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    Hi, I have been making Revit Families with formZ. I set up all the parts in formZ in the location I wish with respect to each other and the origin. Cut/copy each part into its own file, and export as dwg 13. (I have noticed that .dwg format is working so very well). Insert/import Cad the part into Revit into the Revit Family .rfa file. It will appear in the correct location. Right click and full explode. Turn off show shape handles in the properties for the object. Assign Revit Material (I usually go and pre-create the materials I need in Revit) and visibility for the part as normal in Revit. Repeat until all parts have been imported and assigned. Next I set up my data, then my part version configurations. (set up all data first before the versions!) Then I save and use as a family. This has been working very well, and has been a very lucrative avenue for me. People who make Revit content properly are hard to come by and in demand, even when companies don't realize it. I made quite a few Revit models here to save the money from going out of house for them (very very expensive) and my leadership realized that it was something they should be doing in-house and created a new position for me to do it full time. Hope this helps those that are looking for a valuable route to use formZ in conjunction with Revit. For me, the price of formZ vs trying to model in Revit with those tools is quite worth it. In addition, importing Solidworks STEP files into formZ works almost without flaw as well. So, I can take a Solidworks file and use formZ to create a Revit Family. In fact formZ should be the "front end" modeler for Revit. The workflow has been almost seamless and headache free, believe it or not. Cheers, John A
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    Example Images

    Hi! To keep this going. Send some renderings.
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    Group for "Views"

    Hi, I always end up with hundreds of views which is unwieldy. If there can can be groups for Layers etc then why could there not be Groups for Views as well? Then for instance I could render all my interior views overnight without wasting a lot of time try to sort or rename them. Thanks, Chris
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    Without a doubt!!! Go SSD. Night and Day compared to most spinning hard drives. At least that has been my experience.
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    Example Images

    Thanks! 1. Do a nurbs curve. 2 Make a cylinder = thickness of rope. 3. Give it a cylinder texture. 4. Change texture to a UV coordinates (Edit Texture Tool). 5. Then use Bend Along Path tool to a cylinder, the rope texture should now follow nicely the curves. Hope this helps
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    Example Images

    Here is one design for recycling box for the old eyeglasses. Unfortunately it didn't end up to production.
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    Missing Tools from 6.7.3

    +1 on adding the Wall and Slab Offset options to the Offset Surface Tool.
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    Toon Material

    Hi Thanks for the new Toon Material. It seems to work nicely. Only is that it doesn't work with GPU rendering. Is it intended so? It took some time to figure that out.
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    Andrew West

    export vrscene?

    Justin When you go to export your scene object Vray automatically creates a sun by default. The only option is to disable the light when importing it back in. If you forget you have to start over. When discussing this with tech they say that including lights in a scene file is for scenes like a glowing light fixture which kind of makes sense if it was only limited to things like point and cone lights. Including a sun in a scene file makes no sense to me. For me I use scene files for plants, trees, and complex furniture. If you are not careful importing a dozen plants can give you a dozen suns which can not be turned off. Tech, if you are listening the obvious fix is to have the lights disabled on import as a Default and then you can choose to enable it for your light fixtures when needed. Just a thought. AW
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    Take one of your containers and use the Thicken Tool set to Out and a distance of 1/8". Select the new object. Slice off the side facing the other container and the top and bottom. Mirror it. Now use the extend face tool to join the two halves of the shrink wrap. Apply an appropriate dirt map to the bump channel to make the plastic look more realistic. Does this get you close?
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    Hi Justin, I did that, it is working great on new files. Thanks.
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    Andrew West

    export vrscene?

    It is worth reminding everyone that when you create a VRscene file it includes a vray sun. When importing this file back into your project be sure to turn off the option to include lights. If you don't then there will be an additional sun in your scene that you can not turn off or edit. It does not show up in your light palette because it is in an outside asset. I have made this mistake several times and my first clue is that the exposure on my image is completely off.
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    Andrew West

    Example Images

    Tim Thanks for the tip on the Adobe models. I took a look at those and found them to be pretty primitive. Even the premium ones seem a little crude, especially for $20 each. I like to use 3D Sky for most of my imported models. They are all $6 each and some are really fantastic. When I absolutely can't find what I need there I will go to TurboSquid which is pricey but excellent. Now it is worth reminding everyone that Anton has been trying to put together a 3D model site for us here using Form.z. I have put a few in there but it would really take the whole community chipping in to fill that site with a wide variety of usable models. It is just a bit of a time commitment to package things up and upload them. Maybe I can add a lot more during the next major recession. AW
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    Example Images

    Something I did a while ago but finally got manufactured so it's out in public now.... Design and Rendering by me. I still can't quite figure out a pure white floor and background but with nice soft shadows though.
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    Example Images

    Nice rendering Jaakko! Here are a couple of views of custom homes I helped design. Now that I look at these again, I see design improvements needed 😂
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    Example Images

    Andrew I did the rendering few months ago. So I'm not sure what were the settings. Here are the settings which I normally use. There is also a texture in Dome Light to give some interior feeling to the glossy objects.
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    Justin Montoya

    Open GL Visuals - Deleted

    Yes, we have very basic OpenGL based rendering, but it could be updated and greatly improved! For Example... Emissive materials can work with OpenGL! Line Quality could be improved. Bump mapping quality could be improved. Shading Quality improved. Shadows Improved. Lighting types could be improved.
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    please improve the underlay tool!

    this is a common workflow in many other modeling and rendering applications (sketchup, rhino, c4d, 3ds). if formZ implemented this it would help immensely.
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    Are there any future updates for FormZ?

    Hello, Though we aren't directly integrated with Unreal, TwinMotion, or Lumion, form•Z files can be exported into various different formats to work in each: Unreal: DWG, FBX, IGES, 3DM, SAT, STEP. TwinMotion: FBX, DAE, DWG Lumion: DAE, FBX, DWG, DXF, 3DS, OBJ We are working on incorporating BIM information into our importers but currently do not have a timeline for when it will be included. We will support VRay Next shortly after the version 9 release.
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    David Lemelin

    formZ 9

    Is this application still a living thing? In the years since Upgrading to FZ 8.x I have had three revisions to MODO, two revisions to Rhino and Blender has launched a free 3D application that emphasizes how far 3D tech and hardware have come. There were 2 posts in 2018 about v9 and the few from 2019 sound like calls in the wilderness. Ever since unveiling their support for V-Ray, it's seemed like all further development went into suspended animation. A better rendering solution was a MUST... but there are still lots of things to improve and frankly, considering MODO, Rhino and Blender all have stellar renderers built into the package... the price point on FromZ (which needs an outside renderer to compete) is not making a whole lot of sense. I dunno ADS, feels like you're losing interest or conceding that time has simply passed FormZ by.
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    From the album: Abdelfattah, Amr

    This image shows an interior perspective of the Master Bedroom, for a house in Beirut, Lebanon.
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    From the album: Stefan Kreissel

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    Another workaround is to use VRML format.