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    Justin Montoya

    Export as 3DM file

    It would be great if we could export from FormZ in a 3DM format. We can already Import the 3DM format, so perhaps this is an easy thing to unlock?
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    Export as 3DM file

    +1 Makes sense
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    Learning Form Z 9

    I remember seeing some of those videos and they excellent. I think for me, the biggest difference from 6.7.3 to 9 is the fact that in v.9 FormZ is really meant to be worked on in shaded mode. It's far more graphically oriented than 6.7.3. Watch the videos from Evan Troxel. They will be very helpful.
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    what's new webinar

    Modo and FZ are great companions. I use modo for complicated organic subdivision cage modeling (because it has really good soft selection tools) and then bring the object into FZ where I convert to subdivision and then convert into nurbs. Works really well at creating super complicated organic nurbs shapes that can then be further worked on in FZ with booles etc. Many parts of the mech were done this way (some are pure FZ hard surface modeling.) The parts in this model ended up as separate nurbs solids exports for CNC machining.