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    skip reacted to AsOne in V9 update   
    I also have issues with Control V not pasting.  I also have to use the drop down menu at times.
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    skip reacted to Andy in SubD simple test   
    This is a strange bird modeled this SubD but without SIMMETRY tool this some tasks are a pain; please Z Tech, make a SIMMETRY tool for SubD.

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    skip reacted to Clarissa in Feature wish list - please add you own requests...   
    I would like the old feature of importing lighting or views from another file directly in the lighting or view palettes. It saves time of opening another file and waiting for Z8 to paste over. 
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    skip reacted to pipo in Feature wish list - please add you own requests...   
    Can the 2 click face/outline selection option be moved or added to pick tool options
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    skip reacted to Andy in Feature wish list - please add you own requests...   
    SIMMETRY tool for SubD.
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    skip reacted to skomer in Feature wish list - please add you own requests...   
    It would be useful to have symmetry available  as an option in subdivision modelling  
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    skip reacted to andrew in An open letter to AutoDesSys regarding the interface   
    I think this is a good thread. I respectfully disagree with the last poster. There are a number of very specific requests and specific feedback around the User XP and the workflow and tool problems.  I made the full transition to v8 from 6.7 last year and found the transition to be exciting and terrifying. 
    Working in an environment that requires high speed modeling and presentations with many iterations makes learning challenging under any circumstance.  The developer has always maintained a certain academic approach to formZ's iterations and has always shown less concern about being in step with other products in the market. I dont think the veteran users of this program will argue that's better or worse.
    What we would like to see is the development centered around basic fixing of issues and User XP to be first rate.  The marketplace is showing CAD users and developers that fluid interfaces and stable tools are rewarded with robust user communities and organic growth of their platforms.
    Those of us that are dedicating to using and supporting this platform want nothing less for all of us.  My experience on a MacBookPro without a monitor needs to be just as robust as sitting at a high-end PC workstation with two screens, and I need to also share things with clients and partners that have become completely mobile.  Its not my selfish need as a user, its whats happening in the marketplace.
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    skip got a reaction from Ridalljor in Disable Animation in Preferences   
    Is there any benefit to disabling animation under the Project:Modeling:Animation preferences? 
    Particularly if one rarely, if ever, uses the animation features.