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    Please welcome PowerCADD

    We are excited to announce that AutoDesSys and Engineered Software are joining forces! PowerCADD has long been recognized as a powerful and natural 2D drawing tool with a solid following. This partnership will enable us to significantly enhance the 2D drawing capabilities we can offer to formZ users. Work has already begun on a new modern PowerCADD. We look forward to sharing details along the way and expect to introduce these exciting new 2D capabilities by the end of next Summer. Here is the announcement on the PowerCADD forum: https://www.engsw.com/PowerCADDForum/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=254
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    Happy Halloween

    There is a lot happening behind that door...Happy Halloween!!!! Modeled in form·Z and Rendered with V-Ray 5 for form·Z by Brandon Barber
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    V-Ray 5 for form•Z Beta now available

    Nope not confused. I do what I do just fine and know lots of industry people who do the same as me very successfully with the same or similar equipment and software. I'm not using the current FormZ 9 and VRAY 5 so can't comment on that. It seems this forum has become an agessive echo chamber... so I'll go back to ignoring it and doing my own work.
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    Have a Great Independence Weekend! V-Ray 5 for form•Z Beta coming next week....check back for details.
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    Hi John, thank you for the kind words. They do physically build quite a lot, I think directors and actors prefer working in "cool" scenery than on a blue stage. At least on the big Sci-fi films, most of what is built is blended into a CG environment (or sometimes replaced entirely I suspect - because paint and plywood has a hard time competing with pixels). It's stimulating to work in this industry, primarily because of the great variety of things to be designed, from spaceships to victorian architecture and everything in between, there's always a mind expanding challenge to be solved. I submitted a bunch of images a long time ago and I haven't sent in more for awhile now. I need to look through and submit some of the newer things I've worked on. There's a lot of Raccoon/Walking Tree stuff. These projects are large collaborations where many people are involved throughout the design process. My duties range from first pass conceptual design modeling, mid-point editing and addition to others work, and at the end of the design process, cleaning up other people's files readying them for Input into Solidworks for toolpathing. Form Z is really useful in doing these kinds of jobs. My primary program is Form Z. Everything starts and ends using FZ. I do use Modo a lot, and I recommend it highly for UV mapping, and for editing and modeling of complicated, organic, Sub-D shapes. Having Sub-D's integrated into FZ has made this a lot easier. For sculpting and painting, I use 3DCoat. There is some overlap between FZ, Modo, and 3DCoat's functionality, but they each excel at their own specific tasks. Form Z works excellently with both Modo and 3DCoat. This trio allows me to model just about anything conceivable, create renders for approvals, make efficient exports to Unreal for VR, and to quickly generate clean, high quality geometry for manufacturing parts.
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    Justin Montoya

    Decals are not rendered

    Yes, Decals should be working in V-Ray 5 for FormZ. I'm sure they are working on getting it fixed as it was working in a previous build. V-Ray 5 is a substantial upgrade and worth every penny even without Decals IMHO. I was merely providing an alternative to Decals that is easier to use since Shaded display modes will also show it. I use Shaded Full a lot in my work, sometimes as conceptual development before moving to full V-Ray renderings and have been frustrated by Decals lack of Shaded (OpenGL) support. This alternative allows both Shaded Full and V-Ray to be used on the same project with logos applied to various objects. It's nice to have options isn't it?
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    frustration 3d modelling

    First I use facetted because I need to control polygon, how many faces, the way they interact with each other and the smoothing of course. So for me working in smoothing it's a major aspect, where if you freeze the mesh because soon or later you will need to export in whatever software, as for rendering or working with substance, marmoset, share with colleagues etc. The result is dramatic, imagine working on a mesh that you can't even use as low poly. But seriously as an example, make an extruded Polygon of 60 Segments and use the doctor and let me know how the doctor will destroy your cylinder without any reason. And you are obliged to use the doctor after a while with vertex left by boolean soon or later you will face a broken solid, so go and check where is the hole rebuild the face and fix with stitch I know that. I know that I need to work with 2-3 decimals not only with the problem of this message that you need to click 1000th times and have more precision. I know to use extend tool that was working in v6 also in wireframe and some time (often) it crashes, but now in v9 is a nightmare with this pre pick logic. This is my point here IMHO is very unproductive, If this is a normal behave of the software, well, I don't share the same value. @ZTEK If there was some mistake? yes and I can tell you, mostly because of the doctor that ruin the shape, but that's not the point, as in version 6 and even before there was no such nightmare in working in FormZ, you could face some nonplanar face or leave some vertex after boolean, but the doctor never destroys your work apart fix your error. In any case, if you fill to teach the right method show me a video working in Formz just curious. @Hugo so when you model you go directly on 3d you don't start by measuring shape what's so ever, you are already in VR concept well I am not sorry I need so badly 2d that you can imagine. In any case, I start to work in Formz before 2000 and use it in so many projects maybe I getting older so a loose logic but I am still perfectly fine in modelling. To demonstrate here some examples even in video games I use to model in Formz
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    Ok well I've worked out a quick fix method using a combination of traditional negative bump and reflection maps and a few odd settings which at least is creating a simulation that is getting there. Attached image shows initial tests with a fairly crude set up stopped it at about pass 92 though so it's very rough still. I'm still having issues with working through the procedural noise and combing them with the image mapping. Is there are known rough guide for these settings for this FormZ implementation aside from the generic Chaos material? The version 5 caustics and photon mapping are working pretty neat for helping with this type of material render and lighting etc.
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    Why form•z is not popular any more:

    FormZ has one of the most user-friendly and fastest CAD modelling workflows on the market. Recently there have been minor issues with the UI (glitchy pallets and poor alignment of text) BUT the issues you talk of do not seem to be related to the FormZ UI but rather inexperience and lack of practice. If you rarely use something how can you be proficient? What I often see is confusion over the distinction between CGI and CAD. It is hard to do CGI in a CAD program just like it is hard to produce manufacturing drawings in a CGI program. I wish someone would remove the clickbait title or this thread entirely, what useful purpose does it serve?
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    Trees and plants for Vray/FormZ

    The computer does not slow down at all even if there is a lot of stuff.
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    Layout and fonts. Again

    OK folks. Finally I found a good solution for printing my multipage Layouts. Here we go: I do all the text with Note tool. I make a content frame to fit my actual frame in order not to have separate frame around my content. I case I need to have multiple content frames within one page I choose an option «Match frame to content» Then I export my page to image. Due to high monitor resolutions now days I have pretty high res image. And finally I get my pages all together to Acrobat Pro. Voila — I have perfect Layout print!
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    I loved the concept of Layout and would use it as much as I possibly could because I feel it makes the FZ suite a powerful application. But I was always waiting, in the hope that ADS would get it to work properly. Two weeks ago, I had a serious setback with Layout and have decided to find an alternative. Because a lot of my decision making was done with the help of reading this forum, I thought that I would share the workflow I have created to produce my working drawings. This workflow is new and my notes were roughly made, more as a reminder to myself than as an instruction to others. It would not surprise me if there are errors in the document. Please read and use at your own peril. There is a built in redundancy going through QCAD Pro but I find it useful as QCAD has some good geometric tools. BTW the QCAD forum is really good. I also bought the QCAD intro to CAD book by Andrew Mustun. Even though it is aimed at folks coming from actual drafting to CAD, Andrew explains some of the tools really well. As most of you know, going into Affinity Publisher is unbelievable. What I love most from this app is that you can utilize not only the Publisher tools but also the Designer and Photo tools, all in the same document. If you have comments or criticisms please feel free to post. It is all part and parcel of a continuing learning process. Workflow Notes- FZ to Publisher.pdf
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    Layout and fonts. Again

    Change the smallest detail is not an issue at all, when I use the Aff.Publisher. create a view or a scene in the modeller. The image size will be for instance 200x200 on 300dpi. Make the PNG image and store in the folder with images you want to use in the Aff.P. Create your layout in Aff.P. and you can easily make more sheets etc. After you change something in the modeller, save again the view/scene and override the image in the folder. Open Aff.P. And your layout will be updated manually or automatically, depending your setup AFF.P. You will have all control over your output, always. You never have with FormZ layout. There is always missing, or dimension is moving or drawing is half…. Once you get these issues twice, you cannot trust the layout anymore. So, I won’t use…
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    Thanks Des for the directions. I can now import Obj files into FZ. I have attached two files to show the import settings I used and the results. FZ does it again!!! 😊 Just in case anyone is interested, I am posting a link to a site run by Elliot Hartley. IMHOP he has written the best article talking about LIDAR apps for the iPhone 12 Pro. https://www.geoplanit.co.uk/?p=5638
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    David Lemelin

    Apple Silicon M1

    I received my 16" M1 max MacBook Pro yesterday and have been testing out FormZ 9.1 and Maxwell... It all runs. FormZ isn't nearly as smooth as I would have expected from all that GPU power, but Maxwell does render a LOT faster than my old i7 MBP. That said, I expect much greater performance once these apps are optimized. I hope this will not require that we wait multiple years, but with FormZ and Maxwell... well, sometimes things take time. I will be doing more testing with other 3D apps and renderers to validate what I'm seeing in FZ9 and Maxwell 5.2. I'm not dissatisfied at all... but I am anxious to see software running natively on these chips. Oh, and for those who care... all-day Maxwell rendering and modeling at the same time, zero fans. Zero. As for the cost of this machine (+$5k Can) it's a lot... but my last MBP was a 2013 i7, fully specced out and it has been running and rendering for 8 years without a peep (still running the very latest OS update). Only thing I swapped was the battery last year. In comparison, I've never had a PC laptop survive more than 3 years usably. You get what you pay for, and with Apple, it just works. And lasts.
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    Please welcome PowerCADD

    Will the next version of power cadd be available on windows?
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    V-Ray 5 for form•Z Beta now available

    V-Ray 5 for form•Z Beta now available. Details and sign-up here: http://www.formz.com/fzsite1219/home/vray5_beta_Landing.html
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    Please welcome PowerCADD

    AHDD, Could you please check your email junk/spam? We sent an email from sales@engsw.com with the link to the demo. We did not receive a support email from you either. Please use support@engsw.com at this time for PowerCADD questions. Please be aware that the current version of PowerCADD supports OS X 10.6.8 - 10.14.x only. We are working on a major upgrade to PowerCADD that in addition to a number of new features, will add support for newer operating systems and Apple silicon. Please bear with us over the next few months as we work on what we feel will be a very strong 2D complement to form•Z.
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    Please welcome PowerCADD

    Wow, this is a win/win. Congratulations ADS. More fresh/new FZ customers adding stability to the company and a likely much improved 2D implementation. Excellent! (I just joined their forum to boost interest in FZ)
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    Justin Montoya

    Please welcome PowerCADD

    Amazing! Great to see FormZ growing!
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    Hi Support, Good news! I reported the animation with RTX broken last build, but I just tried it with a new file in this build and it generated a .fan and an .avi just fine! Woo-hoo animation gains!
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    Layout and fonts. Again

    By the way, it’s a way of thinking a bit different, when using the modeller only to produce good rock solid layout. But I spoke about in other discussions in the past. When in the mood I will produce a movie about the workflow.
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    Version 9.1

    I actually have been happy with 9.1. I just switched two weeks ago, and I used 8.6 all day every day. Now 9.1 all day. I am on Windows on one 42" inch 4k screen, (so no two monitors, so I can't speak on the whole shabotny that may come with that) and found it so much better to use all the time. I haven't opened 8.6 since. The two new snaps are end and midpoint. I admit to having snap issues myself, but haven't pinned them down. Since I can now toggle stuff like groups and edge picking with icons at the top I often find I've got one of these set how I don't want, so I have not nailed down a snap issue I could report, but I will probably be able to. It handles multiple projects open way better. Also 8.6 was crashing on me at least once a day accessing VRay materials, and these seems to have gone away. Inspector seems odd at first, but works great in practice. Scrolling the pallette dock is so priceless. The appearance is much cleaner, but like I said, on one big screen. I like that I can grab the edge of the formz window and pull it over, and see the desktop, or look at .pdf's. Those light intensity sliders re not working for me with VRay plane lights though. I thought of adding another handy toggle icon at the top of the screen for the one view you always want to go back to while you are working. I often find I gotta scroll to the views palette just to fish out the one view I always use. Maybe a home view icon that goes to the first view in the view list. I do use a tablet often and being able to peck a icon for everything in formz is working really well. Just my 2 cents after two weeks. It has been noticeably smoother to use. A few things here and there and this can be a good solid version, maybe 9.2 is epitome formZ.
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    I watched the webinar given by the developers for the GI engine in Unreal 5.0 early release. The realtime GI requires at this time (in addition to at least a Nvidia RTX 2000 series card) that the walls in your project be separate meshes! The whole thing looked really great but it reminded me of Renderzone Plus, where raytracing does the reflections, AO is handling the nooks and crannies and the final gather handles the big lights. It can do IES and emissives already, but emissives are like the tricks we are already used to (they can't just replace all the lights), except they do propagate in AI. Like always, good diffuse maps win the day. They were also brightening diffuse maps to make them bounce more light. What is interesting about this is that you can get very sharp 4k (and this method doesn't blur textures at close ranges) at frame rates we who are not gamers drool over. In the time of one rendered animation, you could have the whole house presented with lots of pans and sweeps with all sorts of cool lighting. I don't know if UE has the same sort of simple camera animation as TM, but I suspect this GI engine will come to TM in a year or so. They showed some good solid archvis results. Certainly makes animation easier. I am finding that all the final compressors sort of wash away all the detail and having the ability to make 4k mp4's right of the screen for all intents and purposes I suspect make for awesome 1080p Youtube results.