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    Hey guys I thought I would throw in my five cents worth here We have been using Lumion since version 7.....but really only a usable option since version 9 The most important consideration is end use .... I don't consider Lumion as a tool for still images full stop , only for animation. The reasons for this are the GI is not advanced enough and the lack of ray tracing require reflection planes to be manually placed of which there are a maximum of 10. Don't get too excited about the "vast" libraries as realistically , only a fraction of this is of medium quality. That being said it is possible to produce animations of reasonable quality as long as you don't get to hung up on the correctness of the render quality. It is an extremely expensive app for what it does.......the updates are frequent but you pay a huge price each time for only very limited enhancements. See below a few examples.....I will post a few more recent ones done with the latest 10.5 when the projects become public so everything below is done with version 9.5