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  1. AlexanderGogl

    Is analyze object broken?

    The analyse object function seems to be broken. If enabled, the surface either disappears and is viewed as a wireframe when it is selected, or the appearance of the surface doesn't change at all. None of the Analysis Types works, except the Porcupine Plot. This happens in shaded work and shaded full, axonometric and perspective view.
  2. AlexanderGogl

    formZ 9

    How do you think about a formula field for the Measure Quantities tool? When doing conceptual mass models I like to compare their floor area on-the-go by using a very simple formula: A = V / storey height. It would make conceptualising much more fluently if I could just enter a formula in the Measure Quantities tool that uses the information it derives from the clicked object (see figure below).
  3. AlexanderGogl

    formZ 9

    I agree with PS as being a great example for o contemporary UI. I wasn't aware of Blender's text intensive UI because the text elements of the interface are hidden most of the time
  4. AlexanderGogl

    formZ 9

    I would like to prefer tabs over ribbons, but only if they are done well and don't clutter the UI. For me, Blender is a good example of a contemporary UI that is adaptable, uniform, and leaves the most space to the modelling window. The tabs are small, appealing icons whereby you can fit a lot of tabs on a very narrow frame and quickly navigate to the right tab (compare it with Rhino's tabs). More advanced tools can be accessed in three ways: (1) the menu on the bottom (exploring), (2) hitting the space bar to display a hierarchical menu where you can search for a tool or use a sequence of characters as a shortcut (asn => Add Surface Nurbs). This is quite handy for more experienced users. You can also access tools and object and scene settings by opening the sidebars (press n or p). I think that the key here is that Blender's UI responds to its context: When I am editing an object the toolbars change. When I am painting it or sculpting it the toolbars will change again. Another thing I also like very much is that one can split the window in as many frames as I like by dragging the little hatch in the upper right corner. Joining them is as simple as splitting them. No need for opening up a dialogue. If I want to give the model more space I can maximise a frame temporarily by hitting shift and the space bar: I highly recommend the UI team to have a look at Blender's approach. The software is open source and large parts of it are based on python.
  5. AlexanderGogl

    Can't access modelling tools in tool palette pop-up

    I haven't tried it yet because the workaround suggested by Justin Montoya solved the problem. I am also seeing forward to a more unified (and more minimalistic) UI in future developments of FormZ
  6. AlexanderGogl

    Can't access modelling tools in tool palette pop-up

    Thank you for the hint! I have created also 3 different workspaces for various display layouts, but the layouts break when I change displays. Do you set the "Startup Workspace" option to a temporary workspace and disable the "Save Between Sessions" option so your custom workspaces won't change when you plug in the external display and then select the workspace suitable to your setup once you have pluged in the external display?
  7. AlexanderGogl

    Can't access modelling tools in tool palette pop-up

    That helps. But then I have to rebuild the entire workspace every time I plug in the external display.
  8. AlexanderGogl

    Can't access modelling tools in tool palette pop-up

    Hi Tech, No that doesn't solve the problem. Best, Alexander
  9. I have created a new workspace and changed the arrangement of the Modelling Tools palette to single row (see attachment). After I have changed the display resolution of the macbook pro (unplugging the external display) the tool palette pop-up doesn't work anymore. I can only access the visible tools. To me it seems as if the tool groups are lost. However, when I change the workspace to the default one (Modelling) then it works. I don't want to set up my workspace everytime I change the display resolution. Does anybody else had the same problem and knows of a solution?
  10. AlexanderGogl

    Any indication of the SDK being Released?

    Hello! I am also keen to get my hands on the new SDK. Is there any update on when it will be released? Best, alexander