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    Apple Silicon M1

    Some time ago, I postponed buying a Mac mini M1 while waiting for the second generation. In fact, I bought one and returned it without trying it, which I regret today! However, I've been testing formZ 9.2 beta on my wife's MacBook Air M1 16Gb/1Tb, and it has been working very well, although I haven't pushed it too hard. The new MacBook Pro+Max looks AMAZING in many senses, not just CPU and GPU incredibly powerful. I don't have any doubt that formZ 9.2 works great on them under Rosetta. Although, I don't have any idea about the reality of ACIS, Maxwell, and V-Ray. As a tidbit of interest on the subject, I recommend reading and listening to the interviews with Steve Johnson, Chief Technology Officer, Vectorworks, on architosh.com, and the podcast from September 26 on Inside the Apple Studio with Neal Pann. There's a lot of marketing in these interviews, of course, but it's interesting nonetheless. https://architosh.com/2021/10/the-arm-wars-vectorworks-2022-is-the-first-bim-on-arm-the-m1-interview/ https://podcasts.apple.com/cl/podcast/inside-the-apple-studio/id1568790267?l=en&i=1000536686644 Also, these days there are several interesting online events that I'm sure will include the topic of the new Apple M1+Pro+Max processors, such as the BricsCAD Sumit, Vectorworks Design Sumit, and Unreal Buil: Architecture. It's been a year of patient waiting, and for now, I decided to keep waiting a bit more for a fully charged next Mac Mini M1 Max. Only because I want a desktop computer, for a change. In the meantime, I decided to buy (again!) a Mac mini M1 to kill the anxiety, and I don't care if it doesn't make any sense! Last, about the question, below I'm quoting a previous response on 4/30/21 to the same question from Innes Yates, an architect from Vancouver. "Thanks Marcelo, I hope for an update for 9.1 as well, and eventually for a native version for apple silicon. Like you, we purchased the M1 Mac mini to replace on older Macbook and couldn't wait. The M1 mini is very snappy. It's completely silent and stays cool, I haven't even heard the fan come on yet. The performance is very good but with large models in FZ, complex drawings in Vectorworks, and rendering with Maxwell and Twinmotion, things start to lag a bit. With maximum RAM limited to 16 GB, it's not really a long-term solution for workstation-level performance. I'm looking forward to the newer higher performance silicon macs."