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    background saving of files

    it would be so great if you could implement background saving of files! when working on large projects, it's generally good to save automatic backups from time to time. but if the saving starts during a complex modeling task, it will interrupt the workflow for a few seconds and even longer - if you set corresponding save options before. as an example, if you set FZ to save your project automatically every 5 minutes, this easily ist starting to develop into a serious workflow stopper.
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    Example Images

    Really nice Jaako....Quality work!
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    Unreal 5

    I have also discovered that exporting with the option to use layers as hierarchy allows me to use my standard way of organizing in Twinmotion. (duh) I have been forced to try to export to TM from both current versions of 3D StudioMax and Maya in order to try to shortcut using some Turbosquid content. In short, headaches, they do not produce usable results, and crash as well. This Twinmotion exporter for formZ is working like a dream, and I haven't changed the plugin it in over a year. There really is something great here. I take my final VRay model and export it. No geometry issues, no map issues, works every time. It is amazing to see a model I've worked on move around so fast. I just fix the material properties, re-do the lights with the presets, and off to the races. I am having some issues in Unreal 5, for example, the "Two-Sided" training wheels that Twinmotion has does not seem to be there, and everything is one sided until directly addressed.
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    Unreal 5

    Hi dpwr, Glad to hear you are back home and on the mend. Yes, I too had client demand for immediate visualizations, also the ability to change them immediately. Wow, using TM for stage lighting and so forth is going to be a tall order, but I have been quite impressed with TM lighting and GI. I think bloom and lens flares get intense very quickly, but just to have those things is way cool. The TM interface seems built around a bit of discovery and ease of use, all the basic controls are there and you dig down into each item to change settings. After a year or more on TM, I find myself zipping around quite confidently and daring to do all sorts of things.
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    Example Images

    Hi! I want share few V-Ray renderings made about year ago. It is a salad bar concept in to the shopping malls. I can release them now as first bar has built in real life..
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    Update, I found a way to make this problem go away. When importing the formZ datasmith file into Twinmotion, under options change the Collapse setting to "Keep Hierarchy" instead of "Collapse by Material". This makes the objects "objects" in TM, instead of each material being all the objects it's applied to. I have found it's important to set up good groups in formZ, this makes the outliner in TM more manageable. So, no need for the script, actually, I read some more of the instructions and figured out how it's intended to work.