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  1. Plastercine

    modelled studded pattern surface

    Thanks for the fast response and advice, pretty basic stuff yet I thought there must be another tool/method over the mountain somewhere. I did a couple of tests, both the same workflow: Rectangular solid - non insert/cylinders for 'studs', one D angle sides and one rounded edge - both unioned; and another model which didn't - with the "only objects with a single planar surface.........." message. Got to be pilot error and not FormZ. Now it seems smarter to try unioning one stud first then undo before laying them all out and a final 'union'. Will send a file if strangeness persists. Using FormZ v8 SE iMac 2013 near Bondi.
  2. I have been trying to create a regular pattern of studs on the face of an object (the rounded clip). I used Rectangle for the face - create circle (not inset), for the cylinder and D-angle to taper it (cap, bulge, half sphere etc would also be OK?). Then the Move tool to multiply along a line.These are shallow protruding studs on the inside edges of a clip to stop material slipping between the faces. First try (triangular clip) were 'inset' circles I think, and produced cut-outs in the face, so reshape for thickness didn't work, also studs faces were unattached and union etc wouldn't work to create a whole object, tried nurbs etc. There must be a quick, reliable way of doing this. A search for 'bumps' but brings up rendering. I could do a horizontal section through the whole object to get at the faces to work on, or do a separate face or object and attach that to the inside face of the legs of the of the clip. I have spent some time on this - now reaching a deadline and and would appreciate any advice. I just saw Embossing and macro transformations tips - looked hopeful. The old triangular clip 'inaccurate' model must have been fixed up by object doctor and netfabb, it printed OK.