FZ’s ver 8.5 LAYOUT tool & was very enthused & almost purchased FZ at that time. However, I wasn’t too sure if the LAYOUT tool was equal to SU’s & saw a few negative posts about it. I’m still unsure to this day if it was just users not understanding how to use it or if there were noted issues. Some SU user’s said the same about SU-LAYOUT, but worked ok for my architectural uses with no issues. AutoDesSys didn’t seem to nudge my radar from 2016 onwards with any video tutorials, albeit I noted some V-ray ones, but not interested in that. I did see on the forum that version 9.0 was coming, but this was taking sometime indeed. Then by luck, I did see ver-9.0 had been released, but very understated. I’d like to see the recorded webinar or some new videos about version 9.0 to get re-enthused as SU isn’t being developed very well in my opinion since TRIMBLE bought it in 2012. Since that time, they’ve concentrated on making SU work more efficiently & improving how tools work with some minor tool features, but no real new power tools & this was more or less confirmed none would be introduced anytime soon. They’re still lots of UI improvement that should have been done by now & the layer manager is still as dumb as ever. This year they decided to rename layers to TAG’s to some ridicule. I’m uncertain what path SU is on lately, they’ve also frustrated many folk with their free version being only now web based & some poor decisions with pricing by introducing Subscription Licensing (RANSOMWARE) in an effort to reduce the Perpetual Licensed audience in the future. Perhaps now is the time for FZ to be more noticeable & thus become more popular ? Pricing (UK):- £355.00 = Form.Z-Jr (ver.9.00) £720.00 = Form.Z-Pro (ver.9.00) £499.00 = SketchUp Pro 2020 Classic includes Layout (Perpetual License) excl. vat Even though FZ-Pro has more tools to offer than SU-Pro, the pricing I feel needs to be a little closer to SU-Pro or further pricing options. I don’t see why a form of instalment perpetual licence can’t be engineered, say £240.00 per month over a three-month period would be good to see & you then own it, it would certainly help potential users with their monthly bills. FZ-Free could be targeted to the SU-Make (free) users as they’re not taking to the web based free version apparently. I’m sure FZ-Free has a better tool set then SU-Make or SU-web-free, a video to demonstrate this would work wonders I’m sure. My other thought was that as FZ-LAYOUT is a separate piece of software, why not have an option to purchase this separately (as I noted in 2015/6). The price point of FZ-Pro would look more attractive to those who don’t use LAYOUT. Not forgetting FZ-Jr, ensure that FZ-LAYOUT works with FZ-Jr. Just my thoughts of course.

    formZ 9

    That's true, but the side vertical menus in SPIRIT have a handy pop-out slider when one ghosts your mouse pointer far right or left, they can also stay fixed, as in the example, as they also have a pin or un-pin to screen icon. Over & out, CJT52

    formZ 9

    I concur with that, I was discussing this very topic the other day on another forum I'm on with respect to an Architectural CAD software I use (SPIRIT) & thought TABS seemed a cleaner way to deal with tool icons that sometimes looked unorganised on the top UI, as a future UI upgrade. This would also cater for future software tools & a user custom tab. I used RHINO as a TAB example (sorry FZ-users). I also discussed Ribbons like AUTOCAD uses, but this type of UI didn't get a thumbs up, So was wondering what the consensus is with FZ-users. NO CHANGE = RIBBONS = TABS = 2 Over & out, CJT52

    Considering to Buy Form Z..!

    Thanks Tech, I've seen all (well...most) the videos to date from your links, all good stuff indeed, as a wishlist, I'd love to see more videos for the construction industry, i.e. my field, Architectural Plans from 'Top-to-tail' to final presentation with Layout. So I will stay tuned. Over & out, CJT

    Considering to Buy Form Z..!

    To all, Still considering.... ... 8 months or so has past since my initial post, so was wondering if FZ-HQ had any updated news on this topic ? ...or did I miss the official announcement, as intimated something to be issued in a few weeks..? I've also noted a lack of new videos on the FZ website. I like to view the webinars as well, after the event, on demand I think they're called, but also quite quiet in this regard. Anyway any news will be appreciated. Over & out, CJT

    Considering to Buy Form Z..!

    Hi Staff, (moderator) (no names..!!!) This is interesting news, so will wait until your "official-announcement" free certainly puts it top of the list, however if Form.Z-Jr was increased in price with Layout as noted as an integral software, this would equally be interesting & provide a progressive path to Form.Z-Pro. A separate free future "Sheet Layout" tool would be o.k, but the refresh times as SU-Pro suffers from will need to be addressed & certainly better than SU-Pro currently is. It's just a matter of re-structuring your pricing across the product range I guess for existing & new customers. I didn't see any comments on a future direction we read of Form.Z catering more in a bias version for the construction industry, i.e. Architecture/BIM, a statement to this fact would be needed in terms of a definite future planned direction for many businesses like ours for product commitment. Rhino+VisualARQ is another similar software we're looking into as also has an integral vital "Sheet Layout" tool. Thanks for all the comments to date, most appreciated.
  12. To all, I'm looking to add some new software to assist me with my small Architectural Business here in the UK, I’m currently using DataCAD, STI SPIRIT & SketchUP Pro. Not looking to spend a fortune, just looking to improve upon what I already have with a similar Budget as SU-Pro. In essence, I would like more architectural bias 3D integral tools than SketchUP has, rather than adding extension (plug-ins). I've been using SU since ver.3 & have seen Bonzai3D develop over the years. I've always thought Bonzai3D was perhaps the better of the two, but needed to also present my saved views, i.e. plans sections, visuals etc. on Layout sheets. At the time SU was developing, they produced a separate program called Layout, so this suited my needs. However I now see Form.Z-Pro (ver.8.5) has something similar, hence my new interest. I was initially looking at Form.Z-Jr, but then realised "Layout" was only part of Form.Z-Pro (ver.8.5). Price wise here in the UK SU & Form.Z are as listed below (incl.vat):- SKetchUp Pro (2015) = £480.00 Form.Z-Jr (ver.8) = £378.00 Form.Z-Pro (ver.8) = £762.00 I did hear talk that Form.Z may be offering their "Layout" version as an add-on & more interestingly a more bias version of Form.Z for the construction industry, i.e. Architecture/BIM. If true, this would be all very interesting for me & I'm sure other Architectural users currently using SU. One annoying factor though with SU Layout, is that being a separate program than SU, it does noticeably take a long time to update the sheet view ports when altering your SU model. I hope there will be another version of Form.Z-Jr in the not too distant future, this being :- Form.Z-Jr+ at £480.00 (similar price as SU-Pro) that includes an integrated sheet Layout tool. Any comments on this will be most appreciated.