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    Jaakko reacted to fzdev in Datasmith for form•Z Technology Preview   
    From the Twinmotion product page:
    From the Unreal Engine product page:
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    Jaakko reacted to Justin Montoya in Datasmith for form•Z Technology Preview   
    Twinmotion is an app built on the Unreal Engine.  It was designed to simplify using the Unreal Engine for Architecture visualization.  It has a couple of programs you should use with it.  Quixel Bridge, which is used to manage all your added assets like imported FBX / OBJ files, as well as finding and downloading Megascans models and textures included with any TM (Epic Games) account.  The second is Quixel Mixer, which lets you easily modify the textures and map them to any importable geometry.  IMHO this tool alone makes mapping textures to complex shapes so much easier that it deserves a serious look.
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    Jaakko reacted to Des in Datasmith for form•Z Technology Preview   
    So far I've only tried out exporting only one model and I'm pretty impressed how fast it is at exporting. Materials are coming in but all need editing as would be expected.
    Say I'm working on a model in TM and after editing all my materials, placed entourage etc. and then I have to make changes in the FZ model, how does TM react to this?
    Also, are there any rules we should follow in FormZ before exporting? For example, is it better to have UV applied materials?
    Anyway, this is a great direction for FormZ and I'm looking forward to getting a smooth workflow between FormZ and TM.
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    Jaakko reacted to R2D2 in Datasmith for form•Z Technology Preview   
    Installed - hope I'll find the time to figure out how it works...

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    Jaakko got a reaction from graham_g in New update 9.0.6   
    I'm pretty happy with, only few bugs here and there. Perhaps it's because I don't use 2D features at all. Only modelling and rendering. 2D work is done with Draftsight.
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    Jaakko reacted to ¢hris £und in facetted arc segments   
    I think they merely genericized it by making a tool.  Since this tool also takes care of other use cases.  Remember the day when we had to manually do this with Bo Atkinson's BoA Constrictor method?
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    Jaakko reacted to Tech in Datasmith for form•Z Technology Preview   
    We are pleased to announce AutoDesSys was a recently awarded an Epic MegaGrant to create an interface between form•Z and Epic’s Unreal Engine and Twinmotion. The Datasmith plugin for form•Z is the first product of this exciting collaboration. This plugin allows you to quickly and easily convert your form•Z 3D model for use in Unreal Engine 4 and Twinmotion. A Technology Preview of the Datasmith plugin for form•Z is now available here: http://www.formz.com/fzsite1219/products/unreal.html
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    Jaakko reacted to Tech in New update 9.0.6   
    "Check for update" now shows 9.0.6 as available. Please note that we always wait 24-48 hours after posting a new version before updating the "check for update" notification just to be sure the distribution is sound before mass installations begin. You can always install the latest version from the link you received with your latest license codes. 
    Here are the highlights of this version. form•Z v9.0.6 (#A283):
    New stuff
    SKP translator updated to import/export SketchUp 2020 files. Plus these improvements:
    - Import performance significantly improved. 
    - Objects will be surfaces by default unless “Construct Solids” is enabled (which is now on by default for new installations). 
    - Import now maintains layers and materials properly. 
    - Non-Roman characters in file names now supported for import and export.
    - Non-Roman characters in layer name and Material names are now supported.
    - Import now includes wire objects.
    - Exporting files with metric units works as expected.
    Contour Sections no longer affected by manipulating corresponding Transform Controller
    Conflicts resolved that could cause Key Shortcuts to stop working.
    Arc 3 can be inverted with the CMD/Ctrl (Mac/Win) key.
    Objects created by Duplicate (Edit menu) remain selected.
    Reference Files window displays correct name.
    DXF export and import now supports Non-Roman characters in the file name.
    Exporting DAE and KMZ files works properly
    Check for Update works as expected no on systems with certain Windows settings.
    Alt key tap key works as expected
    Draft Layout
    Grid Snap now works as expected when combined with the Guide snap
    Python scripting
    unfold.py script now works as expected.
    Scripts are maintained in the Extensions menu and are sorted properly.
    The getLayer() and setLayer object method have been improved.
    Additional performance and stability improvements.
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    Jaakko got a reaction from vva in New update 9.0.6   
    There seems to be a new version available, 9.0.6 (Build A283). 😃 
    I hope support could throw some list what bugs were fixed or changed. 🤔
    But anyway, thanks...
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    Jaakko got a reaction from Des in V-Ray update   
    Yes, that sounds great. I'm in. 😀

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    Jaakko reacted to Tech in V-Ray update   
    We are actively working on V-Ray 5 for form•Z. Its up and running and looking really good. We are very excited about this new version. We hope to have a beta in December.
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    Jaakko reacted to Andrew West in V-ray Scene Files   
    I am posting this as a favor to anyone who is thinking of using Scene files in their models.  Don't.  They are more trouble than they are worth.  First is the issue of lighting.  Each scene file creates a sun light that automatically comes in with the file whether you turn off that option on import or not.  Then you have to go into the attributes tab in the inspector to make sure its off.  If your lighting is totally messed up this is the reason.  Next there is the issue of Alpha Channels.  I use them A LOT!  The scene file will corrupt your alpha channel completely as it renders as pure white.  If like me you render out a building you would expect to have it separate from the background for compositing.  Or if you do an interior model that has a view outside the window you might want to place an image behind the glass.  The scene file makes this impossible.  I spent a day and a half chasing down this problem so save yourself the trouble and don't use them (unless you don't use alpha channels).  I am aware that the development team is working on this issue for the next release.  Lets hope it is sooner rather than later.  
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    Jaakko reacted to Andrew West in VRAY - Huge Material Problem!   
    Update time.   We finally tracked down the issue at the beginning of this post.  There has always been some issue with materials not previewing in the palette or materials not showing properly on the model.  Or in my case lots of missing textures upon render.  The FIX:  You must have KEEP TEXTURES turned on in project settings.  Then you must turn on Opens Fast or your save times will be really long.  
    It was such a simple thing that ended up causing a lot of issues.  
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    Jaakko got a reaction from Justin Montoya in VRAY - Huge Material Problem!   
    I have very much same problems as described earlier. The material system should be fixed totally. Most of my problems are related to it and Shaded work mode. I like V-Ray very much and I don't use RenderZone anymore. 
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    Jaakko reacted to pipo in Lumion plugin within FormZ using Lumion's Live feature.   
    Hey guys
    I thought I would throw in my five cents worth here
    We have been using Lumion since version 7.....but really only a usable option since version 9
    The most important consideration is end use .... I don't consider Lumion as a tool for still images full stop , only for animation.
    The reasons for this are the GI is not advanced enough and the lack of ray tracing require reflection planes to be manually placed of which there are a maximum of 10.
    Don't get too excited about the "vast" libraries as realistically , only a fraction of this is of medium quality.
    That being said it is possible to produce animations of reasonable quality as long as you don't get to hung up on the correctness of the render quality.
    It is an extremely expensive app for what it does.......the updates are frequent but you pay a huge price each time for only very limited enhancements.
    See below a few examples.....I will post a few more recent ones done with the latest 10.5 when the projects become public so everything below is 
    done with version 9.5
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    Jaakko reacted to Des in Maxwell Cloud Rendering   
    Just to give further info on the cloud render service in Maxwell.
    This is a job I did a while ago but had to remodel and render again for a redesign and had only two days to do it, so I had to render using the Maxwell cloud service.
    I gave each image here about 45 minutes. They reached an SL of 18.6 and 19.4 which is ok for the view distances. That calculates at about €3 ($3.50c) each.
    The original render sizes are 6000 x 4000 pixels and included an alpha and material ID channel with cars and some planting MXS references.

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    Jaakko reacted to Justin Montoya in White Background Rendering - Cracked it!   
    Good job.  This is a pretty common 'studio' scene you've built.  If you look up tutorials on how to create a studio scene in VRay, you will find many other options.  Some where you create a large sphere with a floor (turn off shadow casting on these) to incorporate your whole scene.  That way you you can quickly create views from all sides of your project without needing to rotate it.  
    Now if we could just get back a properly functioning Cone of Vision...
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    Jaakko reacted to rmulley in White Background Rendering - Cracked it!   
    After a lot of trial and error I think I have finally found the holy grail of white rendering background that I've been looking for.
    - Floor direction : I must have done about 15 renders switching a ton of things on and off to get the shadows to save in the image file until I realized another problem I had before was fixed with reversing the direction of the floor object.
    - I used an HDRI file for the lighting and I kept it visible so I got the reflections in the metal.
    - I did a simple floor/backdrop using the matte material otherwise you'd see the HDRI light behind.... you want everything in the view to be the matte material.
    - The "No GI On Other Mattes" was an important checkbox otherwise you get ambient shading on the walls and floor that you don't want. 
    I'm really super pumped for this because it's going to make my life infinitely easier putting together presentations.
    Hope this brings a small ray of light into someone else's life too
    Let me know if you have any questions

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    Jaakko reacted to Des in Duplication Offset   
    Hello stranger! 😄
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    Jaakko reacted to setz in what's new webinar   
    Modo and FZ are great companions.  I use modo for complicated organic subdivision cage modeling (because it has really good soft selection tools) and then bring the object into FZ where I convert to subdivision and then convert into nurbs.  Works really well at creating super complicated organic nurbs shapes that can then be further worked on in FZ with booles etc.  Many parts of the mech were done this way (some are pure FZ hard surface modeling.)  The parts in this model ended up as separate nurbs solids exports for CNC machining.

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    Jaakko reacted to Des in what's new webinar   
    Incredible model that Setz! 
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    Jaakko got a reaction from timgarner_10 in Example Images   
    And thank you for your comment. I almost forget. 😊
    This was nice project to do. The customer was very co-operative and the schedule was reasonable.
    Now when the project is done I can share these 360 panoramas which we used to show our proposal to the customer. Also V-Ray renderings.
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    Jaakko got a reaction from timgarner_10 in Example Images   
    And thank you for your comment. I almost forget. 😊
    This was nice project to do. The customer was very co-operative and the schedule was reasonable.
    Now when the project is done I can share these 360 panoramas which we used to show our proposal to the customer. Also V-Ray renderings.
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    Jaakko reacted to allanjl in Example Images   
    Awesome work! Looks like you enjoyed it too.
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    Jaakko got a reaction from ZTEK in Example Images   
    Here is few renderings and two pictures of the final outcome. All are V-Ray renderings, not much afterwork, just sharpening and light balance. The customer was very happy of her new shop. 😁
    I like V-ray, hopefully ADS have energy to develop their plug-in further. 💪😊