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    ¢hris £und

    fZ + Python + CO2

    What do you think? Finally bit the bullet and ordered one of these. And this is what I have been itching about for python! Looking to make some dedicated toolsets for creating patterns for the CO2 machine. Don't know how far I will be able to push it, but I am gonna go for it! ¢£
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    Greetings Dennis, Been away for a while, but hope I can still help you here. It sounds like you may have found a bug in the VFB (VRay Frame Buffer) window, where it is not saving its last location. You should report that to support@formz with your OS and other info. However, you mentioned the Multi Window option and I think I can help you get that setup. If you turn off the "Use Frame Buffer", then VRay will render in the 3D view window panel. I'll also add that I do not usually use the VRay Interactive mode since it seems to cause instability in my projects and formZ. But I find the lower resolution VRay images to preview fast enough that I don't really miss it much. Hope this helps!
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    Andrew West

    optimising PC performance

    Most of my issues with speed and fluidity tend to get compounded by the importation of outside models. That is a constant concern for me because it is absolutely necessary to my work. Just importing the model can be a painful experience, especially when compared to other programs. We are working with Tech to try to improve this in the future and hopefully it will get better. I imagine that as all the other programs evolve it becomes harder to keep up with the cross platform translations. It is worth reminding everyone that you should keep a journal handy to jot down when things start to lag and get buggy so that you can retrace your steps to find the culprit. Kind of old school but that is just me. There are certainly a few tools in Form.z that can be problematic as well but I have learned to work around them for the most part. Sometimes it is necessary to get pretty creative in my technique. Just don't waste much time on something that is not working out for you and find a different path.
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    Is it possible that you might occasionally ask Matthew Holewinski to create a tutorial? Something like he did here:
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    fZ + Python + CO2

    An exciting combination. A 100W laser is pretty powerful and can do a lot more than just engraving. Cannot wait to see your creations. The photo looks like a Preenex ?. Enjoy!
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    Query an ellipse angle.

    Nice Des, Now imagine one of these in a biker bar & two dudes start getting into it because one of them hit the ball too hard and distorted the ellipse 😎 Joe
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    fZ + Python + CO2

    That's great! Bed size is reasonably large too. I used to be able to cut stuff when I worked in a sign shop. Gear heads that worked there would even make their own gaskets in a pinch. We only used .dxf for getting the path into the path cutting software. It was some time ago. Interested to see what you do with this!
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    fZ + Python + CO2

    I’m envious. Looks like a lot of fun to be had!
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    Justin Montoya

    vray image autosave

    I agree it can save you time if setup correctly. However, by DEFAULT it should not be turned ON to save files in a place I never go or look at. So, I think it should be turned OFF by default, that way If a user wants to use this feature, they should need to turn it ON and then pick their desired location for saving. It's kind of like applications automatically installing hideous desktop icons. It's extremely inefficient to use and organize and quite frankly, just an ugly method of creating litter on the desktop, left over from failed computing ideas 20 years ago.
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    Polygon cages for smoothing

    Hi, everyone. I wanted to say thank you and that this thread is excellent! Thank you for the tutorials and discussion. I'm looking forward to watching them and experimenting with this. I've been away from FormZ for (more than) a few weeks as designing events for 30,000 to 100,000 people has been a little flat.
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    Windows 10 on ARM Support

    Here's an interesting writeup on the mac marketplace. https://architosh.com/2020/06/arm-macs-and-cad-3d-apps-apple-chip-readiness/
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    Bergen, Norway

    Modeled in form•Z, hammered and polished in China
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    Polygon cages for smoothing

    hey Chris well, if I were ADS I'd be on the phone pronto 😎 by way of reciprocity, here's my approach - a bit more basic but it gets me in the ball park. I'm sure you can see what's going on. Revolve a profile paying attention to points and segment count. Use the move tool to shift segments into desired shape down one side, repeat x 7 and add subd
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    ¢hris £und

    formZ Sub-D introduction

    Full List of Videos: Quality upgraded (sorry for my lack of YouTube Knowledge) Video1: Sub-D Introduction: Video 2: Sub-D adding detail part1: Video 3: Sub-D adding detail part2: Video 4: Sub-D Alternative method for adding detail and now a direction to be applied for the Coke bottle: Video 5: Coke bottle in Sub-D: Sub-D Playlist: Same videos, just grouped. https://studio.youtube.com/channel/UCSvzw5ulavnat2ua0zcPHpA/videos/upload?filter=[]&sort={"columnType"%3A"date"%2C"sortOrder"%3A"DESCENDING"} Apologies for the long drawn out process. Again, by all means, give me feedback! Good bad and ugly! Well, since I am ugly, I don't show myself.