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    3D printing

    Perfect, Thanks! First print was a success:
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    Thanks Des, but I'm giving up on Draft/Layout until they become usable. It's far from reliable to use in production work, I'm afraid. In my opinion it should not have been released, as it diminishes the good reputation of the software package as a whole. Anyone experiencing it will look elsewhere, for sure.
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    I hope ADS get Imager working. It would be very nice to have for over night renderings.
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    change text, how ?

    The Note Text tool needs a major overhaul! Editing such text does not work in 9.1.0 (A399) for a start. I feel that the concept of resizable text boxes was better in many ways. Things like automatic line breaks, spell checking, and better justification options would come in handy. "Middle Centre" justified text only works at the paragraph level, for example, rather than every line, which bugs me. It's also confusing that a change of font requires the creation of a new a dimension style.
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    Andrew West

    Is there a shadow catcher in VRay?

    I would like to add that post processing is helped tremendously by assigning a unique material ID to each material. Then output that channel separately. I do this all the time to tweak materials in PS and add shadows and such.
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    I can steal from the best of them!😉
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    Version 9.1

    I think V8.6.5 was FZ's "finest hour" to date.