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    RobertPn reacted to -andrew- in Any 3d-Coat users? Triangulation....   
    This may apply to other 3D programs as well, but I'm trying to export an object to bring into a 3D painting program and can't seem to get it to work "cleanly"...
    I'm getting lots of artifacts; this may very well be a function of 3D-Coat, but I'm really not sure what the best way to prepare a model for 3D painting would be.
    Any takers?
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    RobertPn reacted to AHTOH in Some Thea for FormZ   
    Here are some of my first Thea Render for FormZ experiments:

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    RobertPn reacted to Plastercine in modelled studded pattern surface   
    I have been trying to create a regular pattern of studs on the face of an object (the rounded clip).
    I used Rectangle for the face - create circle (not inset), for the cylinder and D-angle to taper it (cap, bulge, half sphere etc would also be OK?). Then the Move tool to multiply along a line.These are shallow protruding studs on the inside edges of a clip to stop material slipping between the faces.
    First try (triangular clip) were 'inset' circles I think, and produced cut-outs in the face, so reshape for thickness didn't work, also studs faces were unattached and union etc wouldn't work to create a whole object, tried nurbs etc.
    There must be a quick, reliable way of doing this. A search for 'bumps' but brings up rendering.
    I could do a horizontal section through the whole object to get at the faces to work on, or do a separate face or object and attach that to the inside face of the legs of the of the clip. I have spent some time on this - now reaching a deadline and and would appreciate any advice. I just saw Embossing and macro transformations tips - looked hopeful.
    The old triangular clip 'inaccurate' model must have been fixed up by object doctor and netfabb, it printed OK.

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    RobertPn reacted to AHTOH in Not quite FormZ issue. Looking for house project.   
    Hello dear colleagues.
     A friend of mine is looking for ready residential house project due to lack of time. So we don`t have time to create our own. In a case anyone of you or someone you know has the project to sell that could meet requirements you a welcome to show it to me and claim a price.
     House should be from 5 to 6 thousands square feet (500-600 square meters). It should have 5-6 bedrooms and have spacious living room. Preferably 2 stores building.  Also small guest house by main one is welcome. My friend and I love contemporary style. Something beautiful traditional american or european could be considered too. It should also have spa area, garage for at least two cars.

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    RobertPn reacted to Alan Cooper in Legend for color display settings.   
    We have a lot of control with FormZ to get the results we want. Here is a guide to help predict the effect of some settings including:
    Project, layer, object, cross section.
    There is a clipping plane active in the file to display hatching and scenes 1 and 2 are the same.
    Please feel free to improve and develop this further and share with us all back here.
    FormZ 8.5 file attached plus screen captures of results from various display settings.
    Hope you find it helpful.


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    RobertPn reacted to melkhaldi in Batch SaveAs formZ Files to current version (7, 8.5).   
    I needed to batch save-as old formZ files (I believe they were v6 or earlier). So I managed to modify an existing script (the one made for batch render) from the formZ 7 SDK.
    Get the script:
    Download--> unzip--> place the batch_save_as.fsb somewhere on your computer.
    Loading the script:
    Go to 'Extensions' Menu--> 'Run Utility' menu item--> Select the utility (batch_save_as.fsb).
    Using the script:
    The utility will ask you for a source folder, then a target folder. Then it will do the opening, saving as, and closing operations of all formZ projects files it finds.
    Source folder is where your formZ files are (theoretically the older version ones) Target folder is where all files will be saved. The script can find formZ files that are buried inside nested folders within the source folder. but it saves all new files in a single Target folder. The same files names  are used.  
    It is not fancy by any means, but does the needed job. I really didn't spend much time cleaning the original batch render script. So I probably broke something somewhere. Anyhow, there is one minor issue:
    Issue: Script will save a formZ file using the name of the Target folder.  
    Solution: You can just remove this file I guess-- it is redundant.
    Possible Enhancements:
    Ability to choose whether the news files are created inside the folders they come from, and whether they should override original or be saved with a different name. If saved in a target, ability to recreate the same folder structure of the source, within the Target folder.  
    I tested the script on formZ 7 and 8.5 and it seems to work fine, on both Windows and OSX. (So I assume v8 should be covered).
    Hope someone finds this useful.
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    RobertPn reacted to Tech in Performance Test Thread -- How fast is your computer?   
    By popular demand, here is a file that can be used to gauge the relative performance of different computers:
    Download the archive above, unzip it, open your formZ Application folder, and run the formZ Imager application.
    Click the Add button at the lower left corner of the Imager Set, select the .FMZ file, and add the Interior View.
    Change the Rendering Type to RenderZone, and click Generate.  When the rendering finishes, double click on the Complete Status, and the render time will be displayed.  Post this time, along with the OS, processor, and speed of the processor.  We will tabulate the results in the following post.
    EDIT 1 -- Please post your statistics just as we have below so we can copy and paste from your postings into the Results thread...
    ​EDIT 2 -- We will assume that you are testing with formZ v8 (which is somewhat faster than older versions) unless you specify otherwise…
                    (A v7 file was added to the download folder.)
    EDIT 3 -- Please only post your results in this thread.  If you have any comments, please post them here:
    EDIT 4 -- Comments posted to this thread will be deleted.  Please post to the thread immediately above if you want a response.
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    RobertPn reacted to Andy in Bar competition   
    this is a competition made some time ago with formZ 7.3.4 and Maxwell 2.7:

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    RobertPn reacted to Tech in RenderZone Tips and Tricks Webinar Replay video released!   
    Our latest Webinar video is now available on demand!  Please see the link below:

    RenderZone is a plugin for form•Z which extends the visualization and rendering capabilities of form•Z with a full arsenal of additional tools to assist you with anything from simple scene development to your most demanding rendering needs. Join us as we review a compilation of “How do I…” questions and answers asked by our users over the years giving you the skills necessary to create stunning images similar to those produced by our users. In this webinar we’ll demonstrate numerous tips and tricks allowing you to tap into the full potential of rendering with RenderZone. These techniques can be implemented into any scene from architectural interiors, exteriors, product design, graphic visualizations, and more. Everyone from novice to advanced users will walk away with useful tips ready for any scene. 
      You will experience how to:  • Setup a quick Global Illumination light set up that can be a standard for any scene.  • Easily add HDRI lighting in your scene.  • Create soffit lighting.  • Gain absolute control over shadows.  • Simulate complex surfaces with Materials.  • Control reflective surfaces.  • And many other “How do I…” techniques.
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    RobertPn reacted to Tech in form•Z 8.0.2 Update Now Available   
    form•Z v8.0.2 has been released. Updates are available for form•Z pro, form•Z jr, form•Z free and the form•Z Student Edition. You can update your software by selecting Check for Updates in the Help Menu in form•Z and following the prompts for downloading and patching. Details on what is new in this version can be found here:
    formZ 8.0.2 release notes.pdf
    If you are unable to update with this method, please refer to the original email you received with the product download details to download and insall this latest version directly from the release page.  (If you have any questions regarding features or installation, please contact support@formz.com or call us at 614-488-8838 between 9am - 6pm EST.)
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    RobertPn reacted to Tech in bonzai3d 3 "Hot Fix" for OS X 10.10 Yosemite   
    We are working on support for OS X 10.10 “Yosemite” for bonzai3d 3. Until we are able to release a fully qualified patch, we are releasing a “hot fix” which will fix the major problem of a crash at startup on OS X 10.10 Yosemite. Please use this with caution and carefully follow the following steps to install the hot fix: 

    • Be sure that you have bonzai3d 3.2.4. This fix will only work for bonzai3d 3.2.4. If you don't have it, you can download it here:  www.formz.com/update 

     • Download libFZRT.dylib.zip. If necessary extract the zip file. You should now have a single file named “libFZRT.dylib”. 
    • Locate your bonzai3d 3.2.4 Application folder and locate the file “libFZRT.dylib”. 
    • Replace the file in your installation with the one that you downloaded. 
    • Launch bonzai3d 3.2.4! 

    NOTE that there may still be issues running under Yosemite with bonzai3d. If you do encounter any issues, please send details to support@bonzai3d.com so we can address them as best as possible.
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    RobertPn reacted to Bo Atkinson in point scatter for astro physics?   
    I love the ease of trying the new 8.5 tool, but got caught up on trying out the point scatter tool, perhaps as an astro visualization tool. Not that i study this discipline, but rather just to ponder lovely concepts and images of the cosmos.
    I still need to get a work flow down for using animation tools, (pity me), so i used photoshop with it's unbeatable gif compressed animation, for this kind of thing.  Not sure if the animations can come through the forum, however.

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    RobertPn reacted to jldaureil in Isolate/reveal objects   
    Is there a way to set Formz to completely hide objects instead of ghost them when using the isolate command to simplify really the display and speed up the redraw?
    I've found a workaround by selecting 'hide ghosted' (shortcutted) in display options...
    But This shortcut doesn't work as a radio button (in contrary to a menu shortcut as Display>show grid as example)
     I would prefer a direct solution via a preference or a menu item