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    Alan Cooper

    New update 9.0.6

    Thanks so much to all you guys who are effectively beta testers. I am watching from a distance because as far as I am concerned it is very clear that V9 continues to remain at the 'beta' stage. So pleased Autodessys is holding back on the publicity at the moment because it would have resulted in bad press. I do look forward to V9 maturing into a solid version eventually. Analogy: Super-car with faulty brakes.
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    New update 9.0.6

    When they get to V9.5 let me know. That seems to be when things are sorted. Until then I will stay with 8.5.6
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    V-Ray update

    We are actively working on V-Ray 5 for form•Z. Its up and running and looking really good. We are very excited about this new version. We hope to have a beta in December.
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    Next Limit

    Big Sur

    from formZ tech:
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    ¢hris £und

    Learning Python with fZ slant

    Hey all, I am considering creating a starter series for python in youTube. There are of course many many such, this however would be specific to fZ. And would walk through the process of starting out programming in python. Would anybody be interested? ¢£