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    NEW FZ VIDEO'S - STRAW POLL I guess this hasn't enthused FZ-HQ to look into this given it’s been 7 months since their last vid/webinar. I’m sure at the end of the ver9.0 vid they said a LAYOUT vid would follow ? .......

    what's new webinar

    Hi Chris, One thing I noted in your comments above, that seem to be exactly the same I've read on the SketchUp forum, is there appears to be a certain section of users who just don't use SU-LAYOUT & seems the same with Fz's, DRAFT-LAYOUT. (not that Fz-HQ have yet come to the table with some video tutorials to show its benefits as promised 5/6 month ago) I've noted before on both forum's, it might be a good idea to separate the 'LAYOUT' tool to buy on its own, not only to reduce core programme purchase costs for users, but to also allow the other versions to be used with it. Never got much of a response, although I did note Fz-HQ at that time, did comment it could be a consideration. For me, I've always used 'SU-LAYOUT' to produce architectural plan drawings with titles as an end product for clients from the model & have no issues with it....it's a must for me. I think this is same with other architectural users but other disciplines in the design world don't seem bothered. I'm thinking, architectural users from the SU camp could consider experimenting with Fz-Free, if they could see how well they got on with 'DRAFT-LAYOUT'. Smaller financial steps in today's climate is relevant for tomorrows future.

    what's new webinar

    No prob's, credit where credits due, at least you're trying where Fz-HQ isn't.....🙄 Now you mention it, your PC fan does seem to kick-in on certain functions, I guess running Fz & a recording software makes the CPU fire up more & needs to be cooled down.

    what's new webinar

    Hi Alan, Good effort, I think this proves quick videos even by novices aren't that daunting to make, well done & thanks for sharing. Heck.......Fz-HQ may be calling you for some help.. 😁

    Forum User Numbers ?

    I was wondering, some forums let you see how many users have signed up to a particular forum & has the ability to message any or all those user members. I couldn't find how many people are signed up on this forum or if you can message other users. Anyone know if this is possible ? 🤔 I've also just noticed the 'POLL' tab, whats this for ?.........anyone used it & for what....🤔


    Heck, I'm quoting my own message.....😒....THIS MESSAGE AREA WAS ONLY MEANT TO BE ABOUT THE STRAW POLL PLEASE

    what's new webinar

    Hi SJD, I just did the same, there appears to be quite an extensive list of vids, with some free-bee teasers on each section. I was thinking, I wonder if FZ-HQ could do a deal with Evan Troxel, buy up his vids & offer them to the Fz community ? As they're quite old (but still relevant), I'm gussing not much traffic to his website, therefore, Evan may be open to some kind of offer to suit all. He may be open to doing some updated ones, just a thought.

    what's new webinar

    The presentation video showing the recent (5 months ago !) Fz-ver9.0 let it self down due to sound issues, I think thats the main reason for the criticism, so whoever it was presenting it, your ok with me, just sort out the sound with new bite size vids & all will be good............we're not looking for OSCAR nomInees.. :-) Fully tuned ? ... Yes, I now understand, so the core version is what it is, with bug fixes or whatever popping up now & then, a normal situation with most software. So unless there are some major issues, I wouldn't hold back on new advertising material, the vids are a must.

    what's new webinar

    I'm sure they have staff that could do this with ease already, afterall, they state one to one online training on their website, so recording new material should be viable now ? I thought FZ-ver.9 was fully complete & on sale as I type, not quite understanding the 'fully tuned' comment.
  10. To all, RE: NEW FZ VIDEO'S - STRAW POLL Simply put, who on this forum would like to see some New FZ-ver9.0 (Draft-layout-included) short concise video tutorials. Count me in as number 1.

    what's new webinar

    Yes, Graphisoft part of the Nemetschek group are one of those high end players with ArchiCAD & the group also has, AllPlan & VectorWorks to name a few, another world indeed. However, given some time has lapsed since the release of FZ-ver.9.0. I don't think FZ-HQ appear to be interested in producing new video tutorials to assist with any new sales. Like you noted before, its sad to see such a capable product wallow under the radar for such a long time.

    what's new webinar

    Yes, the friendly chit-chat is o.k. but a tad protracted at times, still good though for two Hungarian chaps from Budapest. One person shorter focussed demo's generally assist better with attention spans. I note a lot of videos on FZ YOUTUBE channel range from under 10 minutes to others around 40 minutes plus. The most popular, (some years ago now...13y) has 101K hits on 3D printing, lasting 2.22 mins, the next one, equally old, (8y) on, Discover Fz Parametric modeling, has 73k hits of 44 mins duration. So people do seem to view these forms of learning material, FZ-HQ just need to find someone like Matthew Holewinski for a re-boot sooner than later, like others have said on this forum.

    what's new webinar

    Hi Alan, Understood, ArchLine-XP is impressive & has lots of tools for architectural types like me. In your field of work, they do have some specific tools for interior design & I believe some basic tools to help with furniture design, although perhaps not as advanced as FZ. Anyway FYI, I found the two YOUTUBE VIDEOS specific to this, see below:- https://www.youtube.com/watch?reload=9&v=LthbSFiweJg https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YM_WB5fLk34&feature=emb_logo

    what's new webinar

    Hi Setz, I often see video tutorials for other CAD/Design programmes being produced by Re-sellers or keen users, but little of that for FZ. However, I did find some intro preview videos for a paid for course by Evan Troxel back in 2017 as avertised on the Form-Z website under the right hand pull down menu: SUPPORT then TRAINING. FZ HQ also state they offer training, but not too sure if anyone uses it at $125/per.hr ? I guess any FZ videos with or without voice overs will assist, given FZ HQ aren't bothering to promote FZ ver.9.00 in this way. Short 'Coffee-Break' type videos lasting 5mins or less I've found to be most helpful. The software to do this (record-your-screen) can be free & once recorded there are similar video editing programmes to fine tune or add instructive text or pointers etc. I've seen some of these TIPS+TICKS pop up from time to time, but did realise they were all listed in one place, so this is a good resource for uses indeed.

    what's new webinar

    It would be nice to hear that from the horse’s mouth so to speak for potential new users (me). Their version 9 promo video, as noted on another post, was very poor indeed with lots of sound issues that made it difficult to sit through & get enthused, that was five months ago. Why this hasn’t been pulled by now & a replacement made has me scratching my head. I think I’m going to go with the full BIM CAD programme that I’ve been looking at in the meantime, https://www.archlinexp.com/ they also provide great support & have plenty of new video learning tutorials.