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  1. gwertz

    Projection of vector import

    Nevermind!...unless there is more insight. http://www.formz.com/support/tips/tip56.html
  2. I'm trying to project a vector logo from .ai onto a cube(flat surface). I know that you can "project on a curve" and "imprint" if it's drawn on the face, but how do you project if it's a cube(flat surface)?
  3. gwertz

    Animation texture disappearing

    BEAUTIFUL! Went the Facetted route. Thank you!
  4. I'm importing a texture map from PS. Once on the object, i'm setting up to keyframe the object swinging. As soon as I select the object to keyframe, the map disappears. Went through setting up the animation to see if it's just a preview issue....once generating the animation, the map is still missing. I have Transfer Texture Map Control turned ON when I prepped the swing(rotation). Greg.
  5. gwertz

    Animation texture disappearing

    I can't send the exact texture, but the object is the same. I have the animation timeline at 0. Hit the Keyframe button, then the object and the texture disappears. Tested to move it up to 3 seconds, pivot the object, then Keyframe and still no texture. WALKBY.zip
  6. gwertz

    Exporting Turntable?

    Is there any development on being able to export a turntable? I know it can be keyframed, but just curious about it's full potential as a tool.
  7. I'm doing a short animation that simulates a fader(where an Image Color Map appears and disappears. I read the manual about Animating a Material as my reference. I'm attempting to apply an Image Color Map fade in and out on a face not a solid color. When I adjust my animation timeline to the midpoint of the animation to apply the image on the face, it won't allow it. Thanks in advance! Greg.
  8. You rock!... dissected the file(learned about animating the material as the transparency vs. the object) and on the move! Thanks!
  9. That's it! Is there any way that you could make the attachments FmZ 7 files? If so, then i can dissect the settings. I never tried to create a RenderZone Animation with my file... At the moment, unable to test... that's probably it. Thank you!
  10. gwertz

    High Poly to Low Poly

    Thank you for the response! I was wondering if there was an "easy" button that i was missing out on.
  11. I've been reading a little on High Poly to Low Poly conversion. Does FormZ have this feature? If so, is there a process to follow?