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  1. jwiede

    Can't load textures

    That's really a bug in my book. A "progressive" JPG is still a perfectly legal JPG image and should load as such.
  2. jwiede

    VRAY - Huge Material Problem!

    I do think it's a fair point, though, that if they're going to be selling Vray to customers, they needed to work some of these issues out before commercial release. It's kind of unfair to expect customers to constantly reset their prefs, etc. just to keep material previews working, and other such workarounds, for what is fairly important functionality by any rational standard (and a significant workflow hit when not working). Having reliable in-view preview of materials, as well as previews in the materials panel aren't "luxury features", they're necessities. I've got Vray licenses on Modo and Cinema4D already, and would really prefer to use Vray on formZ as well, for material library reuse benefits among others, but the kinds and frequencies of problems being reported here give me serious concerns about whether it's really at a "production-reliable" level of quality.
  3. (Tried posting this in the LAB topic to no avail) The last SDK posted is quite old (8.5.x). Can we please get a more recent updated version of the formZ SDK for 8.6.x, or a reason why not? Also, why isn't the SDK automatically generated and released along with new revisions of the app? It's kind of discouraging that the SDK isn't being kept current. Thanks! -John W.
  4. Folks, we're at 8.6.3 now, could we PLEASE get a more recent SDK update?!?! Thanks!
  5. The last SDK file archive is getting quite old, is there a more recent version available (say for 8.5.4 or, ideally, 8.5.5)? Also, is the SDK ever going to be posted somewhere besides that one thread in this forum? Such as maybe among the formZ downloads proper? The current location is difficult to find, makes it tricky to check whether updates have occurred, and so forth. Thanks much!! -John W.
  6. Sorry to be such a nag, but any chance we can get an updated SDK for 8.6.x? Thanks!
  7. jwiede

    Please sort out the component system

    Yeah, not only are Components unstable and generally a pain, but when you try to rid yourself of them, they take an extra big bite. Unacceptable. ADS devs, please either fix Components, or replace them with something that works! This is too important and commonly-used functionality to leave in this state for so long.
  8. jwiede

    Please sort out the component system

    +1 here too, Symbols were stable and just worked. Components just don't. For as important as this functionality is, it not receiving higher priority than some of the other stuff of late is quite vexing. We _need_ a working Symbols / Components system, and ASAP!
  9. jwiede


    For another example, check out RemObject's object Pascal (Oxygene), C# and Swift toolchains, for Windows, Linux, and macOS. They've also done quite a bit of work into cross-platform & cross-language-toolchain integration with those languages.
  10. jwiede

    formZ 9

    Can someone from ADS comment whether you'll be enabling GUI/UX by exposing Pyside or similar?
  11. jwiede

    form•Z 8.5.5 Update Released!

    OSX 10.11.6 here, and I explicitly gave R/W perms to entire "formZ 8" folder/subfolders/contents before beginning upgrade (twice now), still no STEP showing up in extension mgr. after upgrading to 8.5.5. I tried downloading from link in original thread post, but the formZ Pro OSX download from the link at start of thread currently provides formZ 8.5.4, not formZ 8.5.5. When I then did 8.5.5 download upgrade again (after again explicitly granting R/W perms) my STEP import/export disappeared in 8.5.5 (again). There's something more wrong with the STEP plugin than simple R/W perms, quite obviously. Please fix: 1. Current download for formZ Pro OSX is 8.5.4, not 8.5.5 as stated. Please provide 8.5.5 download. 2. STEP extension OSX clearly not compatible with formZ Pro 8.5.5 OSX. Please provide compatible plugin. Thanks! -John W.
  12. jwiede

    64 Bit Plugins?

    Any updates for the SDK? It's been released as "beta" (and without scripting) for quite some time now.
  13. I have now seen this in a fairly repeatable scenario, enough so that I wanted to reach out and check whether any other users were seeing similar export issues in Mac Form-Z Pro 8.5.4 when exporting to LWO (Lightwave) or OBJ (Wavefront) formats. Specifically, even though the object to be exported (smooth-surfaced, say a simple unit torus) is visible and selected, and upon firing off the Export... menu item (choosing either LWO or OBJ format), and using default tessellation options and providing a simple filename, I almost _never_ get actual usable output on the first attempt. Instead an 84-200 byte file gets created that when loaded into other apps contains no vertices, no edges, no polygons, nothing. Anyone else seen similar behavior from Mac Form-Z Pro 8.5.4 when exporting to LWO or OBJ formats? If I try multiple times, I can eventually get FormZ to export the file as desired, but doing _exact_ same steps (from same selection state, etc.) each time, the first 1-2 tries almost never (maybe 1-in-100) generate valid output files here, while the 3rd-4th consecutive try reliably produces valid output given nigh-identical input conditions. Am preparing bug report with content, screencast capture, etc. but first wanted to see if this was known and/or worth filing? Thanks!
  14. Sent it within minutes of your post. If you find anything interesting, or need more info, please let me know. I'm happy to help if I can. Thanks!
  15. Yes, clearing all my prefs (renaming existing and allowing FZ tor gen a new dir) caused the same steps to begin generating correct export outputs. Thanks! I have an archive of the defective prefs, only ever updated using app updates (and fairly minimal changes on my part), if you'd like to explore them for root cause analysis (the archive is 227KB). However, as it may contain license & PII info about my config, I'd prefer not to post it to the forum. Is there a place where I should send it? Or is it not worth further RCA? Thanks again!
  16. Sorry for the delay. Screencast coming still, but steps were as follows: 1. Create torus. 2. Export as LWO using default settings (Mac FZ 8.5.4) -> generates (incorrect) 84 byte "tor1.lwo" 3. Save as "tor1.fmz" 4. Export as OBJ using default settings -> generates (also incorrect) 182 byte "tor1.obj" & "tor1.mtl" See attached. Hope this helps. Env is MacPro5,1 running 10.11.5 OSX, 32GB RAM, ATI HD7950 3072MB. If you need more info, please ask. TEST_LW.zip
  17. I'll package up the FZ, resultant (degenerate) LWO & OBJ+MTL exports, screencast, etc. Where should I send them? Should I post to this thread, or send via email? Thanks!
  18. Heya Markus, I'd appreciate that, and will send you the FZ this evening after I get home from work. So if you: 1. Create a torus of arbitrary size with center at axis origin. 2. Create a slightly smaller torus at the same centerpoint. 3. Boolean difference/subtract the latter out of the former, deleting all but result. 4. Select result. 5. Export->LWO to an arbitrary file. ...and then load in LW, or examine in Finder, you see a multi-mb file? Or do you see some tiny-sized file (sub-1K) as a result of the export? BTW, I believe I can repro with just simple torus primitive as well, but I added the boolean to ensure the resultant shape required some processing. Anyway, will send FZ after work. Thanks!
  19. jwiede

    8.5.x kill FSL?

    There seems to be a clarification needed about precisely what does and does not work in the SDK provided. The previous "SDK" included both scripting and API-level bindings for the app, so it isn't so surprising that folks seeking scripting expect the SDK to contain that functionality. For the record, while I'm interested in API-level access and plugin development, as a hobbyist user I definitely am also more than a bit disappointed that after so long we still have no scripting functionality. Witnessing both Rhino and MoI3D users adding visual dev environments on top of their extensive scripting environments hasn't improved my feelings. Autodessys need to hurry up the process of re-enabling scripting -- at the current rate of progress, by the time Form-Z again supports regular scripting, the others will sport user-to-app direct neural interfaces. 1/2 but 1/2 too.
  20. jwiede

    form·Z pro 8.5 released!

    AutoDesSys folks, it appears the Mac formZ 8.5 application isn't properly signed such that you show up as identified developers. Right now, the only way to run 8.5 is by forcing OSX to allow code from unidentified developers to run, which is a rather substantial security risk. Will this be addressed, and if so, how soon?