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  1. But this should also work with 2 path sweep! Why is there no option in 2path sweep to stay in place?  And why is the profile mirrored and put out of place? 

    I found the sweeps an absolute nightmare to work with, and normally abandon them, because end result is always screwed up. 

  2. That is a real pain that updates of Vray are NOT announced and NOT available at public Vray for FormZ download page. And at this page there is even no version number. I unnecessarily downloaded the latest version, which is from october. Why have i bought something which isn´t supported???

  3. Hi,

    For me it works, like on 


    explained. So basically you create your main object and then your clipper-object. You have to assign the clipper object, by clicking on it with the Vray clipper tool.

    And you can set materials for main object and clipper object differently.

    But for me to show the material of the clipper on the clipped object, the "Use Object Material" should be unchecked(in the options of clipper tool).

    Hope that helps!


  4. Hey Nano

    Thanks for the information and sample animation! I would really like to be able to achieve something like that  :(

    And apart from not able to generate animations, I now have problems with Vray material options and Vray Fur in latest 3.6.1.

    I probably will downgrade to Vray from January....

    I will really missing the new preset system for Vray Fur. That really makes things easier in the beginning.

    Working a lot with fur, and with different settings, I can render out pretty complex surface textures(with Material_Id, Depth_map and Norma_map) .


    And to this topic(working a lot with fur): It would be great if we can extract the fur settings(or inspect it), of an object! via Attributes Copy Tool!

    Edit: Found out that this now works in Vray 3.6.1 and FormZ 8.6.2(Attribute Copy Tool). Great! And I can now inspect Vray Fur attributes! That is new! That wasn´t possible in my old Vray.

    Hope they vanish the remaining bugs soon! 


    Good luck for your more complex project! Looking forward to your samples!

    Cheers Michael


    Btw. It would be great, if AutoDesSys opens up a central official post in this forum, with information(new version, change log, plans) of Vray, like they done in FormZ discussion...





  5. After a few hours trying to get something out...

    All the (three) materials are set as:

    -visible to camera

    -visible to Reflection/Refraction

    -Affect Alpha -> Black Alpha(-1)


    It gives totally different render results before(pre) and after opening(after) the scene !


    So there seemed to be something totally wrong with VRAY(3.6.1 Build 1191 May 16) on FormZ 8,6.2 (build 10099) on OSX 10.9.5 Mavericks on my MacBook Pro 15 Retina 2014....


    Cheers Michael








    Kottel 4-2.fmz.zip

  6. More Edits:


    Bluish light comes from a SunLight, but I never reset scene, strange!



    It seemed that to get same results as the old upper plane, I have to uncheck -> Visible To Camera!

    But results are really inconsistent. Are there any changes made to the materials, and how they are changed?


  7. I can´t edit text of last post! so:

    Edit: after reopening the scene, it even gets a blue tint! (last picture).


    2nd Edit: Top plane is made with an older version of VRAY, and it seemed that Material Options

    - are different? or 

    - not saved properly or

    - different interpreted




  8. Hi,

    With latest 3.6.1 (on OSX 10.9.5 Mavericks) I get rather inconsistent results. Scene materials are all setup as: Material Options -> Affect Alpha -> Black Alpha (-1).

    3 planes with 3 different materials(they are even the same, copied materials (2 of them with a different Material_ID color)).

    And even after saving and reopening scene, rendering is different!


    Cheers Michael





  9. Hi Justin Montoya,


    Thanks for your help. But I was already on the lowest Vray-setting. Normal Render-time was under 5 seconds.

    I even tried your advice with Time Limit, but with no success. I waited 8 minutes and then had to kill FormZ... 

    Rendering animation doesn´t work on OSX(at least for me)!


    Cheers Michael





  10. Hi @Justin Montoya

    Just to be clear, you are on Windows, it seems?

    I´m on OSX 10.9.5 Mavericks and I´m trying to get some animation out with Quicktime(whatever format, I tried all), but it stuck at first (grey)frame, and can´t even stop it(command + . or esc)!




    Edit: It works with Renderzone, but after switching to Vray, it seemed to generate first frame(gry) and then stuck!!






  11. Hi @Justin Montoya

    Just to be clear, you are on Windows, it seems?

    I´m on OSX 10.9.5 Mavericks and I´m trying to get some animation out with Quicktime(whatever format, I tried all), but it stuck at first (grey)frame, and can´t even stop it(command + . or esc)!







  12. When does this eventually work? I tried that out with latest(3.6.1 May 16 2018) with no result(error with using fan, stop at frame 1, grey image, with output to quicktime)!


    And it would be really helpful, to see version of Vray at download area, with release notes or change log!



  13. Hi @pkcn,


    There seemed to be a newer Vray (3.6.1 from May 16) in the Vray downloads. It is only working with latest 8.6.2. 

    Some things are improved, but unfortunately not proxies!


    Edit. It would be great, if newer versions of Vray would be announced in forum!




  14. Hi Tim Garner


    As far as I know you had to create a Vray Dome Light to do that!

    You can make it invisible(Checkmark Invisible), and you can choose what will be affected(Diffuse, Specular, Reflections...)

    Normally they are .exr files. And normally they are either cube or spherical maps.

    The thing with environment tab of Vray is you can choose Enviroment Overrides for GI Skylight, but you can't choose sperical or cubic like in Background.

    Today I also experienced that spin of background texture doesn´t work(if you want to synchronize the same image for Dome Light with Background).

    Perhaps there are people with more insight than me  ;)


    Good Luck



  15. Thanks @AC1000,


    Have tried out multiplier! It seemed to have an influence on brightness of the light distribution(and brightness of background).

    First image with multiplier 0.2, second with 2.0. But it is rather confuse that intensity is doing nothing! 

    btw, trying clippers with proxies!






  16. Edit:

    Even in normal RenderZone mode VRay doesn´t care about intensity(Helligkeit) settings of the sun!


    Oh, now switching FormZ-sun to Vray seemed to changed the appearance of the image! Strange, didn´t work yesterday! So -> intensity is working(now)(for a FormZ sun converted to Vray)


    But after inserting Vray-sun to scene with same orientation, and deactivating all the other lights, I cannot modify Vray-sun´s intensity (always same appearance!)!


    MacOSX 10.9.5 FormZ 8.6.1(build 10025)

  17. Hi,

    I second @setz explanations! Don´t separate them!

    The extend tool is one of my favorite tools in FormZ, it is brilliant and a huge timesaver (extend to arbitrary spaced and rotated Plane!)!

    Dynamic options would be welcome, like @setz explained(but I don´t understand @setz explanations about this topic  :huh:) !



  18. And it seemed that when i set preview of proxy to detailed it embed geometry in .fmz file, which gets huge, but not in normal preview state!

    So proxies need some refinement to get them working!

  19. Hi,

    Tried out a few proxies, there are some available at chaos group, in their Quick Start guides either for Sketchup or Rhino like:




    I downloaded the scene files with their proxies, but all the trees are rendered in a single color, even in scene view there are different colors on the detail proxy!

    After editing first material at proxie it even went to complete black!












  20. Hi Nano,


    Thanks for the detailed information! The blob structure is pretty ingenious!

    Without your help, I still get stuck in trying out fur functionality!

    With a little tinkering, things like a carpet and gras and some special surfaces renders seemed now achievable in FormZ!

    I think I had to buy Vray! Pretty good results in no time(compared to Maxwell)!





    BTW, funny that I´m a newbie, since I use FormZ since 2.9...