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    Jaakko reacted to Paulji in Keyboard Shortcuts_an Example   
    Attached is an example of a set of Keyboard Shortcuts for Architectural Modeling.
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    Jaakko reacted to AHTOH in Some interior renders   
    Some interior renders

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    Jaakko reacted to pylon in Maxwell Glass Shelf Opinions?   
    Hi Des,
    I adapted your unstiched edge strategy. Edge now assigned an autotranslated "frosted glass" material. I put an additional emitting plane in the rear to illuminate the frosted edge. Finally, I adjusted the "Burn" parameter down to 0.05 to avoid blown highlights.
    Hope this helps.

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    Jaakko reacted to FZnoob in Chrome wheel modeled with sub-division   
    Here is a model that I created while playing around with the sub-d tools. I didn't use a reference photo as I just did it from memory.
    It's reminiscent of the "Cragar S/S" wheels that were popular in the 1970s.
    The wheel itself is one sub-divided mesh. The remaining parts were modeled with the standard FZ toolset.
    I have attached a finished rendering, and a screenshot of the wheel mesh.
    One of the keys to sub-division modeling is to keep the mesh as clean as possible.
    It can get messy real fast, and removing the excess geometry is generally quite a bit more work that adding it was.
    Happy modeling.

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    Jaakko reacted to Walter in Material Name and Modelling Axis   
    Hi there,
    i'm using FormZ Pro 8.5 but sometimes i'm still using FormZ 6.7 because of some Options - maybe you can tell me if i can manage them also in Version 8.5.
    MATERIALS: (see Attachement) 
    I'm showing my material with small Icons - in Version 6.7 i can see the name of the selected material in the upper window frame - in Version 8.5 there is just a Name of the material when i use the big Icons. Is it possible to show the material Name also in the Window Frame like Formz 6.7 when using small icons? Because of Little space i'm using the small Icons, but in 8.5 it's horrible when you don't see any Name.
    Every time after creating something like a cube, FormZ 8.5 is showing that orange axis and i have again to confirm my work. In FormZ 6.7 after giving the height of the cube it is done - i have nothing to confirm so i'm faster. Can i turn of the function with the orange axis?  

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    Jaakko reacted to FZnoob in How could I model this chair?   
    I just posted part 1 in the "tutorials" section of the forum.
    The title is "Model a leather chair with sub-division Pt1".
    As noted, I will get part 2 posted as soon as I get time.
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    Jaakko reacted to FZnoob in How could I model this chair?   
    I just uploaded part 2 to the tutorials section of the forum.
    "Modeling a leather chair with sub-division Pt2"
    Hopefully, I made it clear enough for everyone to understand.
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    Jaakko got a reaction from Des in Maxwell Render   
    Really nice renderings Des.
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    Jaakko reacted to FZnoob in How could I model this chair?   
    I have sent Andy a tutorial on the base, and I will get to how I did the chair "back" as soon as I can.
    Once I am sure it is clear, and easy to understand I will post it for everyone.
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    Jaakko reacted to Des in How could I model this chair?   
    Bravo FZnoob! Very convincing model.
    I think you should change your name from FZnoob to FZexpert now 
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    Jaakko reacted to Des in Maxwell Render   
    I wouldn't mind doing more interior modelling and rendering if I got the chance.
    I find it more enjoyable even if it is time consuming.

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    Jaakko reacted to Paulji in Inference Locking   
    Inference locking is available in FormZ but I don’t believe is not mentioned as such in the FormZ Manual. It’s a term used in Sketchup to mean a system that locks your cursor along an axis in reference to any point, edge, guide, or face. In FormZ, inference locking is available while using the Guide, Draw, or Transform tools. I'll review each type before making a suggestion.
    To lock the cursor to any point in space (whether to a point on another object or to a point on the object you are drawing) you move your cursor along an X, Y, or Z axis and hold down the shift key. This "locks" your cursor along that axis. Then hover your cursor over any point of an object (Snaps ON or OFF) and a gray colored line displays perpendicular to the locked axis to that point, then click to execute.
    This is identical to the procedure one uses in SketchUp.
    See 01_Inference Lock_Point:

    FormZ does not have Inference locking to an edge however it does have cursor locking and snapping to a guide. This can be done fairly quickly. “Snap to Intersection” or the “Stick to Edge” option in the Snap Options should be ON.
    When drawing or transforming, first create a Temporary guide (Ctrl+spacebar or Cmd+spacebar) over a point on the edge. Next, lock the cursor to an axis by holding the SHIFT key while moving the cursor toward the guide.
    See 02_Inference Lock_Temoray Guide_Intersection Snap:

    See 03_Inference Lock_to Guide Temporary Guide_Stick to Edges:

    FormZ does not have an inference locking to a face plane as does Sketchup.
    In the example below a V-line was drawn on the XY-plane and locked (with the SHIFT key) on the
    X-axis. While holding the SHIFT key the cursor hovered over a face with an active custom plane (the Snap to Face was ON). The V-line attached to the cursor did not terminate at the reference plane of the face. The V-line projected past the object’s reference plane as shown penetrating the brown rectangle that was drawn on the object’s reference plane.
    See 04_Inference Lock_Object Plane_FormZ for Example of Inference Locking to the Plane of a Face: (Not Available in FormZ):

    See 05_Inference Lock_Object Plane_SU for Example of Inference Locking to the Plane of a Face: (Shown above in SketchUP):

    My suggestion is that FormZ add the features of Inference to Edges and Faces.
    Inference locking.pdf
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    Jaakko got a reaction from bmeissner in Happy Holidays…   
    Thanks Bernd!
    Happy HolidayZ to all! 

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    Jaakko reacted to bmeissner in Happy Holidays…   
    Ladies and Gentlemen, a tradition is a tradition…  is a tradition.  We should keep it up. Happy holidays to all of you

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    Jaakko reacted to Shibui Design in Happy Holidays…   
    Happy Holidays to all.

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    Jaakko got a reaction from bmeissner in Happy Holidays…   
    Thanks Bernd!
    Happy HolidayZ to all! 

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    Jaakko reacted to AndyD in Clessidra chair   
    this is competition chair made with formZ 8.5.6 and render with maxwell 3.2:

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    Jaakko reacted to setz in Extend Tool - Result Buffer Option   
    I wanted to clarify my suggestion.  It could be applied as one of two options:
    1.   Adding a Live Update or "Rubber Banding" action to the Extend tool.
    2.   Adding an additional option for the Reshape Tool.  The Reshape Tool is a type of face extension with 2 options; "Perpendicular to Ref Plane" and "Perpendicular to Surface", I would like a third option - "Extend from Surface" where the perimeter segments would be extended pushing the face out the distance entered in the numeric input field.
    The limitation of the current Extend Tool is that once fired it can not be "Rubber Banded" as the reshape tool allows for.
    It would also be helpful to have the same "rubber banding" for the extend segment tool as well.

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    Jaakko reacted to setz in Snap to Center of Face   
    I find myself fishing around for the center of a face and at times when there are a number of faces to which the snap could be applied to, I am not sure as to which one actually is being snapped to.  I have two suggestions:
    One - That the whole face to which the center is snapped is highlighted in some way so that the wrong face is not snapped to by accident when there are many faces to which the snapping could be acting.
    Two - That "Stick to Edges" which is a sort of snap-to-the-snap function would work with Center of Face as well.  The center would be snapped to any time the mouse was over any portion of that face.
    Both these behaviors were present in V6 and snapping to the center of a face was considerably more efficient with them.
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    Jaakko reacted to ¢hris £und in Extend Tool - Result Buffer Option   
    +1   though I preferred the extend tool in 6.x  over the fractured tools of the current iteration.  1 tool with multiple options worked much better.
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    Jaakko reacted to setz in Extend Tool - Result Buffer Option   
    It would be great to have an option for the Extend Tool, or better yet, a new Tool "Live Extend" that would allow for a result buffer enabling the distance for the extend to be entered, previewed and edited.  I use the Reshape tool this way and would love for the Extend to have this functionality as well.
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    Jaakko got a reaction from 3dworks in Extend Tool - Result Buffer Option   
    I think it would be nice to be able to give a distance how far a face would go from a target face, (-/+) in or out.

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    Jaakko got a reaction from 3dworks in Extend Tool - Result Buffer Option   
    I think it would be nice to be able to give a distance how far a face would go from a target face, (-/+) in or out.

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    Jaakko reacted to Tech in Chris Yessios Retirement announcement   
    Dear formZers:
    After 25 years, it is with highly mixed feelings that I announce my retirement from the position of President and CEO of AutoDesSys Inc. Alexandra Yessios, VP for Marketing and Sales is also retiring. But I am happy to let you know that I leave my post in good hands, to David Kropp who is taking over as President and CEO of the company.
    I have been working part time the last couple of years as my wife and I gradually transitioned into spending more time with our children and grand children away from Columbus. Dave, as the co-founder of AutoDesSys and fully knowledgeable of the state of affairs in the company, has been running it quite efficiently and successfully, which confirms that AutoDesSys is in good hands.
    I wish to take this opportunity and wholeheartedly thank you all for your support and love for form•Z over the past 25 years and I like to think that all of us here at AutoDesSys were able to contribute a bit to your professional achievements with the 3D tools we offered. It has been a joyful ride full of excitement and discoveries. So many techniques the younger users take for granted today became causes for celebrations in the past, as we pioneered major steps in the development of the digital tools. I have no doubt that the evolution is still in progress and I am hopeful that I may still contribute some while away from the routine of the daily practicalities.
    I wish you the best in the pursuit of your objectives and goals.
    Chris I. Yessios, PhD
    Past President and CEO
    AutoDesSys, Inc.
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    Jaakko got a reaction from DennisA in Duplicating Materials (formerly a Whine in Discussion forum )   
    I like this suggestion.