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  1. chuckgaudette

    Rendering small area

    Thank you Shibui Design
  2. chuckgaudette

    Rendering small area

    After using FormZ for so many years I should probably know this but I guess I don't. I want to do a high res rendering of just one small section of my project window. How best to do this without rendering the entire window? I typically set a custom size for the entire project window and then crop out what I don't need in Photoshop. But its not very efficient and adds a lot of unnecessary rendering time. Thanks for any advice. Chuck
  3. chuckgaudette

    question about the thicken tool

    Thanks Dennis. I found ghosting wasn't turned on. Works properly now.
  4. chuckgaudette

    question about the thicken tool

    Maybe I'm missing something here. I draw and shape with the vector line tool and extrude it up with the extrude tool. Now its a surface object. I then thicken it with the thicken tool. Now, when I move the object with the move tool the thickened object leaves behind the original surface object. Is this the way its supposed to work? I don't have duplicate selected in the tool options Thanks chuck
  5. chuckgaudette

    Problem with Subdivision tool

    Thanks, setting the iterations to 3 makes the difference. I did this before but I didn't hit the TAB or Enter key so it wasn't accepted. Thanks again.
  6. chuckgaudette

    Problem with Subdivision tool

    Must be a setting somewhere I'm missing. I create any object, a box for instance. Click on the Subd tool. Click on the box and it says this will create a mesh with over 1,000,000 faces. It's just a box so there must be a setting for this. The iterations are set to 10 but changing that before the operation doesn't make any difference. Can anyone pointe me in the right direction to change this? Thanks
  7. chuckgaudette

    camera focal length from Form Z

    Thank you pylon. I guess that's the one place I didn't look.
  8. I'd like control over the focal length my project renders in Maxwell from Form Z. This is so I can better match a product I'm rendering with an existing background photo. I see in the Display Options in Form Z I can control the f-stop and shutter as well as selecting a type of lens. But is there a way to adjust the focal length? I know I can do this in Maxwell Studio but it would be more convenient if I could do it from Form Z. Thanks