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  1. Help! I was multi-copying a grouped item in a FormZ 8 file. I saved the file on my Windows 7 machine and closed FormZ. Now I realize that my file is an enormous 1.7 GB and I can't reopen the file. I'm sure to lose a day or more's work if I can't find a work around. A few things I've already tried with no success: 1. Opening the .fzb file (also huge at 1.25GB) 2. Importing the file into a new project 3. Opening on another FormZ machine (Mac OS) 4. Updating Graphics Card driver to latest version I'm at a loss. I was on the phone with tech support and he really tried to help me through it but we had no luck so I wanted to try posting here for other ideas. One other thought he had was to download the FormZ free version which apparently might tax my system less that FormZ Pro 8.0 does. He offered me some tips to keep my file size down in the future but I need to recover this file immediately if possible. Any thoughts or suggestions are greatly appreciated! Hardware Specs: Dell Precision M 4700 Laptop 2.4 GHZ processor AMD Firepro M4000 Graphics Card 16GB RAM