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  1. malcineurope

    Openclip and Mojave

    I have upgraded to Mojave and have found that pasting from Openclip is no longer working. Is this a FormZ or Apple problem? If FormZ, can we please have a fix soon? Also, translation from FormZ to Openclip/Powercadd would be great!
  2. malcineurope


    2 years ago Autodessys expressed interest in the use of Openclip to transfer drawings or parts of drawings by copying and pasting into other programs like Powercad. Could we have a likely time scale for this? It would be a game changer for me in producing working drawings from my FormZ models and I know that Alfred is keen to get it working asap.
  3. malcineurope

    Printing to PDF from FormZ Layout 8.5

    I have tried this and get the same result, nothing!. I can print the image to pdf but all I get then is a black rectangle. An alternative is to print to pdf in FormZ. If you use a b&W render then you get vector lines. You can print to scale but this needs to be checked. See Workaround for Layout? ...anybody use it this way?
  4. Could this be a similar problem to printing to pdf. There is the option to print to scale. Most useful as you can change a hidden line render to objects once it is exported and overlay this onto a rendered pdf image. However, the pdfs are consistently a few percent out of scale.
  5. Tech Yes I use layout. However, to get it into a program to finish off the drawing means having to go through DWG and I end up losing all the rendering that makes a drawing come to life. I am very aware that JPEG is a raster format and DWG is a vector format but you are still missing the point. You already allow printing to pdf to scale and pdf can be both raster and vector. Print a shaded rendered image to scale in pdf and you get a raster image. Print the same image rendered using the hidden line render to pdf and it is a vector file that you can then edit or snap to in another program eg. Powercadd, Affinity Designer, Illustrator or any other similar program that can work with vector pdfs. By laying the vector file over the raster I get a super snapable image. You seem to have all the tools already in place. I would just like to automate the process and solve the registration and scaling issues.
  6. Tech Personally I think that the concentration on Layout misses the point. FormZ will never be the final software of choice for producing working drawings. For it to become so would mean that Autodesz would have to concentrate on it to the detriment of its 3D modelling capabilities, which are great. What is needed is an easy, solid way of going from the views created in the 3D model to a base within another program for adding all the information required to produce a working drawing. This requires the output of both vector lines and also raster image produced in the model overlain one on another. Layout does not cut it because you still then have to go from Layout to another program for finishing. However, you do have already within FormZ the solution. You can print to PDF an image at scale. If you do this with a normal, coloured view you get a raster pdf. However, if you do it with a hidden line i.e. black and white, rendering you get vector lines. So by printing the same view twice to pdf with both normal and hidden line renderings you can get a raster image overlain by vector lines. This should be ideal. However, there are one or two glitches. Firstly, there seems to be a difference in scale between the raster and vector pdfs. The difference being about 0.4%. Secondly they both print with white backgrounds, which have to be removed and thirdly they do not seem to register, i.e. print in the same position, so one image has to be moved on top of the other. So my ideal solution would be an option to print a view correctly to scale with two layers, one of which is a vector layer taken from a hidden line or black and white render and the other from one of the standard image renderers, properly registered one on top of the other and with no extraneous background. Would this not be fairly easy to implement?
  7. Hugo Thank you for posting this. I do not like Layout and the difficulty in getting decent drawings out of my models has prevented me from using FormZ to the full. It got me thinking and I am sure that you are correct in saying that we should be able to do what we want without layout i.e. in FormZ. Your method of cutting sections works but what I did yesterday was I printed views as pdfs to scale. You can then use a Hidden line b/w render and print that as a pdf. I then imported both into my 2D cad program. I use Powercadd but I expect this would work in other programs or even Illustrator or Affinity Designer. The hidden line render is a vector pdf so can be transformed into objects and overlaid on the full rendered image pdf. You then have an image to scale with snapable lines so you can add dimensions, notes etc. The only problem with this is that printing the rendered image to scale is not accurate. I find that I have to rescale this by 0.3% or so, which is annoying. The hidden line image does seem to be ok. If Autodesys would allow the saving of a pdf file, to scale, of the current view and have an option that would save with it an overlain vector pdf of the hidden line or wireframe image of the same view it would solve most of the problems in producing working drawings from FormZ models. As long as they fix the scaling problem of the image of course :-)
  8. malcineurope

    EASM file format

    Thank you. I eventually found a free viewer but would like to be able to publish this format so please keep it in the wish list.
  9. malcineurope

    EASM file format

    I have just been sent a drawing in EASM format. Is there any way to open this in FormZ? If not, can I add it to the wish list as it would appear to be a useful way of sending viewable models in small files.
  10. malcineurope

    Steel Fabrication Drawings

    Hi Anton Thanks for your help. I will get over the problem with this model. I did make use of Profiles but did not use it intelligently. I will do better next time. However, as you say, whilst useful, it does not solve the problem. It is a pity. I love modelling in FormsZ. However, I always come up against the same problem. I have a good working model but need to produce drawings by which my structure can actually be built. Layout is nowhere near good enough and exporting from layout via dwg I find to be awful. In the end I normally start to produce my drawings from scratch using my normal cad program, Powercadd. Hardly an efficient workflow! All the best Malcolm
  11. malcineurope

    Steel Fabrication Drawings

    Hi Anton I work with metric. The job I am working on at the moment is a small bridge taking a fender unit for a ship. I have put the file in Dropbox if you wish to take a look. The link is https://www.dropbox.com/s/vct0g7h4xztyat2/Wightlink%20Bridge%203.fmz?dl=0 All the best Malcolm
  12. malcineurope

    Steel Fabrication Drawings

    Hi I wondered whether anybody uses FormZ for steel fabrication drawings? If so, what is your workflow? Many forms now rely on 3D programs for producing their drawings but I am not sure how FormZ measures up. I have a bridge i have modelled in FormZ but an unclear how best to produce the fabrication drawings from it. Layout does not seem to do it for me and when I export dwg from Layout I am missing much of the detail that is available in the model. Unless I am doing it incorrectly of course!
  13. malcineurope

    FormZ to Construction Drawings - again

    Yes. Colour is very important and useful. I have produced all my construction drawings in colour since 1988 and do not want to go back to just showing a mass of lines! Using an image is not the answer. Apart from problems of scale jagged lines etc. are awful and there is no way of amending or altering the image. I will send the files to tech support. Expect some demand for Openclip :-))
  14. malcineurope

    FormZ to Construction Drawings - again

    I have spent much of the weekend trying to get construction drawings out of Layout and into Powercad. I have not had trouble with scales although why it insists on exporting in cms when I my Project is in metres I do not know! I have three main grouses. What I get in a Frame in Layout seems very hit and miss and it seems to insist on putting in a previous section even when I have changed the position of that section or want a different one, updated everything in both FormZ and Layout etc. Secondly, I am used to producing all my drawings in colour and Layout seems to insist on exporting in black and white (or white on white!) even when the colour tab is ticked. Finally, the resulting drawing seems to be a mixture of polygons and lines which do not correspond to the solids in FormZ. This makes it very difficult to fill with colour or use a Powercad hatch. For instance I exported a section that had a number of rafters. Some of the rafters exported as polygons, others as lines. Why the inconsistency? I am aware that some of the above may be due to my unfamiliarity with Layout but I could not find useful help in the documentation. If the above faults are due to my not understanding the program well enough, perhaps a short tutorial may be in order. I was using 8.5 beta 3 Finally, now that Todd is back in full swing is there any progress on getting Openclip working for export?
  15. malcineurope

    FormZ to Construction Drawings - again

    Apologies. I hit the wrong button and posted before I had completed. What I meant to say is My own feeling is that you will always require two programs. A modelling program and a CAD program. They do different things and there is no way that one company will have the resources or, more importantly, the mindset to do both equally well. I find FormZ ideal for modelling but need a CAD program both initially and to complete my drawings. My choice is Powercadd with Wildtools but others may prefer Vector Works or even Autocad. Different people have different requirements. The most important thing from my point of view is the ability to transfer easily and accurately between programs. DWG does not do it for me. There are too many steps and it is pretty useless at curves. What I really want to be able to do is to copy and paste between my programs. I can do this from Powercad to FormZ but not back from FormZ to Powercad, although I believe that this is being worked upon. If I had to rely only on one program it would be my CAD package, Powercad, and I would use its perspective and axonometric drawing tools to produce my images. However, the ability to use FormZ is great. It produces great models quickly and easily which I then use as a basis for my final drawings. However, I have never sent out a construction drawing produced entirely in FormZ and am unlikely to do so. An image yes. A construction drawing no.