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    Being optimistic

    I like to visit this forum very often to pick up tips, see what others are doing and if I can help other users in any way, it's like a daily habit. As an avid user for many years, I can't help but notice that there has been a lull in the amount of modelling tips, queries regarding to the actual 3d modelling and rendering. I realise that many users here have been around a long time, are seasoned users of FormZ and don't need the advice as much as before, but there is so much talent at our disposal here relating to varying disciplines. I think ADS need encouragement too and it'd be nice to see some good things now and again from the users (Antons FormZ models and Pipos WIPs for example), especially in the times we're in at the moment. I know some of you are trying to help ADS with bug submissions and suggestions but maybe try to deliver it in a more positive way? Some here are like spoiled kids crying because they have to do four clicks instead of one and expecting a magic red button that does all.. And no, I'm not having a bad day today 😁
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    formZ v9.0.4 Now available

    formZ v9.0.4 is now available. Select "Check for update" from the Help menu to be directed to the download page or use the link in the email you previously received with your v9 installer codes. form•Z v9.0.4 (#A12A) Highlights New stuff “Dynamic” is a new option in the Extend Segment tool options. When selected, the extension is made dynamically using the projection of the cursor position onto the tangent from the end of the object. General Components with Flat/Cubic/Spherical decal controls now render properly in RenderZone. Save a Copy as to v8.x now works properly for files with embedded components. The objects palette is now updated properly after Components are exploded. Changing the name of a view or layer to an existing name, no longer leads to repeated messages about the duplicate name. The fillet tool is applied to the selected point for certain objects. Import from Drafting now groups the imported objects properly. Exiting the Cone of Vision, no longer disturbs the palettes under certain conditions. Certain Sub-d tools no longer automatically apply unintended symmetry Draft/Layout Frames are now properly updated when the linked Model file is changed. The title blocks folder is selected by default when choosing a title block. The offset outline tool now works properly on closed shapes. The Image and Image fit tools now track the cursor properly when placing images. Python scripting Python scripts now work properly on some Windows 10 machines that previously did not recognize Python. A new method (material) has been added to the “face” object to retrieve the material assigned to the face (face.material). The “object” method getLocalOrigin()now returns the proper value fz.pickList() now returns a valid empty list when nothing is picked. fz.viewList(), fz.materialList() and fz.lightList() now returns a valid empty list when the project does not contain any of the respective entities. fz.revolve() angle parameter now works properly. Object methods edgeCount(), edge(), edgeList() now work as expected. A number of sample scripts have been updated.
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    AutoDesSys Coronavirus Update

    We are happy to provide free additional form•Z installations for individuals and companies who need additional capacity to accommodate work from home during these unpreceded times. Please email support@formZ.com with your form•Z serial number and we will add extra installation slots to your form•Z v8.6 or v9.0 license. These extra installations will remain in place until the crisis abates. We are able to continue to offer technical support and sales services while honoring the necessary restrictions in place in our local area. We recommend email as the best form of communication with our support (support@formZ.com) and Sales (sales@formZ.com) teams. We wish everyone the best!
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    formZ v9.0.3 Now available

    form•Z v9.0.3 (#A123) highlights New stuff “Superimpose” is a new option in the Underlay options of the Reference Plane Parameters palette. When selected, the underlay is Superimposed in shaded views instead of depth sorted. This is most useful when combined with the transparency slider to see the undelay image through a shaded image. “Give Guide Snaps Priority” is a new option in the snap options Palette. When selected, Guide Snaps are given priority over object snaps (when both are enabled). If the cursor is close to both a guide and a snappable point/edge/face, the location will be snapped to the guide rather than the point/edge/face. When this option is disabled, the opposite rule is applied. This option is now on by default by popular request as it makes the guides more functional in shaded rendering modes. The option can be controlled with a key shortcut as well (Key Shortcuts manager). General improvements Export of hidden line images to pixel based formats (TIFF/PNG/JPG etc.) now works properly. Underlay images no longer disappear when switching from wireframe to shaded full and the back to wireframe on machines with certain graphics cards. Components with Flat/Cubic/Spherical texture map controls now render properly in RenderZone. Using Reduce Mesh tool no longer crashes on certain objects. Files with mirrored components now show the components properly when saving and re-opening the file. Curve and Surface Formula tools now show all the formulas in the Interface. View navigation in the Decals and Classic Texture Map dialog now works properly. The “Pick By” and “Assign” options in the Classic Texture Map dialog now work properly. Door/Window component’s are now are placed at the proper depth. The Section tool now properly honors the Status of objects (Ghost or Delete). Windows specific The Transform tool no longer crashes when entering a second value for the Scale option. Draft/Layout Printing or exporting to PDF no longer misses some elements. Printing or exporting to PDF now includes title blocks properly. Printing from draft space now works as expected. Image elements no longer have a border when printed or exported to pdf. The Layout content tools no longer become randomly dimmed. Layout frames now update properly when the model is changed.
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    Andrew West

    Being optimistic

    Des Funny thing, I started to write almost the exact same thing last night in regards to a recent post. I know that people are frustrated at times when they feel that they are not being heard or that their suggestions are being ignored. That is normal but I also feel that there are a few factors here worth mentioning. First is that years ago when Paul was around we experienced a level of support that was quite frankly astonishing in our field. I have used many programs over the years and even Max with its huge following was pathetic in their support. I usually had to resort to the forum for any advice. In other words we got spoiled. Tech is still listening to your reports and advice but they probably do not have the manpower or budget to spend time responding to every single email. From what I gather they are compiling these issues and trying their best to address them as quickly as possible and we need to exercise a bit more patience. If you are waiting for a piece of software that is perfect in every way and precisely geared toward your style of work then I am afraid you are in for a world of constant disappointment. Some of you have felt that the release of V9 was premature and I too felt that it could have used a bit more time to cook. However, economics and reality might have had to take precedence over perfection. Now it is out and I am trying my best to adapt to what I have in front of me with as little complaining as possible. Every piece of software is a work in progress so lets do our best to make this one better. They are working on it. Patience is in short supply these days but it would do us all well to try to stay a bit more positive with our comments.
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    Display Resolutions

    I have been using a set of predefined Display Resolutions which I built into my Template file. They create a faceting which is more efficient (many fewer faces than the generic percentage slider) while also reducing the number of facets on smaller and larger curved faces simultaneously on the same object. Being able to fine tune my objects' models display resolution allows me to retain nice smooth looking objects while keeping the onscreen polycount low. The are also helpful for polygonal, facetted exports requiring efficient polycount management. Use Wireframe Display to clearly see how the polys are applied to curved surfaces. Download the file, from the menu items choose File/Project Settings.../Facetting Schemes and click on the Load Schemes folder icon to add these to your current project. The setting go from coarse, .05 to very fine .00001 and correspond to the Fraction of Bounding Box increment from the settings. Each one is approximately twice the resolution as the previous one. I hope you find these useful and convenient. Display Resolutions.fmz.zip
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    Example Images

    Hi! Last week I did a quick rendering of the droplet protection shield (don't know right english name) to the counters in the pharmacies. We use that picture in the prochure. The acrylic shield went to production and now we are delivering them to the pharmacies all over country. 😀 A rendering and a final product (custom size) in place.
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    Why isn't formz more popular?

    Participation is the key, imho. "Tech" was very candid in this thread setting the record straight and sharing some insight. Its never easy to run a small company in today's world and get it all right all the time. I sense a renewed commitment with the release of v9 and the discussion of improving vRay to next. Do we all crave info and insight so we can make decisions about how we use these tools in many different workflows? Yes. We deserve to know as much as ADS can share about the platform. If we share out work, contribute on the forum, participate in the beta tests and submit bug and questions to ADS with this community will grow and keep thriving. Bigger is not always better, but quality and playing well with others always brings excellence and richness to life. I'm glad to have a robust community of dedicated users to share with and I'm thankful that formZ is still the best creative environment for scaled, detailed design and modeling work. Thanks for reading my thoughts. I'm really grateful for all of you.
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    Here is the latest WIP. Windows need sashes and installation next. Then the foundation, deck, columns, and widow's walk. Scale is 3/8"=1'-0" - it's about 18" tall.
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    Is it possible that you might occasionally ask Matthew Holewinski to create a tutorial? Something like he did here:
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    form•Z Viewer first flight

    For many years we have had requests for a viewer app for form•Z files on a laptop or desktop computer. form•Z Viewer is a new app based on the v9 interface. More mature than a beta, but its never been out in the wild. Please let us know what you think! Click on the icon below....
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    FZ has changed so much since V6. Rebuilding will give you an opportunity to rethink which shortcuts are still necessary and which keys should be replaced with one of the many, many new tools and commands. It's still an ongoing process for me tweaking my shortcuts for efficiency. As a side note setting key shortcuts for the Snaps has a hidden (I believe) feature. If you set regular keys for the snaps they become cumulative, while if you set CMD+key they become exclusive. E.G. If you have a snap selected like Center of Face and you trigger a regular key shortcut assigned to Point, you will then have both Center of Face and Point snapping selected. If you have Center of Face selected and you trigger a CMD=key for the Point Snap Shortcut, FZ will turn off all selected snaps and only utilize Point snapping. Because of this my key shortcuts for snaps are: F1 for Point, CMD+F1 for point exclusive etc, etc. And Chris, here is a model I am working on for a Halloween Display, will be 3/8"=1'-0" - about 18" tall. Gatorboard core, wood siding, grown detail parts. I ordered an LCD Resin printer yesterday to augment my FDM printers. Sculpting a scary tree to grow next.
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    Andrew West

    Example Images

    Excellent work Justin. Thankfully I don't have to ask permission to post my images since it is written into my contract that I can use these for promotion of my business. This could be the last image I post for a while. 😣 Now entering another recession which will mark the 5th since I started working in architecture in 1984. I am not sure which business is exempt from the up and down swings of our volatile economy but I am open to suggestions. Lets hope this doesn't drag on for an extended time. At least I now have time to play around with more features of my various programs. Maybe I will finally figure out Caustics!
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    Justin Montoya

    Example Images

    Looking good everyone! Thanks for sharing! I'm trying to decide if this virus, effectively killing the exhibit industry means I can share more work? Hmmm...
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    wip & recent renders

    few renders that can see the light of day now
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    form•Z v9 Python Scripting

    A new page has been added to the form•Z site with more information on form•Z v9 Python Scripting (Click Here to visit) In case you missed today's webinar on form•Z v9 Python Scripting you can check it it out here:
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    wip & recent renders

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    Example Images

    I put here few renderings made for our customers in differnt sectors. The images are pretty much straight from V-Ray, no after work. Have a nice weekend 🙂
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    what's new webinar

    We had some technical issues with the recording plus we are cleaning up some rough edges (and prepping for this weeks webinar!). Please be patient, its coming but as these views tend to have a long shelf life so we want to get it right.
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    form•Z v9.0.1 now available

    form•Z v9.0.1 (#A107) We have posted v9.0.1 today to address some reported issues with formZ v9. This version can be now installed using the link you received with your v9 codes. Here is a list of some of the more important improvements: • When the favorites menu is invoked (Space bar by default), pressing the space bar again will open and position the tool options palette on the screen at the location of the favorites tools. This makes for an easy way to access the Tool Options without needing to navigate to the location of the palette. The palette is returned to its original state when the mouse moves out of the newly positioned tool options palette or the favorites menu shortcut is selected again. • Pop-up Tool Options is a new key shortcut available in the Palettes group of the Key shortcuts manager. This invokes the tool options at the mouse location as with the favorites menu without needing to go through the favorites menu first. There is no default key combination assigned for this option. • The color popup in the Attributes tab of the Inspector now works properly when clicking on the arrow indicator. • Export PSD no longer generates empty files under certain situations. • The palette dock is now maintained in the Cone Of Vision environment. • Shaded work and shaded full now show the proper color when Copy and paste of objects which have materials with matching names. • Certain geometry no longer causes a crash when using object snaps and the mouse rolls over the object. • Create Reference File no longer includes references to other attached reference files in the newly created reference file. • Create Reference File now warns when replacing a reference file that is already being referenced by the project. • Create Reference File now handles single object reference files properly. • Docking and undocking certain palettes now works properly. • Editing Components in the project window has been improved. • The parameters tab of the inspector now works properly with components. • Components placed with the “Place on Active Layer” option now explode properly. • The “Getting Started” tutorials are now accessible from the startup screen again. • Holding Command/Ctrl and dragging docked palette will allow precision
placement/force placement OS X specific • Installer now works better on OS X 10.15.3 • Animations played in the form•Z window now display properly. • Closing the Inspector palette, no longer leads to crashes. • Changing the direction of the Arc 3 again works with tapping command key. Windows specific • Hide palettes no longer leads to extra margins shown around the palettes when un-hiding. Draft Layout • Title blocks now work as expected. • The place image tool now works as expected. • Components update properly when a layout file is opened. • Paste from Model/Paste from Draft have been improved. • Compounds from v6 files are now converted properly. Additional stability and performance improvements.
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    form•Z 9 beta

    Clipped pallets, missing scroll bars etc, throughout and lots of other minor glitches. Sometimes pallets or tool dialogues, errors etc disappear, likely behind other windows with no easy way to fix other than to quit formZ and delete the preference folder. The tabbed pallet icons are tiny and low contrast, horrible on a 4K display. These rough edges might be acceptable in a new application but are not what you would expect in a mature application like FormZ. There are lots of other UI problems such as duplicate and missing icons. For example, paste and paste in place are identical, there are lots of tools with the FMZ puzzle piece icon. Stick with 8.6 unless you need python or the mirror tools.