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    @R2D2 well I understood what does not work! We do NOT select everything with ctrl + A or menu Edit + select all If you do that it doesn't work On the other hand if you make a frame selection in topological object then you can deselect the source object. and in this case the copy attribute tool woks correctly (in accordance with its options hidden in my video) I think there is a bug with ctrl + a and select all ... (and it's not the first time I've seen shit with that) Is there a way to choose not to work the addition and removal of sections with shift in Z9 as it exists in Z6? It's really painful because it's not very stable (as we see in my video: suddenly it displays the "+" but for the "-" you have to wait and sometimes it does not display it .. pfff .... otherwise since it works, there is no need to go through a join + legacy map tool ... finally : Placing trees in TM is really very easy especially with the trees from the base library (you can populate a surface with several different kinds of trees or position it more individually. In short, a lot of solution that works formidably ... Of course all additional trees (from Xfrog or any other soft) as mesh do not take wind ... But you just have to find the needed tree... see pics: (real time) (not beta) We are currently participating in the beta ... I can't talk about it but it's a killer! and the development is ultra dynamic