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  1. At any time mate, you saved me from boring afternoon spiced with Windows re-installation...
  2. Hi Tech again, after few unsuccessfully tries I found some web page, LINK, where I got new installation files for my laptop. During very long installation (it installed a few unwanted apps about game controlling etc that I don't need) I was able to run form Z 8 32 bit without former issues. It runs now OK but slow, perhaps build in graphic card has no enough strength to fight with all these mathematics inside form Z. I was able to import some AutoCAD drawings and 3DS, as well as some old stuff from Rhino. I hope that this experience will help to other members. Thank you again, you deserved glass of beer! Now I'll install form Z SE to second computer and try to learn its possibilities by using manual I found on your site.
  3. Hi Tech, it's unfortunately HP 4740s laptop, i3 3120M, 4GB RAM, 500GB HD, dual graphic cards, AMD Radeon 7650M (driver date Jan 21, 2014 ) and Intel HD Graphics 4000 (Dec 12, 2012). Both drivers were updated before couple of hours) but same things appeared again. Later I'll try it on other computer, classic PC based on same OS, CPU and memory. On official HP website dates of video drivers are more outdated! I don't know what a one could to do in order to get "fresh" driver and live & kicking computer. Before this model I had a laptops of other manufacturers and never had similar problem with update... this one is kind some special. I'll let you news from other PC. Honestly speaking I had no intention to use this laptop for form Z daily operations, just had an intention to try just until I get license... everything smells like fresh Windows installation... Thanks for fast response
  4. I made download of both form Z 8 SE version: 32 and 62-bit. Just for any case. my computer is running Win 7 Pro 64, i3 CPU and 4GB DDR3. On same compputer I was able to run demo version of Rhino 4 & 5, as well as Solidworks 2014. So, no issue with computer at all IMHO. Few days ago I installed at first 64-bit version and app started w/o problem, but when I need to close greetings window (tutorials) and click on nag screen in order to start drawing, it seems like apps is fall into "phase of thinking" because app need almost 5-10 seconds to close these windows and working window appear very strange: no grid, image and window "smears" if you move it around in order to check is app frozen... and when I try to pick some tool, when a mouse pointer hoover over icon then tools' menu appears and become part of working window! Sometime it helps if I close form Z and start it again, sometime don't. I made a dozen drawings with Rhino and other programs; today I tried to import some of models but when I click the option Import mouse pointer become "busy" for about 30 seconds or more then app freeze, I killed app, started again form Z and then import works well but imported results was odd, strange. I uninstalled 64-bit version and installed instead 32-bit version, but same issues. SE version isn't registered yet, just I need to buy bigger HD for my computer and then I'll install Se with provided key. I don't know what to think and what I shall to do in order to avoid these "effects". Did someone experienced similar problems? Thanks.
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  7. Hey Tech, thank you... I saw some examples with form Z features and made conclusion that form Z could be better than Rhino 4 in many aspects. I'll check your link.
  8. Hi there, in last few years I have used programs like Rhino 4 and Solidworks demo (last years) to design a models of solid body guitars that would be shaped so good that is suitable for CNC routing. Even Internet is huge it's hard to find out reliable and precise 3D models suitable for it, and I had intention to make some my own design. Until now it was good working with Rhino but I faced with difficulties when I had to join headstock with rest of guitar neck; I wasn't able to make it smooth and precise. So, I saw this software and based on some examples I thought it would offer a wanted solution for me instead Rhino. What you think? Is there anybody who created some guitar or bass with some version of form Z 7/8? What are your opinions, suggestions about this challenge? Do you have some advice, or you saw somewhere some clips about it? Thank you.