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  1. What will the upgrade pricing be?
  2. Simu


    Hi Tech, Yes the recovered file is working now. I've progressed quite a bit on the file, using mostly components, only had a couple of crashes, but most important: I did not loose any work this time. As per the "disk write" issue, I've had no issues with my iMac, all permissions are fine and disk verifies as ok. So, I guess it was a case of leprechauns. Will keep you posted if anything else pops up.
  3. A bit of advice, DO NOT USE COMPONENTS. I am not being a drama queen here, just giving some valuable advice. Having spent dozens of hours happily modelling away, tolerating crash after crash when trying to use the quirky implementation of components in FormZ I was rewarded this morning with the complete loss of my work. Admittedly this is a summer project, of no commercial value, but that is not the point. For the first time in over 20 years using software I have encountered an unrecoverable loss of data due to the program failing to save properly. Even the "backup" .fzb file is broken. Preview from saved file: This is what opens up after saving and resuming work later that morning: ALL COMPONENT INSTANCES HAVE BEEN DELETED BY FORMZ. No warning, no reason, just gone. I have been practicing Architecture for over 20 years, and have used many programs, good and bad, in all that time I have never succumbed to TOTAL data loss as a result of the program. You would at the very least expect the backup file to work. I always rely on my file numbering system: "000, Filename, 000" Where the first digit is the major revision, the second number is the minor revision. I had only done 20+ hours work, so was happy with the file name staying at "000 Greenhouse 000.fmz". At this version level I would not expect to loose both main and backup file due to an issue with the program itself. This is unforgivable in a professional environment. Murphy's law: After this wake up call I set up TimeMachine, despite being nagged over the past weeks by OS X. Also, Murphy's Law: Unusually for me these files are not saved onto one of my DropBox accounts, like 99% of my work is. I could cry. Maybe I'm not meant to build this green house, maybe keeping chickens is a bad idea, I don't know. FormZ tech are "investigating" the file, they can't even tell me iff all of the data is gone. I will keep those interested posted. I am going to give 8.5 a try, but if I have even 1 crash or "bug" I will seriously reconsider going back to the relatively stable SketchUp....
  4. Simu

    Mirrored components messed up

    Thanks. I will try 8.5 over the weekend as suggested in your emails.
  5. I'm relatively new to FormZ, having been using SketchUp for years. The reason I moved is that SketchUp tend to "fake" geometry, i.e. everything looks fine, but try exporting to another program and its leaks, reversed faces or just plain fu$%ed up geometry. Also, the reliance on third party plugins makes for a consistency nightmare if you hop from machine to machine like I do. Once you start using SketchUp seriously, the "clean interface" looks like a road accident as there is no design consistency between these third party plugins. The amount of time I have spent staring at the screen trying to remember which plugin did what was crazy. SketchUp v FormZ = no comparison. FormZ is excellent. My biggest problem is information overload, I'm like a kid in a candy store, so many shiny things. BUT, on the other hand consider this: If we didn't see all those tools / icons would we know they exist? Half the fun I'm having right now (albeit at the expense of my leisure time) is trying new tools, following tutorials etc. With regard to the interface, you should see ArchiCAD, then you would have something to complain about!!! But ArchiCAD is one, if not the most powerful BIM tools around. Familiarity of interface is an important thing, the developers are caught between a rock and a hard place. Change anything and us veterans go bezerk. Don't change it and they are accused of not innovating. It's a difficult one. Personally, I think its fine, but I have a 27" screen. My only gripe is the awkward Components pallet - I can't dock it, If I could dock this so that when I hover over it, it would open out I would be delighted. I think the spacebar gizmo is a great idea, once I get comfortable with a few tools I will configure and use it a lot more. Another thing to bear in mind is the attentiveness of the devs, I have in God knows how many years submitted hundreds of crash reports, I believe this is important, there's no point moaning about a problem if they don't know whats causing it. ADS are the FIRST guys to ever send me a personal email after sending a crash report asking for more details / copy of the model (they even offered to do this under NDA, for a Greenhouse!!) / how did I crash the program etc. Now you cannot seriously NOT be impressed by that.
  6. Simu

    Welcome to our New Forum!

    Hi, Would it be possible to add some categories to the forum, like you have done for Tutorials, so we could have areas for user models, textures etc? It would be nice to have a gallery areas, challenges area etc to help us newbies get a bit of help / inspiration and not be overwhelmed by the un-categorised list of new posts. I have been going through the posts and there is some good info hidden away due to the age of the post (page 15 etc.), that I am sure I wouldn't have found otherwise unless it was in a relevant home. Thoughts?
  7. Simu

    Mirrored components messed up

    You missed the main point, the operation works fine and will stick until you save, close and re-open the project file, thus... 1. Ok, so using the file above I performed the mirror operation... First rafter using Mirror (axis), second using Mirror (about face). 2. I close the file, then re-open the file to see the following: The first rafter stays mirrored, the second rafter looses its mirror status. 3. This is the second (copy) rafter moved to show that the copy was made but the "mirror" status was lost. In other words the copy stays in its original position. Do you see the problem now? My preferred Mirror option is using a face, as it is multiples faster than creating an axis each time. I even make temp solids to perform the mirror in the desired direction, with the axis located as desired. p.s. What is a warning point? Do we get prizes for having lots of them? Never saw this on a forum before.
  8. Simu

    Mirrored components messed up

    HI Tech, Here is the file, its a simple wooden framed Green House (my summer project). I fixed the issue by rotating the components, but I'm sure you can replicate the bonkersnessness by mirroring the components. As you can see they are all very simple solids, nothing elaborate. Components are how I model, so understanding how FormZ treats them is priority number 1 for me. p.s. Are you not allowed upload .fmz files directly? I got a "you are not allowed upload that type of file error". 000 Greenhouse 000.fmz.zip
  9. Simu

    Mirrored components messed up

    Will I send the model with the rotated components? I didn't save the other version, and just realised FormZ doesn't do versioning.
  10. Simu

    Mirrored components messed up

    Ok, so I fixed the model by rotating everything, anytime I tried to re-mirror the components FormZ would crash. So is it a case that we shouldn't mirror components? I'm happy enough once I know the best methods with them, I'll look at the component tutorial video again. Very irritating.
  11. Simu

    Zoom a bit bonkers?

    Thanks, I'll try that.
  12. I built a simple model as a test, a timber frame using components. There are about 10 components, all VERY simple. Saved the model and opened it up again and every component that was mirrored is now un mirrored. When I try to mirror again I am asked do I want to update or make a new component. Seriously, are AutoDesSys kidding here? FormZ can't handle SIMPLE component mirroring? Another issue with components is that when I try to update more than 3 as per above nonsense I get the beachball of doom. I can "update" the component and then "undo" the update and it appears in its correct orientation, as per the rafter and column in the screen shot. But every other component is wrong. I used components ALOT, as I usually block / rough design using components and then update / add detail later. A method that has works incredibly well with SketchUP for years. 5 crashes so far today. ArchiCAD NEVER crashes, SketchUp rarely crashes. FormZ has crashed countless times since I started using it. from the screen shot you can see what has gone wrong in a very very very simple model.
  13. Can somebody clarify how to zoom in on a particular intersection when scale is set to medium The zoom seems restricted and won't allow me to go any further. Is there some setting I should know about? e.g. I want to zoom into one of the intersections, but can't.