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  1. AutoDesSys

    Stefan Kreissel

    k_design gmbh zürich / Stefan Kreissel _ www.sk-design.chI https://forums.formz.com/gallery/category/24-s-t/#
  2. AutoDesSys

    Casa mattoni e ulivi.jpg

    Made with formZ 8.6 and maxwell 4:
  3. AutoDesSys

    Di Mauro, Andrea

    Genova, Italy architetto.dimauro@virgilio.it Andrea Di Mauro was born in Genova in the year 1968 and here he’s starting architectural and design professions after worked in some architectural studies. It is written in 2010 on the professional architects, planners, landscape architects and conservators in the province of Genoa. He’s graduated in the year 2000 with 110/110 as final grade at Genoa university (five years course); in may 2001 he passed the test to practise profession.
  4. AutoDesSys

    Farrell, Jerry

    I'm a graphic designer who now incorporates 3D modeling into my daily product offerings at International Paper. International Paper is a global manufacturer of paper packaging materials for retail and manufacturing needs.
  5. AutoDesSys

    Miccoli, Joshua

    I am a "one-man-show" architect from Germany www.exonat.de
  6. AutoDesSys

    Yingxi Ji

    I am yingxi Ji and originally come from China. Currently a senior graphic design major student, graduating from the Minneapolis College of Art and Design in the spring of 2017. my work is versatile, utilizing print, web and multimedia, as well as more experimental photographic design elements. Besides designing, I am super into furniture and industrial design. I love to make graphic shapes turn into 3D. I am submitting two projects I have done for my digital fabrication class. I modeled both of them in form Z and digitally fabricated. I experimented how to make organic shapes in Form Z and then I was thinking the organic shapes I created really looks like traditional chinese window pattern. So I used this elements created a little desk. This 'Twisted Vase' might be one of my favorite projects I have done. I like the idea of having two shapes together and when the vase was turning around, the shapes looks slightly different from different angels. -'Twisted Vase' was printed by two different progress. the black frame part was generated by CNC and hand finished wood. The inner twisted part used gypsum printer 3d systems.
  7. AutoDesSys

    Charoin, Patrick

    The office use FormZ for more than 15 years, mainly in the early stage of our conceptual work. Sometimes additionnal commercial and presentation documents are produced with Maxwell plugin. "patrick charoin + marina donda architectes" has been created in 2002 and is mainly involved in conceptual architectural design.
  8. AutoDesSys

    Sarah Rudge

    Bonjour, je suis finissante en design d'intérieur au cégep Marie-Victorin. J'ai développé au fil de ma formation une familiarité avec le logiciel Form-Z. J'adore l'utiliser pour tous mes projets d'aménagement. Le logiciel est intuitif et facile d'utilisation. Il permet de communiquer mes idées créatives et de leur donner un caractère réaliste. J'aimerais gagné cette compétition puisque j'adore modéliser en 3D et j'aimerais amorcer une carrière comme designer 3D. Chaque image comporte sa description. Le projet représente une boutique pour homme branché.
  9. AutoDesSys

    Aubrey van Niekerk

    My name is Aubrey van Niekerk, and I am a graduate student at Texas Tech University obtaining my Masters degree in Architecture. I was in Bennett Neiman's Topical Studio and was introduced to formZ to create our final projects for the semester. The program was great to use, and yielded graphically striking results. Project Description: The inner workings of a refrigerator generates the origin of a series of iterative design decisions. A sequence of implicit spaces are defined and realized, traced and diagrammed. Implications of thick and thin, inside and outside, within and without are determined in figurative drawings that then inform physical reliefs, further developing the nature of the sequence. Layers are formed, pushed and pulled creating spaces in between and are framed and supported. Finally, these elements already defined are multiplied, stretched and distorted to become mechanics that create a new whole. A tower comprised of the history of the iterative process with a new identity and direction. Transparent volumes are introduced to encapsulate intricacies, some of which are further defined by bold color. With each step building off of the previous, we arrive at a new sequence of spaces, enriched by its own creative process.
  10. AutoDesSys

    Nicholas Reachi

    The driving idea behind this composition is layered complexity and tectonic relationships. The layering of spatial arrangements of linear elements allows secondary and tertiary readings. Overlaid linear elements establish explicit and implicit spatial boundaries. The composition is viewed from multiple directions. By applying a reflective material for the tower, the visual relationships of overlapping and interacting members are increased to allow an abstracted reading of the information available within the tower. Cleaving reflections are contrasted with matte and colored elements to highlight members that are continuous from one end of the tower to the other. This creates a physical continuity that grounds the composition, allowing for a more recognizable reading across different viewing angles. What is hidden within the tower reflects several times across multiple surfaces. The effect creates a visually complex composition of multiple layers of information. Intro_Text : My name is Nicholas Reachi, age 25 and a graduate student of architecture at Texas Tech University. I enjoy the technical aspect of architecture just as much as the artistic, and like to explore the the physical and psychological nature of uncomfortable spaces in my work while maintaining a project's functionality and habitability. This project was created for a graduate studio focused on constructed improvisational design using FormZ as a primary modeling and exploration tool, working on an architectural composition freed from the constraints of program and site.
  11. AutoDesSys

    Mona Lo

    I am an Interior Design student in School of Architecture at UT Arlington. We started learning form•Z this semester, and I found it very helpful making models for interior spaces and detailed elements like furniture.
  12. AutoDesSys

    Muayad Kaki

    Form Z was the first 3D software that i learned in the university. i was able to design simple housing units at the building and large complex buildings only 2 years later. Dhahran Business School Is my latest project using form z which is also the most organic and complex project i did. Form Z 8.5 made what seemed to be impossible to only applying whats in my imagination by using the subdivision toll. Also form z enabled me to crate some nice architectural drawings. In this project there where 3 main functions housing administration/academic and commercial. the idea was to crate three different masses each one will contain a function and a forth mass which is the plinth containing the services. Using the technique of tangent surfaces will minimize the connection area between the masses which will define the masses from inside and the out side also it will create the privacy for each function. One of the main elements of the design was the atrium. the first thing you see when you inter the building is the atrium which is only covering the academic part also the commercial part is near the main entrance to all people from out side the school to enjoy the experience of the building without disturbing the school.
  13. AutoDesSys

    Mohammed Al-Shehry

    I'm Mohammed Al-Shehry, an Architecture student. I have been using form•Z for 2 years. I found that the software is very smooth in the architectural work. I designed about 10 designs by formz in my studying studio.I tried to print a 3d model once and it was printed perfectly.
  14. AutoDesSys

    Abdulrahman Aljohani

    We started using software in the second year by practicing different design softwares. I found that form•Z gives you a strong fast performance by having a strong modeling tools and techniques, architectural drawing and fast decent render, I can say form•Z is a one man show software. --- The requirement of this project is to combine two functions in one building, Architect office and his own house. The distribution of the building masses was based on compatibility of both functions, therefore there are three soft masses combined with a harsh one which represent the circulation and the bond for the building. This design is responding for two main factors. The first is taking consideration of the site analysis ( sun direction, accessibility, positive an negative views). And the second one is give a clear identity to an architect office by manipulate with facade and its irregular shape that easily I can treat it using form•Z rather than other softwares. --- Second project/student housing AS a student housing we are targeting to achieve an isolated and secured environment with a social interactive . The potential is behind a courtyard concept to achieve these main goals . In addition we are attending to create more conservative environment with sustainable material and technique. Site response : •Manipulate with the unite heights to minimise the exposed area to the sun (South). • Blocking the South facade, orient the openings toward the North • Provide the access in left side, as it is easer for vehicles. •Provide wide openings toward the good winds and block the unwanted. • Create a conservative environment by having a small water body, white coating and provide greenery spaces.
  15. AutoDesSys

    Quint, Chuck

    Graduate of The American Academy of Art, Chicago, IL Independent artist for a Chicago area marketing firm formZ is a essential part of my tool list for the creation of in store displays. Other duties include logo and character development