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    Jaakko reacted to setz in Update on the Covid Quarantine Miniature Victorian House   
    And a Maxwell Renderer Image of the Form Z model:
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    Jaakko reacted to setz in Update on the Covid Quarantine Miniature Victorian House   
    Here is the latest WIP.  Windows need sashes and installation next. Then the foundation, deck, columns, and widow's walk.
    Scale is 3/8"=1'-0"  - it's about 18" tall.

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    Jaakko reacted to rmulley in Example Images   
    I think I've finally got my head around this and have been playing around.
    Not sure if I'm using it right but I saved a regular RGB image and then a Material ID image (both as PNG's)
    I opened the Material ID file and copy/pasted it as a new layer into my RGB image.
    Using that layer I selected the area of the Material then switched layers and adjusted the levels on the original RGB image layer
    Does that sound right ?
    Results below....

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    Jaakko reacted to Tech in formZ v9.0.4 Now available   
    formZ v9.0.4 is now available. Select "Check for update" from the Help menu to be directed to the download page or use the link in the email you previously received with your v9 installer codes.
    form•Z v9.0.4 (#A12A) Highlights
    New stuff
    “Dynamic” is a new option in the Extend Segment tool options. When selected, the extension is made dynamically using the projection of the cursor position onto the tangent from the end of the object.
    Components with Flat/Cubic/Spherical decal controls now render properly in RenderZone. 
    Save a Copy as to v8.x now works properly for files with embedded components.
    The objects palette is now updated properly after Components are exploded.
    Changing the name of a view or layer to an existing name, no longer leads to repeated messages about the duplicate name.
    The fillet tool is applied to the selected point for certain objects.
    Import from Drafting now groups the imported objects properly.
    Exiting the Cone of Vision, no longer disturbs the palettes under certain conditions.
    Certain Sub-d tools no longer automatically apply unintended symmetry
    Frames are now properly updated when the linked Model file is changed. 
    The title blocks folder is selected by default when choosing a title block. 
    The offset outline tool now works properly on closed shapes. 
    The Image and Image fit tools now track the cursor properly when placing images. 
    Python scripting
    Python scripts now work properly on some Windows 10 machines that previously did not recognize Python. 
    A new method (material) has been added to the “face” object to retrieve the material assigned to the face (face.material).
    The “object” method getLocalOrigin()now returns the proper value
    fz.pickList() now returns a valid empty list when nothing is picked.
    fz.viewList(), fz.materialList() and fz.lightList() now returns a valid empty list when the project does not contain any of the respective entities.
    fz.revolve() angle parameter now works properly.
    Object methods edgeCount(), edge(), edgeList() now work as expected.
    A number of sample scripts have been updated.
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    Jaakko reacted to Andrew West in Texture mapping   
    I am struggling a bit with version 9 and the texture mapping and I discovered something new that might help save people some time.  We should be aware that loading a bump map into the V-ray channel can lead to some really strange results.  I was trying to figure out why my materials were not displaying in shaded mode and just showing a solid color.  Once I trashed the bump map my materials suddenly showed up so that I could properly texture map them.  Once I had them aligned properly I could then reload my bump map so that it would work in the final render.   Just another one of those "work arounds".  Hope this helps
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    Jaakko reacted to Justin Montoya in Suface solid (two sides)   
    I have to disagree here.  I use formZ Solids such as walls and other, often asymmetrical solid shapes with different materials applied to various sides, ALL THE TIME.  It works perfectly in Shaded Full and V-Ray rendering engines.  The idea of using 'Surfaces' is inefficient for much of the work we do, and is the reason why formZ is so fast, powerful, and efficient for many types of modeling such as Architecture, Furniture, and Exhibit design.  There's no shortage of Surface based 3D modelers out there, but it's the SOLIDS that make formZ so special to us.
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    Jaakko reacted to Tech in formZ v9.0.3 Now available   
    form•Z v9.0.3 (#A123) highlights
    New stuff
    “Superimpose” is a new option in the Underlay options of the Reference Plane Parameters palette. When selected, the underlay is Superimposed in shaded views instead of depth sorted. This is most useful when combined with the transparency slider to see the undelay image through a shaded image.
    “Give Guide Snaps Priority” is a new option in the snap options Palette. When selected, Guide Snaps are given priority over object snaps (when both are enabled). If the cursor is close to both a guide and a snappable point/edge/face, the location will be snapped to the guide rather than the point/edge/face. When this option is disabled, the opposite rule is applied. This option is now on by default by popular request as it makes the guides more functional in shaded rendering modes. The option can be controlled with a key shortcut as well (Key Shortcuts manager).
    General improvements
    Export of hidden line images to pixel based formats (TIFF/PNG/JPG etc.) now works properly.
    Underlay images no longer disappear when switching from wireframe to shaded full and the back to wireframe on machines with certain graphics cards.
    Components with Flat/Cubic/Spherical texture map controls now render properly in RenderZone. 
    Using Reduce Mesh tool no longer crashes on certain objects.
    Files with mirrored components now show the components properly when saving and re-opening the file.
    Curve and Surface Formula tools now show all the formulas in the Interface.
    View navigation in the Decals and Classic Texture Map dialog now works properly. 
    The “Pick By” and “Assign” options in the Classic Texture Map dialog now work properly. 
    Door/Window component’s are now are placed at the proper depth.
    The Section tool now properly honors the Status of objects (Ghost or Delete).
    Windows specific 
    The Transform tool no longer crashes when entering a second value for the Scale option. 
    Printing or exporting to PDF no longer misses some elements.
    Printing or exporting to PDF now includes title blocks properly.
    Printing from draft space now works as expected.
    Image elements no longer have a border when printed or exported to pdf.
    The Layout content tools no longer become randomly dimmed.
    Layout frames now update properly when the model is changed.
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    Jaakko reacted to pipo in Lumion plugin   
    lumion imports many file formats.....unless its a live plugin it doesn't make much difference
    we have no issue using fz (mac) models in lumion , basically the same as using sketchup/lumion without live link
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    Jaakko reacted to setz in Import REALLLLY old keyboard shortcuts file to 8.5   
    FZ has changed so much since V6.  Rebuilding will give you an opportunity to rethink which shortcuts are still necessary and which keys should be replaced with one of the many, many new tools and commands.  It's still an ongoing process for me tweaking my shortcuts for efficiency.
    As a side note setting key shortcuts for the Snaps has a hidden (I believe) feature.  If you set regular keys for the snaps they become cumulative, while if you set CMD+key they become exclusive.  E.G.  If you have a snap selected like Center of Face and you trigger a regular key shortcut assigned to Point, you will then have both Center of Face and Point snapping selected.  If you have Center of Face selected and you trigger a CMD=key for the Point Snap Shortcut, FZ will turn off all selected snaps and only utilize Point snapping.  Because of this my key shortcuts for snaps are: F1 for Point, CMD+F1 for point exclusive etc, etc.
    And Chris, here is a model I am working on for a Halloween Display, will be 3/8"=1'-0" - about 18" tall.  Gatorboard core, wood siding, grown detail parts.  I ordered an LCD Resin printer yesterday to augment my FDM printers.  Sculpting a scary tree to grow next.

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    Jaakko reacted to mattedmonds in Import REALLLLY old keyboard shortcuts file to 8.5   
    Those techniques sound like an easy way to start over, if that's what I have to do... Thanks!
    If it turns out I need to recreate from scratch, at the least, I'd like to be able to list the shortcuts saved in that file so I dont have to remember everything cold. I had so many years of muscle memory of my shortcuts that contributed to my modelling speed...
    Yes, I started working in 3D in Microstation, AutoCAD, 3DStudio, Architrion, ArchiCAD, Strata3D, FZ, and a few others as early as 1989. Was a beta tester for FZ for years, then an alpha and beta tester for Maxwell Render. 
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    Jaakko reacted to Recombatant in Bend along path tool   
    Hi Chris,
    I'm doing the whole spacesuit life sized. I'm not really making a costume... I'm attempting to replicate a movie costume. (Oh sure, I'm going to wear it at least once. Ha!)  Here are the chest pack and backpack models and an initial print of the helmet. It needs finishing. Sanding and painting. Then I have to attempt to shape some clear 2mm plexiglass for the visor. It's going to work. I've been planning to make the helmet for 50 years. Since I first saw the movie.

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    Jaakko reacted to Recombatant in Bend along path tool   
    Hi Chris,
    When I bend your twisted and joined wires, it works and the cables all stay 'nested' or wrapped in place, and they don't overlap into the same space. Perfect!  They lose color, but if I separate them, i can color them and regroup. This is a win for me today. Thanks again for helping me. I hope I can do something good for you someday.
    I've attached a image of a model I just finished. I'm 3d printing it now.

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    Jaakko reacted to ¢hris £und in Align2 v.9   
    Align2  v.9  aka AlignTo  (Not sure what i should name it)
    Added functionality, a lot more placement by combinatory options.  Still a utility script.
    Source file so can be used on both Mac and PC.
    AlignTo.py 2.zip
    Suggestions welcome!
    ¢hris £und
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    Jaakko reacted to Des in modelling more complex, real world product   
    Hi Steve,
    If you know where the seams are on that chair, you can trace their positions. Do only one side and mirror later.
    I would use the NURBS by U/V Curves tool. That will allow you to accurately model that shape and still be able to adjust it.
    I've attached a car I started years ago but never had the chance to finish but it is the same process. Trace the splines, manipulate and make sure they touch accurately, add intermediates and shift select them and hey presto.
    Hope this helps.

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    Jaakko reacted to rmulley in Example Images   
    I whipped this up the other day as an idea to stop my family going through 30 glasses a day during isolation.... The glass was downloaded from an online CAD repository, I can't remember which!
    I thought the glass came out pretty realistic. The wood needs a bit of work though.

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    Jaakko reacted to Tech in form•Z Tips and Tricks updated   
    We have updated the form•Z Tips and Tricks on the form•Z website (Support->Tips and Tricks).  Now searchable and easier to navigate!
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    Jaakko reacted to setz in Display Resolutions   
    I have been using a set of predefined Display Resolutions which I built into my Template file.  They create a faceting which is more efficient (many fewer faces than the generic percentage slider) while also reducing the number of facets on smaller and larger curved faces simultaneously on the same object.  Being able to fine tune my objects' models display resolution allows me to retain nice smooth looking objects while keeping the onscreen polycount low.  The are also helpful for polygonal, facetted exports requiring efficient polycount management.  Use Wireframe Display to clearly see how the polys are applied to curved surfaces.
    Download the file, from the menu items choose File/Project Settings.../Facetting Schemes and click on the Load Schemes folder icon to add these to your current project.  The setting go from coarse, .05 to very fine .00001 and correspond to the Fraction of Bounding Box increment from the settings.  Each one is approximately twice the resolution as the previous one. 
    I hope you find these useful and convenient.

    Display Resolutions.fmz.zip
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    Jaakko got a reaction from rmulley in Example Images   
    Last week I did a quick rendering of the droplet protection shield (don't know right english name) to the counters in the pharmacies. We use that picture in the prochure. The acrylic shield went to production and now we are delivering them to the pharmacies all over country. 😀
    A rendering and a final product (custom size) in place. 

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    Jaakko reacted to pipo in wip & recent renders   
    few renders that can see the light of day now

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    Jaakko reacted to pipo in wip & recent renders   
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    Jaakko reacted to pipo in wip & recent renders   
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    Jaakko reacted to pipo in wip & recent renders   
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    Jaakko reacted to Paulji in Auto-Cleanup of 2D Lines with Wall Option   
    I've not used FormZ Drafting much in the past as I would generally export 3D models into other software programs.  
    Now, after seriously examining the Edit commands available for segments and entities drawn using the Draw 1 pop-out and the 2D Wall command of the Derive pop-out, it's a little disappointing that these tools (ie. Break, Break with Line, Close, Trim, Extend, Extend To, Connect Ends, Connect Lines/Wires, Join, Fit Fillet/Bevel, Remove Point, Insert Point, Insert Segment, Draw Tangent, Draw Perpendicular) ONLY APPLY to segments and not 2D Walls.    
    I believe it would be a huge improvement to LAYOUT if 2D Walls could be edited similar to a program like ACAD. 
    Example:  The Extend to command would be great if it could extend 2D walls and automatically healed or cleaned up
                       The Join or Trim commands would be great if 2D walls could be joined to their ends and automatically cleaned up (healed).
    I understand one can use Offset Outline and Offset Segment from the Derive pop-out and individually clean up walls with some effort but wouldn't it be nice to limit that tedium?
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    Jaakko reacted to Tech in What's New In form•Z v9 Video   
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    Jaakko got a reaction from Bo Atkinson in Example Images   
    I put here few renderings made for our customers in differnt sectors. The images are pretty much straight from V-Ray, no after work.
    Have a nice weekend 🙂