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    Display Resolutions

    I have been using a set of predefined Display Resolutions which I built into my Template file. They create a faceting which is more efficient (many fewer faces than the generic percentage slider) while also reducing the number of facets on smaller and larger curved faces simultaneously on the same object. Being able to fine tune my objects' models display resolution allows me to retain nice smooth looking objects while keeping the onscreen polycount low. The are also helpful for polygonal, facetted exports requiring efficient polycount management. Use Wireframe Display to clearly see how the polys are applied to curved surfaces. Download the file, from the menu items choose File/Project Settings.../Facetting Schemes and click on the Load Schemes folder icon to add these to your current project. The setting go from coarse, .05 to very fine .00001 and correspond to the Fraction of Bounding Box increment from the settings. Each one is approximately twice the resolution as the previous one. I hope you find these useful and convenient. Display Resolutions.fmz.zip
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    Chris lund

    AlignTo Script : WIP

    Another WIP script. and more low hanging fruit to get the hang of the new python API Script to align objects to the bounds of a master object instead of to the combined bounds of all objects selected. 2020 Christopher Lund - Neurascenic Feel free to copy, use and or adapt This one will align an object or objects to a master object. select all objects you want to apply operation to Master object is the first object created (of selected objects). This will eventually change to the "Last Picked" when the API allows me to do this. (may give choice of first pick or last pick) This does not consider the placement of the object in the objects list as this does not equate to creation order. Action objects are all other objects selected. These are the objects that will be translated to match the conditions selected in the UI by user. now it will align Minimum to Minimum, Mid to Mid (center), Max to Max and Center of Gravity to Center of Gravity -- for X,Y,Z independently. Source code attached, so that it will work on both a PC and a Mac. -----> AlignTo.py.zip For anybody interested in the code, please feel free to play with it. (best play with a copy) Other features considered. Tool instead of Utility Script Offset from Min to Max etc... others? Detailed explanation. the Current Align/Dist Tool will apply its operations to the bounds of all objects selected. So that if the bounds of the objects do not reside within another. all objects will shift (min, Center, Max) of the chosen dimension. In contrast, this script allows a master object to remain in place without having to move the secondary (action object) to reside within the bounds of the master first. You will need fZ 9.x and Python 2.7 needs to be installed and running on your computer for this to work. Script will need to be placed in the scripts folder within the formZ 9.0 applications folder (your scripts folder will have more in it than shown below)
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    Incremental Update Log Location?

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    What's New In form•Z v9 Video

    In fairness they had to produce everything from their home and remotely under these unusual circumstances
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    Catalina (MacOS 10.15) compatibility

    last week I got version 9.0.2 as an update, I am working with MacOs 10.15.4 and I have to say: It's not getting better... even worse. I could start again making video's about all the crashes, bugs and so on. But I do not have the energy at the moment. So, +1 for Andrew and others who are asking... why, why, why...
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    wip & recent renders

    Thanks J for the complimentary words Lumion is by no means a perfect tool , It excels primarily in speed and setup With regard to our animations however, they are primarily studies or competitions , not marketing or sales quality output which is not achievable with Lumion. We don't do any realtime yet ....have considered Unreal as a future consideration however..... With our larger scenes there is often a small sketchup component (not the instancing type) The (more) detailed modelling in fz and some massing elements and landform terrain etc in sketchup Also easier to work with google maps and faster to paint up in skp... Lumion imports various file types so no issue here , the lack of a live plugin is no issue , on sketchup I don't even bother with it. Lumion prefers fz files in dxf , dwg .....3ds and obj also. With regard to plugins I will surely be in the minority here With maxwell I only use the plugin to export into studio...fz and maxwell never operate simultaneously I just prefer it this way , same with fz lumion....export the file , import the file . Also we are working with some pretty huge files so stability is always optimum with only one app open pip
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    interface suggestion (palettes)

    Good morning all At the tool palette it is possible to remove the second level palettes either by a simple flyover or (via preferences) by clicking on it and in addition optionally that the tool at the head is selected directly without additional click. Not bad But first problem the second level palette overlaps with the tool palette (not practical) and second problem the second level palette is necessarily detached. In the past under FZ 6 the operation was quite similar but better optimized: By maintaining the click on a tool, the second level palette was deployed exactly next to it while remaining attached, by moving the mouse to the desired tool it was possible to quickly go to it. Then by moving the mouse out of the second level palette this one stood out It was much cleaner Finally it would be desirable (but it never existed) that all of these pallets can be listed in a submenu of the palette menu which would be variable because these palettes can be created by the user ... In this way it would be possible to have a view of all the available palettes (including those that have been added to the interface) What do you think ?
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    Chris lund

    interface suggestion (palettes)

    I have to admit, I was more comfortable with the way v6 handled the tool palettes. When working fast, I often miss the tool in the popup palette that I am after. Especially if I am using my laptop. Missing the nuanced control by just one or two pixels is still missing the control. Second suggestion, wouldn't hurt: However, I am not sure I would use it. Why and how would you use it? Seems like it would take longer to access it, than it would to just access the popups from the main tool palette. Interested to know if I am just not thinking about it correctly. ¢£