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  1. Chrispy Twitch


    Nice work. Great to see another Kiwi using FormZ.
  2. Chrispy Twitch


    Hi Tech, thanks for your reply. Yes I have used sub-surf for modelling, but I was really hoping the meta-balls were still around because I like the way they could attract and repel each other, I could see it being useful for animation. Cheers!
  3. Chrispy Twitch

    Animating a character

    Thanks everyone. I thought this would be the case. I would absolutely love if FormZ included a posing and rigging toolset, but I suspect this is not really the direction the software is moving in. I guess I'll stick with Blender for more advanced animation. Cheers!
  4. Chrispy Twitch


    Hi all Can anyone tell me whatever happened to metaformz? I haven't seen them since FormZ 6 (and that was only in a video (https://youtu.be/2N_DVekCcRI)), but I can't find any reference to them in the FormZ 8 manual and I'm pretty sure they weren't in FormZ 7 either. The looked super useful, for a project that I'm about to start, so I hope they are still around in some shape or form, even if they have had a name change. Thanks in advance for any help. Kind regards Chris
  5. Chrispy Twitch

    Animating a character

    Hi everyone I want to animate a character (probably a low poly human) in FormZ and would greatly appreciate any suggestions about how to do that. I was thinking of using the radial bend and twist tools to move the character's arms and legs in a similar fashion to that used in the old FormZ 6 penguin videos (eg https://youtu.be/2N_DVekCcRI). The problem I think I will face is that I can't have the character as a single object or else I won't be able to control the bend/twist on just an arm or a leg. I could slice the character into different objects, and then I would have bend/twist control over each of those parts, but it might be hard to keep the parts together unless there is some way to set up parent/child relationships between objects. I'm not convinced this will work that well, so I thought I'd see if anyone else can offer some suggestions. Of course, ideally, I'd be able to either rig a character in FormZ or bring a rigged, textured character directly into FormZ to animate. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Kind regards Chris
  6. Chrispy Twitch

    Screening Machine

    Very nice.