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  1. Leonard


    I agree. I started a thread in the FormZ lab forum back in 2015 http://forums.formz.com/index.php?/topic/2192-3-point-alignment-and-c-mesh/ But I guess that's not a well traveled forum. I'd like to see this come back. Leonard
  2. Just sent an email. Thanks
  3. Thanks. I had to revert back to Windows 7 to get some work done. I'll upgrade again back to 10 and reinstall 8.5 I don't have the link to the full install. Can you help me with that/ Regards, Leonard
  4. I upgraded to Windows 10. I now can't import a STEP/STP file or export one. I reverted back to Windows 7 and I am able to import and export STEP files again. Any clue as to what the problem is? I am running FormZ8.5.02 Regards, Leonard
  5. I work with a wide range of model types, sculpture, engineering, rockwork, architecture and every other type imaginable. All which have to be brought out into the physical world. This often requires that I hop back and forth between programs and import files. Having the control over meshes that the version 6, C-mesh command is missed. Also there was a plug in at one time 3 Point alignment that no longer functions. That used to be a huge help when I needed to import models and get them in the right place. Thanks for listening, Leonard