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    image 03

    From the album: Architectural World

  6. AutoDesSys

    Architectural World

    Manama, Bahrain contact@archworld.cc "Our use of form•Z has distinguished our company from other architectural and engineering firms here in the Gulf Region. The program has enabled us to provide our clients with realistic animations and renderings of our drawings, which helps them visualize the concepts being presented. In addition, form•Z alleviates our production capacity and unquestionably improves the quality of our work. Our thanks to form•Z for helping us satisfy our clients' needs and put a mark of excellence on our company." Modeled and rendered in form•Z RenderZone; edited in Adobe Photoshop; collaged in Corel Draw.
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    image 02

    From the album: Architectural World

  8. AutoDesSys

    Screening Machine

    From the album: Andersson, Thomas

    The screening machine separates knots, shives, and other impurities you do not want in the pulp when you produce paper.
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    Andersson, Thomas

    Nävekvarn, Sweden tomtoy@spray.se "I became a form•Z user a couple of years ago when I was designing interiors and rooms for an exhibition company. Now I work mostly as an information designer at Noss AB, a Swedish company developing and manufacturing equipment for the pulp and paper industry. Our 3D-presentations for print and screen are all modeled and rendered in form•Z RenderZone, which I find very functional and useful in several design and illustration fields."
  10. AutoDesSys

    Nikolareas, Elias

    Athens-Greece enikolareas@yahoo.com
  11. AutoDesSys

    Alan Cooper

    We use FormZ for designing the furniture in 3d and to organise the parts by number and assembly groups. We export the data to a csv file before adjusting with a macro using Open Office Calc before importing with Cutlistplus to efficiently lay out the parts on the boards. We then construct and paint or finish the wood in our own workshop before installing in our customers' homes. We are bespoke cabinetmakers providing a fitted furniture design, make and install service for our local customers around Aylesbury, Bucks UK. We have 20 images relating to a recent project of a bespoke alcove cupboard which take you through the computer aided design stages from design through to completed project. They can be found at this link:https://my.pcloud.com/publink/show?code=kZ0WSd7ZqtCVwyX8jsSQxEtJbupseXUKxtJV AnnexBedroomCupboardAlanCooper.tif
  12. AutoDesSys

    Steven Navarro

    I am currently in my last year at the University of San Francisco. I've been using Form-Z since my Sophomore year of design school. I love this program and look forward to using it on my next projects.
  13. AutoDesSys

    Quint, Chuck

    Graduate of The American Academy of Art, Chicago, IL Independent artist for a Chicago area marketing firm formZ is a essential part of my tool list for the creation of in store displays. Other duties include logo and character development.
  14. AutoDesSys

    Condon, Joe

    Joe Condon is a freelance Graphic Artist specializing in 3D illustration and animation. 25+ years of experience has given Joe experience in a variety of roles including graphics design, food illustration, architectural renderings, product design and technical illustration. Being based in Chicago has given Joe the opportunity to work with a multitude of clients and teams. Whether working on-site or remotely, Joe is an excellent communicator and a valuable team member. I have been working in graphic design for over 30 years and started using formZ 10 years ago. Most of my work is mechanical or in-store displays which formZ is perfectly suited for. The work flow is quick, efficient and can be very impressive.
  15. AutoDesSys

    Olusegun Hazeez-Agbaje

    Piece by piece everything comes together to produce a masterpiece completely different from the initial expectation. I am a sophomore architecture major and went into architecture understanding it to be a sort of hybrid of calculation and art. However, it turned out to be completely different from my expectation but grasped my interest even more. The extent of freedom and the space available for expression makes it all the more interesting. I dream, I act and I hope to one day soon, establish my own architectural firm. I am Olusegun and architecture as gradually developed from my major to my lifestyle.
  16. AutoDesSys

    Emily McDonald

    I am a third year spatial design student and I have adapted quickly to virtual model making using FormZ's useful software and tools, creating visually appealing end models for university projects.
  17. AutoDesSys

    Alexander Gogl

    I love formZ for the convenience (and power!) of its tools and interchangeability. I use it for quick design studies in architecture, urban design, furniture design, object design, and exhibition design. When I started studying architecture in Innsbruck I used to draw with Rhino3D, but changed to formZ when I had the feeling that progress was slowing down with Rhino. I was pleased to get my hands on a software where one can construct and model likewise. I am happy that there was a lot of progress in the development of formZ the last years. Today I have the impression that I am still the only one who uses formZ at my university. More and more of the other students are using Rhino3D because it has a scripting plugin (grasshopper) that has a good interface and is even for people with no coding experience easy to work with. Also teachers and older students actively promote the use of Rhino and give free trainings. This makes me kind of sad, because here, nobody really seems to appreciate the quality of formZ as a modeling and construction software capable of a lot of things. Yes, it does come short in terms of scripting, but maybe in the near future scripting will become more user-friendly in formZ too?
  18. AutoDesSys

    Cascarano, Nicolas

    I'm a Senior Project Designer, Architect at Munoz Albin Architecture & Planning with over 20 years of experience in the architecture field. I have been working with Form Z since version while still at the University Of Wisconsin , Milwaukee. Now I do enjoy entering competitions and using Form Z 7+ in the real World on real Projects. http://www.houzz.com/pro/nicolascascarano/nicolas-cascarano-architect
  19. AutoDesSys

    Sajous, Vincent

    Maubeuge, France "At work during the day, I use form•Z in the field of architecture. You can find some examples of this work on my web site. The evening is the time of the day when I can express myself by building all types of different objects or environments with the help of the easy to use form•Z. Here I show some of the projects I created to study and analyze the various features of form•Z. This work is intuitive and spontaneous and it often represents the state of my soul."
  20. AutoDesSys

    Neoscape, Inc.

    Cambridge, Massachusetts http://www.neoscape.com Founded in 1995, Neoscape, Inc. is a visualization / multimedia services company that provides visualization, animation, corporate video, motion graphics, broadcast animation, multimedia, and web development services for a variety of clients including architects, developers, institutions, corporations and broadcast production houses using a variety of off the shelf and proprietary technology. "form•Z is a staple application for most of our artists and some of us have been users of form•Z since 1990. We have found form•Z to be the best tool for creating accurate architectural models. It excels at boolean operations and allows us to quickly create models that we can integrate into Lightscape, 3D Studio Max, and Maya scenes." Modeled in form•Z; rendered in Lightscape and 3D Studio Max.
  21. AutoDesSys

    Los Angeles Times

    Los Angeles, California http://www.latimes.com/ matt.moody@latimes.com "These two images are both informational graphics that I did in form•Z and, after rendering in RenderZone, brought them into Photoshop for minor detail work and color correction. I then took them into Macromedia Freehand where they were assembled with text and headlines for placement in newspaper layouts. I have found form•Z to be a very strong program, once you learn how to use it, which may take some time. For certain projects the results are faster and by far superior to what I can do in Freehand and Photoshop, our main graphic tools here at The Times. The flexibility to reuse a graphic, such as the Kursk submarine, is an important element that a 3D modeling program offers. At a newspaper this is crucial since stories often evolve over time. The ability to reuse a graphic element from a different angle or at a different size is important."
  22. AutoDesSys

    Euro RSCG Design

    Carlos Rego Lisboa, Portugal carlos.rego@eurorscg.pt Euro RSCG Design is one of the major Design offices in Portugal. Its list of clients includes Nestlé, Danone, Peugeot, and Citröen, among others. "Our work is very demanding. The quality needs to be the best but also needs to be done very quickly. We deal with insane deadlines everyday. form•Z is our only 3D tool. We have used it for almost 8 years. The power and flexibility of form•Z allows us to use it on all stages of development, from conception to final production." Modeled and rendered in form•Z RenderZone. All designs by Carlos Rego except as noted.
  23. AutoDesSys


    Kevin Brown New Zealand designwire@xtra.co.nz Contract modeler working as an information/graphic illustrator on manufacturing and new products technical manuals.