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    Blackman4 Big

    From the album: Blackman Architectural Illustrators, Inc.

    Rover Building, Miami, FL/Office Building
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    Blackman3 Big

    From the album: Blackman Architectural Illustrators, Inc.

    Royal Island, Bahamas/ Proposed single family home
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    Blackman2 Big

    From the album: Blackman Architectural Illustrators, Inc.

    Baldwin Park, FL/Multi Family project
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    Blackman1 Big

    From the album: Blackman Architectural Illustrators, Inc.

    Penn Mews, Lake Helen, FL/ Proposed infill town home project.
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    Baran, Victor

    Plymouth, New Hampshire http://www.artepolis.net victor@artepolis.net Victor Baran studied architecture in Krakow, Poland, where he practiced for many years. He moved to the U.S. in 1988 and started using the computer as a design and drafting tool in 1989. In 1997, he and David Mooney formed IDOS, a company that provides Architects, Interior Designers, and allied professions with renderings, animations, interactive presentations, and 3D design studies. He started using form•Z in 1996, after many years of experimenting with different CAD and modeling programs. "I find form•Z to be an exceptional tool in every step of the design process, and the only tool needed to model anything and everything."
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    image 09

    From the album: Baran, Victor

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    image 08

    From the album: Baran, Victor

  8. AutoDesSys

    image 07

    From the album: Baran, Victor

    Conference Table Design by Studio RAI.
  9. AutoDesSys

    image 05

    From the album: Baran, Victor

    Library Design by Studio RAI.
  10. AutoDesSys

    image 04

    From the album: Baran, Victor

    Barn - Gallery Design by Martin Kravitt Architects & Planners.
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    image 03

    From the album: Baran, Victor

    Barn - Gallery Design by Martin Kravitt Architects & Planners.
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    image 03 1

    From the album: Baran, Victor

    Foundation wall
  13. AutoDesSys

    image 02

    From the album: Baran, Victor

    Barn - Gallery Design by Martin Kravitt Architects & Planners.
  14. AutoDesSys

    image 02 1

    From the album: Baran, Victor

    Mask #1: freedom of speech
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    image 01

    From the album: Baran, Victor

    When the moon becomes the morning sun.
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    Arquitectura, Inc.

    Milwaukee, Wisconsin http://www.arquitectura-inc.com arquitectura@sbcglobal.net Arquitectura, Inc., founded in 1996 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin by Nicolas Cascarano, and Harry Van Oudenallen is an innovative architectural design firm with a notable track record of design excellence.The firm is marked by a distinctive global atmosphere and varied cultural background. The firm has an eclectic and diverse quality, marked by a modernist influence, and has been recognized for numerous design awards for projects in the US. and abroad, including community developments in Honduras, and housing projects in Venezuela. Green dreams by local architects are all part of an emerging vision for bringing MacArthur Square, dead zone in front of the Milwaukee County Courthouse, back to life. The city-owned square, suffering from years of deferred maintenance, was cut off from the downtown in 1967 with the construction of an underground parking garage and tunnels to I-43. A residential green tower could house dorms for Marquette University or Milwaukee Area Technical College.
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    From the album: Arquitectura, Inc.

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    Arkkitehtitoimisto Samir Bhowmik Oy

    Samir Bhowmik Helsinki, Finland http://www.samirbhowmik.com samir.bhowmik@me.com Samir Bhowmik was born in India and moved to the United States to pursue Graduate Studies at the School of Architecture, University of Maryland where he earned his Masters Degree with a focus in Urban Design. Samir is a Registered Architect in the State of Maryland/NCARB Certified and a member of the AIA-American Institute of Architects. He is furthermore an Accredited Professional for LEED-Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design. Samir holds licensure in India and is affiliated with the Indian Institute of Architects. Samir has worked in both India and the United States. In Calcutta and Goa, India he experimented with the vernacular and its synthesis with contemporary architecture. In the US, he has worked for architecture firms in the Washington metropolitan region that are among the leaders and innovators in architectural design and practice. He has design and management experience in architecture, building renovation, historic preservation, adaptive reuse and residential design. Samir is interested in a multi-disciplinary and experimental process to design. Samir currently lives and works in Helsinki / FINLAND. He is an Architect Member of SAFA-Finnish Association of Architects. We use Form Z in all aspects of our architectural design process. Hand-sketches and Form Z modeling go side by side for us. From conceptual design to actual construction documents we use Form Z to explore and educate us about our building projects. It helps us to conceptualize, develop and provide final rendered images for any given project. It has especially helped us in international competition projects.
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