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    Pq1LZtrei8 reacted to pylon in Maxwell 3.1 Update Available   
    Hi All,
    Maxwell 3.1 is available, along with updated plugins for formZ.
    This update introduces some great new features, and a number of fixes. A complete list of changes to the formZ plugin may be found here. (Please note that the "Extra Sampling" feature is not yet supported by the formZ plugin, but will be soon.)
    Log onto the customer portal to download.
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    Pq1LZtrei8 reacted to Des in Extra Sampling request   
    Hi Pylon,
    I realise the extra sampling feature hasn't been included just yet for the MaxwellZ plugin, so this is a future request.
    I've been playing around with it in Studio and I'm very excited as it allows me to render parts of a model very quickly while being affect by the surrounding model. This is extremely useful when clients ask for multiple renders showing different materials. For example, on a house I'm working on, I've been asked to provide renders for different roof tiles. I would have had to in the past re-render all the views for the multiple materials, but now I can re-render them using Extra sampling for just the roof. It means I can render the views with just the alternative material and it's mask in about (on this project) 15 minutes instead of around 4 to 6 hours.
    So, my query is;
    While setting it up in Studio using the "Custom Alpha Channel Editor", I am given a list of objects to use for the custom alpha. That means I have to pre-name the objects in question in FormZ so I can easily find them while in the channel editor in Studio. As I'm from an architectural background, I tend to name layers as opposed to naming objects in a project, would it be possible to be able to select Layers instead of objects? Or even by material to create the custom mask?
    Maybe this is a question for NextLimit, but I thought I'd ask you first 
    Well done on the plugin btw, my workflow is improving all the time with it..
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    Pq1LZtrei8 reacted to Des in Resolution doubled   
    Hi Pylon,
    Where can I find a setting to stop my renders doubling in size?
    I've looked everywhere, and can't find the switch if there is one.
    What's happening is, I set my image size to 3300x2000. When it goes to render in Maxwell, the camera resolution is exactly double, so 4x rendering time?
    I can stop the render at the beginning and resize it in Maxwell, but sometimes I forget.....
    MaxwellZ plugin version
    FormZ 8.02
    OSX 10.9.5
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    Pq1LZtrei8 reacted to -andrew- in "maxwell unable to write mxs"   
    I've just purchased Maxwell... just installed, fired it up, and tried Maxwell as the display, but I get this error...
    I can't read the bottom because the text is cut off and the alert box is not resizable.
    Any ideas?
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    Pq1LZtrei8 reacted to bkou in unable to write mxsi in plugin 3_1_0_3 fz8   
    Has anyone experienced the new maxwell plugin not able to render out to maxwell because of it not being able to write an MXSI out
    No matter what path i assign it gives me errors saying  "Unable to Write MXSI:\  (projject folder default) or (assigned location)
    I have not experienced this before and  i copied my scene elements into a new file as well as ran a object doctor project doctor check
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    Pq1LZtrei8 reacted to thecadman in Bump shader error ?   
    I have made a suspended ceiling by using the grid shader
    The colour of this transfers to Maxwell fine
    However the bump map which is also the grid shader does not translate and I am left with the FormZ logo producing the bump!
    If it translates the shader for the colour, why can't it translate it for the bump?

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    Pq1LZtrei8 reacted to kimmo in how to create a TV screen emitter with image?   
    How do I create a TV screen emitter that will show an image and will light the room?
    My goal is to render a dark room with bright TV screen image bringing light to scene.
    And is there a way to convert a shaded texture to emitter with out loosing the image?
    I am using FormZ8 and Maxwell 3.
    I recall that there used to be a button under the Referensed MXM material link window that made that material to be an emitter.
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    Pq1LZtrei8 reacted to Imagix in Disabling Maxwell generation preview within Z   
    For some reason, sudden the preview in the materials palette is updating whenever I change material, switch to/from the Reflection tab etc – it's contantly happening.
    Normally this would not be an issue, but for some reason its the Maxwell preview updating - even if I use a referenced mxs file that already has a preview. It takes about 10 seconds each time, so just choosing a matrial and trying to assign it to 5 objects and change the texture mapping, can take me 10 minutes!
    So, is there anyway to fix this or completely dissable the Maxwell preview thumbnail within Z?
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    Pq1LZtrei8 reacted to Andrew West in Rebus Farm Manager   
    I am finally at the point where I would like to use a render farm to try to get a decent output from Maxwell.  I bought points from Rebus to try their service first since they looked to be the most flexible.  Unfortunately, I can not seem to figure out how to use their system.  From within Form.z I use /package for render farm/ and create a new folder with all the textures.  It creates a MXS file with a Red Maxwell Studio icon.  When I go to load that mxs into Rebus I get an error saying it is not a valid project file.
    I have tried to allocate a file path to the red maxwell studio icon in the system folder but it gives me an error saying that the path could not be matched to a 3D application.  The only icon in the Maxwell folder that will link to Rebus is the black Maxwell render icon.  What am I missing here?
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    Pq1LZtrei8 reacted to barnabythebear in Maxwell Manual or Books?   
    Is there a full v3.0 manual for download? I have found one for v2.5 but i'm not sure how much has changed and how up-to-date it is. Also, are there any books available for v3.0?
    Many thanks,
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    Pq1LZtrei8 reacted to Des in Instances in the plugin?   
    Hi Pylon,
    I was wondering if in the future you will be adding the function of a "convert components to instances' to the MaxwellZ plugin? I seem to remember it was included in an earlier iteration.
    It would be a great feature if you could, especially for very detailed components.
    Thanks and regards,
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    Pq1LZtrei8 reacted to AHTOH in Volumetrics produses error   
    Data preprocess failed. Render cannot continue
    Maxwell for formZ (OSX) | form•Z® v 8.0.2 (Build 9413) | OS X Mach-O 10.9.5 Intel x86 64
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    Pq1LZtrei8 reacted to AHTOH in Bad object indication   
    I just had trouble that took 5 hours resolve: I had like Object 1150[ERR] time by time. Log said these objects are having bad attributes. Being copy-pasted to new file they where rendered well. File without them still was giving errors and Maxwell refused to render.
     Next day my wife offered me to exclude parts of model piece by piece and it helped me to realize that I had the object with bad attributes imported from Google Warehouse. An there where no hint to understand it from Maxwell plugin. It was just bullshitting me pointing every time to another object, texture e.t.c. Could this be corrected in a future? I believe it is serious time wasting bug.
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    Pq1LZtrei8 reacted to davidhard in Alpha Channel not saving properly with Network rendering   
    For some reason, Network Maxwell renders won't render with an embedded alpha channel. 
    In FormZ, Under the Maxwell settings, I make sure that Alpha channel is checked and that is set to embed the channel when saving the image file. I make sure that the type of file that is being saved is a .TIFF file. Usually, If I'm just rendering on my local Mac, the image renders with the alpha channel embedded just fine. But when I render on the network using the Maxwell Network Monitor, it doesn't. I just get a flat image, with a black background, and no alpha channel. If I open the .mxi in Maxwell and try to save it as new image file, I get some weird miss matched ghosted image. (see screen grab). Any thoughts on why this happens and how I can get the alpha channel to render and be embedded in a rendering that is rendered on the network?

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    Pq1LZtrei8 reacted to AHTOH in Maxwell crashes upon opening   
    Either I am sending my file to render from FormZ or Make Workstation Transfer and open it with Studio — nothing works for me. Maxwell crashes upon start. It is a file I have successfully rendered before. The only thing I did is to put some objects to new layers and ghosted these layers. 
    Please take a look at files.
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    Pq1LZtrei8 reacted to thecadman in Spot lights from MXED not working as expected   
    I am using an MXED derived texture to create a spotlght.
    In MXED I create an emitter and that emitter is a spotlight with particular beam angle
    Am going down this path in order to have many surface mounted downlights which can be controlled by one multi light slider.
    However when I apply the new material to a disk whose normal faces down to the ground the beam is not pointing down as expected.
    I was also expecting to see the disk glowing as well but that may be a separate issue.
    See accompanying images and FormZ model.
    Notice the location of the disk and the location of the beam pattern in the top view especially.

    spotlights from MXED.fmz.zip
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    Pq1LZtrei8 reacted to Andrew West in Texture map errors   
    I am having an interesting problem that I could use some advice on.  I have an older model that I would like to use Maxwell on and a lot of the textures (about 50) have spaces between the words that describe the texture map.  Like "wood cherry 2".  Rebus render farm rejects the Maxwell file and the log says it is due to bad file names.  I have started to rename each and every file and then re link each file to the correct material.  This has turned into hours of work.  Has anyone found a simpler solution to this problem?  Is there another render farm that will allow spaces? 
    One interesting problem that has cropped up this morning is that when I go to rename the image map and re load it into Form.z the program bogs down considerably.  If I click on a new texture and load it in Form.z then hit the Okay button the program takes about 45 seconds to load. 
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    Pq1LZtrei8 reacted to AHTOH in Creating material with plugin   
    Hello there.
     Very often if not always I got new material created from Render Zone matte settings created with very glossy finish. Either it has top coat or even Coating which I did not order. So I can even see my face reflected. See yourself:
    1) these are my Render Zone material settings

    So I expect my material to be realistic matte as it is suppose to look like RZ material but nice Maxwell manner.
    2)these are my plugin settings

    So I expect it should look as I expect
    3)This is what I see in MXM Editor

    So it is glossy with a coat.
    4)And here on render I can even see my face reflected in wallpaper, which is not quite realistic

    How this could be avoided? Today I found this gloss after 8 hours of rendering. So my client won`t see his picture tomorrow morning. Little disappointing ah?
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    Pq1LZtrei8 reacted to pylon in Maxwell Beta Available (   
    Hello Maxwell Users,

    A new Maxwell Render Suite Early Build is now available in the Early Builds Area. For information about how to access the Maxwell Early Builds Area, please visit the Next Limit forum:
    This early build solves the issue where MXS References with multiple objects were only rendering the first object in the Reference.
    Note that the Maxwell for formZ plugin has not yet been updated, so this issue still occurs in Fire.
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    Pq1LZtrei8 reacted to allanjl in Get missing dll message after placing Maxwell Plugin   
    Hi Ben,
    I updated to your latest Maxwell plugin (v. for Win 32 bit. As long as the plugin for Maxwell is in the plugin folder I get the message below. If I remove the plugin for Maxwell from the folder, no error message.
    Running Win 8.1.
    Any thoughts?

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    Pq1LZtrei8 reacted to pylon in Maxwell Beta Plugin Available (   
    Hello Maxwell Users,

    A new Maxwell Early Build is now available for Maxwell 3.1 Release Candidate 1, with associated plugins for

    • Maxwell 3 for formZ 8
    • Maxwell 3 for formZ 7
    • Maxwell 3 for Bonzai 3d 3

    Now Available in the Maxwell Early Builds Area. For information about how to access the Maxwell Early Builds Area, please visit the Next Limit forum: http://www.maxwellrender.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=1&t=41692

    These plugins require the latest Maxwell Render Suite beta, available on the same page.

        • Compatible with Maxwell 3.1.0 (RC 1)

        • Fixed translation of Renderzone procedural bump maps.
        • Fixed issue where 'Edit in MXED' button would not work in some cases