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  1. found the solution, thanks to Fernado and to Steve for their Help. i needed to hide them from global illumination in the forms pick attributes - maxwell attributes, the original glass was OK the lights were OK!
  2. letsknow

    Import DWG file - arcs really jagged?

    moving it nearer, does seem to work. thank you.
  3. letsknow

    Import DWG file - arcs really jagged?

    sorry meant to say the files are coming from miniCAD (converted to DWG) if that makes any difference?
  4. letsknow

    Import DWG file - arcs really jagged?

    thanks for that, it helped but its no where near perfect... if i import the dwg into v6 its fine, in v8 i still looks a mess. i even tried opening the imported v6 version into the v8 and that still goes all jagged, even the text goes crazy!. is there not a way when importing the file to say make it good quality, the slider in the import seems to make no difference. A
  5. just upgraded from 6 to 8 and am trying to import a dwg file and the arcs are really jagged, in v6 there was option called display option, this seems to have disappeared... i have tried pushing the slider to both ends on v8 but both are pretty jagged. how can i get the arc and circles to be more defined. thanks A
  6. is this OK? https://www.dropbox.com/sh/fa11te26demq19f/AAD5dv0xAwQ9zII9hdBZIYaMa?dl=0
  7. can you clarify what you mean by small section?
  8. I have spent another long day trying different settings, i have re lit the whole model making sure no emitters are overlapping anything, i have tried and failed to amend glassfastinterior_9803.mxm material, i don't understand as it has 4 layers how do i add more detail to the glass so it still has defined edges, the same goes for the AGS preset glass, this seems to work fine if i didn't need to see the edges. is there a simple way of adding the glass edge to the AGS glass without turning it back into high grade glass. it is so frustrating, this is the last thing i need to get right! any ideas welcome, thanks
  9. Hi Rob, thanks for the tip, I have tried using "glassfastinterior_9803.mxm", which does get rid of the noise, but is a bit too see through, it is almost as if there is nothing there, is there a way of tweaking this material so it is a bit more visible and also to add back in the edges of the glass? thanks
  10. Hi, i am quite new to using Maxwell and have produced some nice results so far, but i am really really struggling with getting my glass to look clear. i am rendering an interior shop view, with no outside light, and everything else looks ok, but the glass is still really 'noisy' at SL20, other things i have tried everything looks fine at SL18. i have changed the white ceiling to be 'off' white (240,240,240), i have turned off loads of the reflections (black unitry and the floor), i have tried upping the lighting, lowering the lighting, changing the camera settings, but NOTHING i do seems to help. as i said i am quite new to maxwell (not formZ), so i may well be doing something fundamentally wrong, but for the life on me i have no idea what. any help MUCH appreciated. thanks Andrew