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  1. GLG

    64 Bit Plugins?

    Hello, yes, it is a real pain to not have any script capacity in FormZ . I don't use FormZ very often because there is no scripting tool to create windows, doors and so on...Making them one by one by hand is not efficient with projects that always use different opening sizes. I have easily made for almost 8 years a script in 3DS Max that creates walls, windows, doors and other building elements directly by drawing some few lines on the DWG plans with the assignation of the materials automatically...It is drastically change the delay of modeling. Please try to consider this option... Thank you
  2. Hello, I 'm facing the same problem and I changed the Catalyst version but no success. Now, FormZ 8 says: "you need Opengl 3.2 or more" My computer is a notebook Sony VAIO VPCSE with this "stupid" AMD Radeon 6630M... there is no driver updated since the beginning..... Well, I had to come back to FormZ 7, I don't want to buy a new computer now... Never mind...