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    Why isn't formz more popular?

    Participation is the key, imho. "Tech" was very candid in this thread setting the record straight and sharing some insight. Its never easy to run a small company in today's world and get it all right all the time. I sense a renewed commitment with the release of v9 and the discussion of improving vRay to next. Do we all crave info and insight so we can make decisions about how we use these tools in many different workflows? Yes. We deserve to know as much as ADS can share about the platform. If we share out work, contribute on the forum, participate in the beta tests and submit bug and questions to ADS with this community will grow and keep thriving. Bigger is not always better, but quality and playing well with others always brings excellence and richness to life. I'm glad to have a robust community of dedicated users to share with and I'm thankful that formZ is still the best creative environment for scaled, detailed design and modeling work. Thanks for reading my thoughts. I'm really grateful for all of you.
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    Water material

    Hi Ariel, There are a few ways to get water looking good depending on your scene. I tend to go down the Maxwell material route to save time. For example, this night pool scene is just a transparent and reflective material with a normal map, see attached. The indoor daylight pools are a transparent reflective material on modelled waves (done a long time ago before Maxwell Sea was available). BTW, excellent image John! Des Water.zip
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    Chris lund

    MIMI updated :: Sort of

    As it currently Stands, no. The new API is based on python, not FSL, which is what MIMI is written in. ADS is working on real easing the new API and documentation. Once I have the documentation, I will get to work on it. While I have been able to figure some things out without the documentation, not totally. As, everything figured so far is from their examples. Am also wondering at this point, to what the changes are in the C/C++ API are. from what I can see, 9 doesn’t load 8.5.6 plugins either. Which is interesting. Could be something simple, and not significant. Can’t help but wonder though. thanks for the props on MIMI, it is appreciated. I do intend on making it more useful as well. Such as, setting a base material so that all imported maps share its settings but the map itself. Other shaders, not just renderzone. Open to suggestions as well. cheers! €£
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    form•Z 8.6 Update Released

    But isn't that the purpose of an upgrade is to move on to v9 - they can't keep investing in old product v8.6 surely! hey they're a small company!
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    Next Limit

    Maxwell 5 for formZ Released

    Maxwell 5 plugins are now available for formZ 8 and formZ 9. Maxwell 5 Features are outlined here. Plugin Additions: Added toolbar icons for launching the render to Maxwell, exporting to Studio (if installed), exporting to the Network and exporting to the Cloud (under Display Options > Maxwell) Added multi-GPU support. You can now control the GPUs that will be used at render time (Extensions > Maxwell Render > System > Selected GPUs or from mxgpuprefs app in Maxwell's installation folder.) Added Multilight Grouping of Emitter Lights and Emitter Materials via group names (Lights > Light Type > Parameters > Multilight Group). If you are an existing customer, download Maxwell for formZ at the customer portal. If you'd like to try it out first first, download a trial copy.
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    Water material

    Here is a quick look of the scene with your material Des. Perfect! ill tweek the color and the light abit in the final. Thanks alot.
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    Water material

    Hi ariel, http://www.formz.com/webinars/webinars_html/Maxwellv3.html Maxwell has a water tool in formZ. You can see it in this Maxwell Webinar video at about 29:25. I used it in the video example and below on a real project. If I remember correctly I just assigned a supplied Maxwell water material to the "water".
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    v9 where is Layout / Frame?

    I started Draft Layout and New [Layout], using one of the formZ title blocks. Is that what you mean by a new file? But guess what? Now it's working. Was I actually dumb enough last week to try to place a frame without even a layout project open? That's always a possibility (blush). I don't specifically remember my flounderings, but maybe my brain was that disengaged. Thanks for the dumb question, it jogged my dumb brain!
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    When using Reference files for projects they tend to have similar names, if not the same names. When attaching a reference file to a project the layer palette does not differentiate the reference file layers from the file layers. This makes working with a reference file really difficult. It would be helpful if the Reference File Layers were separate to the working file and maybe Prefixed REF or something like that. Maybe it could look like this? REF: Layer 1 REF: Layer 2 REF: Layer 3 Layer 1 Layer 2 Layer 3 If you added more than one reference file then the system should realize this and then the layers would read as follows: REF A: Layer 1 REF A: Layer 2 REF A: Layer 3 REF B: Layer 1 REF B: Layer 2 REF B: Layer 3 Layer 1 Layer 2 Layer 3
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    Is Thea for FormZ dead ?

    Today I had contact with the Maxwell support about the plugin version 5 for FormZ. They expect early next week the plugin will be available.
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    Is Thea for FormZ dead ?

    Solid Iris was bought by Altair. Around that time they dropped development for a number of emerging Thea integrations. We certainly embraced and supported their efforts but the only statement to us has been that they are not actively working on Thea for form•Z at this time. You would need to contact them regarding the future of Thea and form•Z. Maybe if they hear from enough people they will start work on it again. NextLimit has announced that they are working on an update for Maxwell for form•Z. We have not heard a release date for this yet (please check the Maxwell discussion for more details).
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    Form Z pro v9.0.0.2 issues

    Also it locks up and crashes at least twice a day! Very frustrating even with autosave on. I'm having to roll back to v8. Not a happy camper.
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    form•Z v9.0.0.3 now available

    form•Z v9.0.0.3 (#A0F0) We have posted v9.0.0.3 today to address some reported issues with formZ v9. This version can be now installed using the link you received with you v9 codes. Here is a list of some of the more important improvements.: General • The on-line manual has an updated interface including a better Index and search features, and loads properly from the application. • The Action palette shows the active tool as expected. • The “Keep Proportional” option now works properly in the place component tool and the Component parameters of the Inspector palette. • Editing object names that are inside groups in the objects palette now show in the proper locations. • Resizing a palette while editing a text field no longer causes top edit field to move to the wrong location. • A detached Modeling tool palette can now be reinserted in the dock by dragging the palette such that the cursor inside the dock while pressing the Command (Mac OS) or ctrl (Windows) key. • Preview renderings for RenderZone or V-Ray for form•Z no longer hang or crash when clicking in the Materials or Material parameters palette before the preview rendering is complete. • Export to .skp no longer crashes when Keep textures is NOT selected. Windows Specific • The icon for “Delete Component” and “Delete Library” now shows properly. • Drag and drop now works properly in the Objects palette. OS X specific • Switching to another application and back to form•Z when there is more than one project open, no longer switches the active project. • The “options” button in the export file dialog no longer crashes on 10.14 and later. Draft Layout • Import from Modeling now available in File menu of Draft Layout app. This converts the model to drafting space using the current view or optional parameters defined in the new Import from Modeling options. • Import from Drafting now available in Modeling app imports the drafting space of a .fml file onto the current reference plane of the model. • Title blocks now show properly after loading a layout file. • Switching between layout and Draft spaces refreshes the window properly. Thank you for your feedback and patience as we work through these issues.
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    Maxwell 5 for formZ - In Progress!

    Yes, that’s great news. I just got the email too. And they’re advertising it on Twitter.
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    Maxwell 5 for formZ - In Progress!

    They've recently sent an e-mail that pre-ordering is ready for the Maxwell Render 5 plugin!
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    Why isn't formz more popular?

    Paul was a valuable member of our team as our tech support lead for many years and we miss him professionally and personally. Paul was enthusiastic and always someone who would be the champion of the end user to our team. However, he was never a developer of form•Z. False rumors like the lead programmer is dead simply do not help our situation. form•Z was created by Chis Yessios and David Kropp. Chris has retired but is still a valued advisor. David continues as president and leads the development team (not the rumored sole developer). The Joint Study Program still exists and between this program, the form•Z student edition and form•Z free there is a solid install base in schools (but it could always be better). We stopped the Partnerships in learning publication as it became increasingly difficult publish, as a younger generation of faculty became less interested in providing the student feedback that made the publication interesting. In general schools no longer teach software leaving the student to pick their own solution often without much guidance. We give the software to students and faculty for free (in Switzerland as well), yet others charge (some significantly). We are not sure where these market share numbers come from, but form•Z is used at a lot more than 930 companies, this number is at least an order of magnitude off. Are we a small team at the moment? Yes. But we challenge you to find another group that is as dedicated and believe in what they do. Do we make mistakes, sure, but we will always try to address the issues as fast as possible. Are we great are marketing? No. Andrew has provided some stunning images and kindly allowed us to use them in promotional material. We need to get better at marketing and ideas are always welcome. Thank you for everyone’s feedback, it will only make us better and we believe that the best is yet to come.
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    Andrew West

    Why isn't formz more popular?

    If you want more people to use this program the company needs to get it taught in schools. Right now it is not in any meaningful way. Part of the problem is what happened when Chris Yessios decided to let the program die several years ago and also when the main programmer Paul Helm actually died. If it weren't for a single programmer that wanted to keep it alive it would have ended a while back. Now it is a challenge to both keep it going and create new and exciting buzz about its capabilities and its future. The introduction of V-ray was an important first step but it does feel that it might be too little too late. I personally am doing everything I can to promote Form.z through the images I submit to the website along with tagging it everywhere I can. All of us can help in that regard.
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    Bo Atkinson

    Why isn't formz more popular?

    The independent thinker and distinguished modeler very often walks a separate path from "Consensus reality". We have a chance of solving our needs on these forums or convincing other members and subsequently the developers of what are really better tools, or at the least a much better chance than with bigger name apps.
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    Justin Montoya

    Is Thea for FormZ dead ?

    I'm happily transitioned to VRay but I'd be open to more rendering options in FormZ. When I purchased and used Thea previously, it was remarkably well put together compared to some of our other options. Thea's features like camera lenses was incredible. I'd love to see the new version with the built in denoiser, as that was really where Thea failed me previously. It would be up to SolidIris to update the Plugin, so you should probably reach out to them directly.
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    Decal cannot work in vray render

    There are SO many things out there with two or more textures superimposed on each other. Labels, stickers, logos, decals, etc etc. It's so much more elegant to have the tool that replicates what actually happens in the real world rather than going through all the trouble to create additional geometry. What a pain. Take a Coke can for example. I work in the retail display industry so this is a very common product type. I'll have a base texture of the red Coke label, and a decal: The top of the can with the pull tab. The beauty of decals is twofold: 1. I don't have to create additional geometry just for add'l textures. 2. I can change the base texture with a single click without modifying the decal. So if I want to change the Coke can to a Sprite can, I just highlight the Sprite can label texture in my Materials palette and click the can. Done. Many other situations like this.
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    While I have not used Renderzone now for years since Maxwell and Vray came out I still remember the good old solution that I used to use. This is really quite simple. Create a solid 1/2" thick plane. Use material Glass Accurate in the reflections channel. Within the Reflection channel set reflection to 90%. Set the transparency to 0. Leave the other settings alone. Then below the Reflection channel you have your transparency channel. Open that and set it to your desired amount. I use 85% for most windows. Make sure you to to your glass objects and turn off shadow casting and shadow receiving. Now go to your Display Options palette and under Renderzone options go to Scene and change your background tab to Alpha Channel. Now export out your renderzone image as a TIFF file. Open it in Photoshop and under your Channels tab you will see your alpha channel. Does that do what you want it to? Andrew PS. For those of you who might say that I am creating a double transparency object I say so what. It has never given me any issues over 30 years.
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    what does keep textures even do??

    +1 on multiple image files in exports. Please fix.
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    Justin Montoya


    Good idea! But I also think just having a web app that worked on Chrome would provide the most users with this ability no matter the platform. Moving away from all things Apple only makes sense for any 3d design professional since they stopped supporting some of their biggest brand champions. After a dozen years or so of owning all Apple products, I made the same switch last year. Android Pixel phones on Google Fi are amazing and even got an awesome Android Shield TV. They compliment my Windows 10 workstation I built and couldn't be happier with. Windows 10 has probably been the best surprise, as it's so much more MacOS like than the earlier boring and ugly Windows. Make the jump! You'll be happy that you did as Apple continues toward stupidity without Jobs.
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    For another example, check out RemObject's object Pascal (Oxygene), C# and Swift toolchains, for Windows, Linux, and macOS. They've also done quite a bit of work into cross-platform & cross-language-toolchain integration with those languages.