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  1. formzed

    NOOB animation question

    Thanks for the help.
  2. I was able to create a walk through by keyframing camera views. However, when I do a playback I see the spline that the camera is moving along from. How do you turn this off? Thanks!
  3. formzed

    maxwell sea

    Hi Pylon, I re-installed my FZ from 8 - 8,5 student edition. where do you copy the updated maxwell plugin? theres no maxwell plugin folder inside the FZ plugins folder.
  4. formzed

    maxwell sea

    to update on the topic. Its likely that the error is from the student edition FZ. I tried the same with the FZ 8.5 pro and it works perfect.
  5. formzed

    maxwell sea

    Hi Setz, I have the set up you recommend. Still not seeing the "sea" the flat waves your seeing is generated by the FZ texture I assigned while placing the "sea" bounding box.
  6. formzed

    maxwell sea

    Im trying to create water using the maxwell sea extension in FORMZ. Can anyone with experience help me out on this one? Is it the material? I'm using the rough sea that comes with renderzone. Thanks.
  7. formzed

    maxwell fire issue

    Hi Maxwell and formz lords, Is there a known issue with Maxwell native IES and Spots showing in the fire preview in FZ? I'm running on FZ8 pro SD and 3.1.1 maxwell. Doesn't show up in the FZ fire window but shows up on the maxwell studio/render. Any help appreciated. Bo