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    From the album: Toh, Bryan

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    From the album: Toh, Bryan

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    From the album: Toh, Bryan

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    exterior 2

    From the album: Toh, Bryan

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    From the album: Toh, Bryan

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    Bar counter

    From the album: Toh, Bryan

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    New York aquarium plans And view copy

    From the album: Cascarano, Nicolas

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    Cascarano, Nicolas

    I'm a Senior Project Designer, Architect at Munoz Albin Architecture & Planning with over 20 years of experience in the architecture field. I have been working with Form Z since version while still at the University Of Wisconsin , Milwaukee. Now I do enjoy entering competitions and using Form Z 7+ in the real world on real projects. He is an Architect and works full time as a Senior Project Designer for Meeks & Partners architects and planners located in Houston Texas. He is an Italian descendant born in Caracas, Venezuela. Nicolas Came to the US to attend College in 1982 and study engineering and Building construction until 1985. In 1991, He obtained a Masters degree in the field of Architecture graduating with special honors. He served as an adjunct professor and visiting lecturer for the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee’s School of Architecture and Urban Planning. He Also held distinguished positions in several reputable firms in the metro Milwaukee area until 1996 when He co-founded Arquitectura, Inc. . He was a partner and lead project designer of Arquitectura, Inc. for 16 years. Nicolas received many awards from the American Institute of Architects, the City of Milwaukee, and other organizations and was frequently recognized for outstanding architectural projects in both local and nationwide publications. He is a licensed architect in the states of Texas and Wisconsin. He has continually demonstrated a great passion for quality contemporary design. Now after 20+ years in the architecture field, enjoys exploring other designs by entering product, and architectural competitions as well as creating original digital art compositions. http://www.houzz.com/pro/nicolascascarano/nicolas-cascarano-architect
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    Ortho Jug 4 Composite

    From the album: Farrell, Jerry

    This image shown was created using Sub-D modeling along with other more traditional tools found in FormZ
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    Gas Can Final Handles

    From the album: Farrell, Jerry

    This gas can is one of my first attempts at Subdivision modeling using FormZ's Sub-d tools. I choose this project because it offers many contour challenges and opportunities to employ not only the Sub-D tools but also many of FormZ's standard tool. With the use of a textured bump map and relief type helps to make this project stand out. Though not overwhelming this project helped me to learn some new tools as well as improve my skills in others. I hope you enjoyed my project.
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    From the album: Martinez, Victor

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    From the album: Martinez, Victor

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    From the album: Condon, Joe

    "Water Heater" is a product cutaway for an in-store display. FormZ cutaways are great for reveling complex processes.
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    Condon, Joe

    Joe Condon is a freelance Graphic Artist specializing in 3D illustration and animation. 25+ years of experience has given Joe experience in a variety of roles including graphics design, food illustration, architectural renderings, product design and technical illustration. Being based in Chicago has given Joe the opportunity to work with a multitude of clients and teams. Whether working on-site or remotely, Joe is an excellent communicator and a valuable team member. I have been working in graphic design for over 30 years and started using formZ 10 years ago. Most of my work is mechanical or in-store displays which formZ is perfectly suited for. The work flow is quick, efficient and can be very impressive.
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    From the album: Condon, Joe

    "Water" was rendered for a cut case label. The realism allows for print reproduction enhancing the package design.