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    d_b got a reaction from graham_g in Can't use v9.0.1 layout   
    Do you have this same issue when you select a New Layout instead of New Draft?  When I open a New Draft file, the Content Menu is greyed out.  But when I open a New Layout file, the Content Menu is active.  Then I'm able to turn Draft Layout Mode off to access the standard Draft Mode. 
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    d_b got a reaction from StevenVogs in Another stupid question / survey for you guys   
    The computer doesn't shut off, just makes it hot in the office.  For instance, this afternoon I've only been using my email app along Word and Excel, but the machine continues to run very warm.  It doesn't seem to lag in other areas.  I've seen some posts about using apps to control the internal fans to help with the cooling.  I'll probably look into those and see if they actually help.  I'm extremely warm natured and I'm located in the Southern US where it's very hot and humid during the warmer months, so having a hot running machine just adds to the misery. :-)
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    d_b got a reaction from Martin Malinski in Another stupid question / survey for you guys   
    I've always been a fan of refurbished computers and laptops.  To me, this looks like a nice machine, especially for the price.  The only thing I would double check on this is that you're actually getting what's advertised, since they mention that some parts may change depending on availability.  
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    d_b got a reaction from AHTOH in POLANTIS import   
    What version of formZ are you using?  If you have V8, the fbx and skp bring in the texture maps.  But as Anton mentioned, the each model has some issues with the geometry so you'll need to clean them up.
    If you're using V6, try using the 3ds file.  Don't select import texture maps (at least on this model, the texture map names don't match with the maps in the download).  You'll need to use the object doctor again to clean up the model.  But after importing the model, you can see the different materials being used and apply the texture maps yourself.
    Bonne Chance!
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    d_b got a reaction from AHTOH in FormZ modeling, rendering and design services.   
    Just wanted to give a quick thanks for helping me out doing the detailing for the product displays.  While I was out of town, the client chose one of the styles and I needed to get things started for production and your drawings for exactly what I needed.
    Thanks again!
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    d_b got a reaction from AHTOH in Help Wanted for simple details drawings by end of tomorrow   
    Thanks for taking care of this Anton!  Everything was good and we started production on one of the stands.
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    d_b got a reaction from Hutchy1980 in Best way to create a backlit logo   
    If render speed is a an issue, and you don't have Thea, using a transparency map is the way to go.  While this is technically a 6.7 file, this is how I still do backlighting for logos.
    When I first started out of school about 16 years ago, our computers sucked and we had to learn to fake a lot of effects.  This is one of the effects I still use today.
    This is also why I need to check out Thea.  One of the many things on my to-do list.

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    d_b got a reaction from Designeer in need normal cars for 6.7.3   
    Don't have much on my own (just a couple Army vehicles and the Polaris slingshot), but check out archive3d.net.  They have free models with several types of cars.
    good luck!
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    d_b got a reaction from ¢hris £und in Stupid question for you Mac users: What mouse do you use? :)   
    That's so funny that you post that - the G700s is what I bought Friday afternoon!  And I agree, with the Logitech software, it's pretty crappy.  But with SteerMouse, I love it!  I went with a gaming mouse because I liked the idea of having a lot of buttons available and the G700s button layout fit my hand better.  So far, I haven't noticed any issues with the mouse and it works perfectly.  I already have several profiles set-up in SteerMouse (which I'm a big fan of now) and each works flawlessly!
    I'm on OS 10.10 over here - holding off from moving to 10.11 for as long as I can.  If it hadn't been for another piece of software, I'd still be on 10.8 Mountain Lion!
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    d_b reacted to Tech in Odd DWG import results   
    Hi DB,
    1.  Object Doctor with the Fix option will ONLY Display Results that are Fixed.  (Fixing objects and all results are zero indicates that Nothing was fixed -- not that there are no problems.)  
    As noted above, you need to run it again with the Add To Selection option to see the problems that still exist -- which are still fairly extensive.  (Although even with such problems, the objects can be used -- but don't be surprised if you can't Boolean objects with crossing faces, or if other such issues arise with this bad geometry.)
    2.  This is not an import problem at all.  This is a problem with the geometry created by the other program.  If bad data is exported, then that is what will be imported.
    If Setz's guess is correct, then you may indeed be able to get better results if you can export only the SubD Cage instead of the "improperly smoothed" objects themselves.  (Do you know what program created these objects, and is it possible to try that?)
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    d_b reacted to Shibui Design in Odd DWG import results   
    Did you try reversing the faces? You might try to ungroup and or unstitch all surfaces and then try reversing faces until everything displays properly. Hope this helps!