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    Left field, far out suggestion

    What about an update post every month of what's cooking from AutoDesSys in regards to Formz in terms of bugs and improvements.
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    Thanks Marcelo, I hope for an update for 9.1 as well, and eventually for a native version for apple silicon. Like you, we purchased the M1 Mac mini to replace on older Macbook and couldn't wait. The M1 mini is very snappy. It's completely silent and stays cool, I haven't even heard the fan come on yet. The performance is very good but with large models in FZ, complex drawings in Vectorworks, and rendering with Maxwell and Twinmotion, things start to lag a bit. With maximum RAM limited to 16 GB, it's not really a long-term solution for workstation-level performance. I'm looking forward to the newer higher performance silicon macs. cheers Innes
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    Justin Montoya

    Mesh lights

    cobrien- I think you should try using emitter material lights for this sort of LED lighting detail. I also use a lot of LED strip lighting on counters and displays, and after many tests and projects, I've found the emitter material lights to be far more efficient to use for this purpose. You can then much more easily adjust the various material lights for the many objects/faces without using the chunky light palette editor. Hopefully our OpenGL based Shaded renderer will support this in the future as well because it is already possible with the OpenGL API, but not implemented because silly RenderZone doesn't support it. Here's some examples of using only Emitter material lights for detail lighting:
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    ¢hris £und

    Simple Snapping Question

    Two, what version of fZ are you using? I created a script do do this for v9.x. the script still needs some work, as it is dependent on some changes to the SDK. But, it is functional. Sorry, only works on 9.x The script allows for a lot more positions than just center. Minimums, Maximums Middle and Center of Gravity of each of the objects considered. All of which should yield (if my logic/math is correct) 144 possible positions. The tricky bit, is it currently cannot use pick order but has to use object creation order. So, you have to Cut and paste the object you want to be displaced (this action puts it as being created last in the objects List) When the SDK allows for pick order, I will update the script. Hope this helps! ¢£
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    change text, how ?

    The Note Text tool needs a major overhaul! Editing such text does not work in 9.1.0 (A399) for a start. I feel that the concept of resizable text boxes was better in many ways. Things like automatic line breaks, spell checking, and better justification options would come in handy. "Middle Centre" justified text only works at the paragraph level, for example, rather than every line, which bugs me. It's also confusing that a change of font requires the creation of a new a dimension style.
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    Andrew West

    Is there a shadow catcher in VRay?

    I would like to add that post processing is helped tremendously by assigning a unique material ID to each material. Then output that channel separately. I do this all the time to tweak materials in PS and add shadows and such.
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    I see lots of examples of people's, work but not too many actual "tutorials".
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    I can steal from the best of them!😉
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    Version 9.1

    I think V8.6.5 was FZ's "finest hour" to date.
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    I was playing around with this a few months back.... one thing that tripped me up was the direction of the surface I made as a "studio backdrop" was facing the wrong way. When I changed it's direction it was perfect.
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    Honestly, what is the true purpose of the current drafting module? It is certainly not for standalone drafting per se, but rather for line editing support in modelling instead. Could the same not have been achieved by the addition of appropriate tools there, like before? Let me expand on this. As far as I can see, there is no way at present to produce a drawing in drafting, and then to open it directly in layout for final touches. Correct me if I’m wrong, but in order to achieve this, the sequence must be: Produce a drawing in drafting (2d model FML file); Import it into modelling (3d model FMZ file), and finally; Import it from modelling into layout (2d layout FML file). This process is prone to error, since the critical direct link between 1. and 3. above is missing. It is impossible to open a drafted FML file directly in layout, which is a disaster. So, my first suggestion would be to allow this possibility. Briefly, here are some others: Improve DWG file importing. In my experience, hatches and layer colors refuse to import, while text fonts come in as dimension styles. As such, they are useless, because layout will not import dimension styles. Therefore, text fonts are out too! Improve layer color support. Currently, layer colors do not stick. They will be different, as soon as the file is saved and reopened. A possible workaround is to change the color attribute of the objects themselves, but the penalty is color printing output. So….. Permit PDF printing as B&W vector output despite layer or object color. This is the norm in AutoCAD, for example, where the output is always B&W despite layer or line color. Permit PDF printing of image hatches with vector output. Introduce object display order support. (bring to front, send to back etc….) Improve the image content tool in layout. At present, an imported image continues to be placed until the pick tool is selected. On a related note, the size by dimension lock does not work in object parameters. The displayed aspect ratio is lost, when changing these values. It has already been said by others, and I wish to reiterate that a good 2d drafting tool is indispensable in a profession such as architecture. Until we reach the day when 3d printed buildings are upon us 2d documentation remains king. Sure, we can turn to other software to do the job, but wouldn’t it be nice if FZ could do it all?
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    Yeah! Totally worked! It scared me at first it doesn't drop rendering the catcher object until after the first pass. Does just what I want. Will save time replacing entire walls in photos. Been doing tons of photo revisions. Thanks, not sure I would have ever sussed that one out myself.
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    Thanx Justin!
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    Great Cris, I am in the same boat. Very excited about the new Macs. I also know I am going to run into a lot of bugs and problems. After thinking about it for a while, I decided to take the leap and not delay the transition any longer. This way I will have everything running smoothly when things get really interesting in a while. Please, be sure to share in the forum your impressions. Best, Marcelo
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    Howdy! Yes, It's under the Material Options, Affect Alpha, Black Alpha (-1):
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    I also just started to learn the graph editor in AE for timing a shot. I was able take a shot that was worthlessly timed when rendered, and retimed to go just as it needed. Kills some of the attrition of clips on the cutting room floor. Coupled with motion blur after the fact I am getting some nice results.
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    I have been trying not to look at all the new and exciting things available for all the other programs out there. It just gets me frustrated. I do know that Vray 5 is coming to FMZ and I hope that it has all the features that are shown in your videos. But the question persists-When? Things have grown very quiet again at ADS and I hope that it means they have been working diligently on the new release. As for your animation needs I have found that TwinMotion is lighting fast and the integration with FMZ is very good. It will probably never be up to the quality of V-ray but sometimes speed is more important. Especially when they ask for real time VR. Until I get a chance to experiment with Vray5 I will continue to play with TM to see how far I can take it. One important thing to note for now is that if you set up your model with V-ray materials they will not translate over to Twin Motion. In my case I needed a still shot using V-ray and then an animation in TM. It was a bit more work to redo the materials on many different objects. Luckily the material editor in TM is pretty fast even if it lacks a lot of the V-ray depth.
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    Nice John! Thank you for sharing your workaround... That's FormZ ... you workAROUND it. So when you are exporting your animation from FormZ, may I ask what settings you are using? I find FormZ lack of modern codecs like mp4, and h.264/265 really bothersome. AVI is ancient and the uncompressed version is buggy. I also found exporting VRay animations troublesome since it would not use the Denoiser (Mild), which greatly speeds up rendering each frame. Are you utilizing your RTX 2070 to speed up your rendering? Hopefully when V-Ray 5 finally drops, we will have several new tools that will make this sort of job easier. First, there is the newer RTX based engine for RTX GPUs. This is supposedly significantly faster, though like the GPU engine, not all features are carried over from the traditional VRAY CPU engine. The faster RTX GPUs you have, the faster the rendering. Then there is the new VRay VISION, their real time engine. - And the new VRay Cosmos looks pretty sweet for integrating outside assets too - Now I have no idea if any of these will be implemented in our upcoming VRAY 5 for FormZ but I hope they are and especially if it adds enough interest here under the VRay for FormZ forum. TwinMotion is impressive and I'm happy it's coming to FormZ as a live link one day. Until then, I already know VRay pretty well and these new tools are exciting to expand our arsenal.
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    Unfortunately, this conversation has been on an endless repeating loop for quite some time now. It's high time something was done about it.
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    Hello Tech Will there actually be another statement from you on this topic at some point? I mean by that: What is the future of Form.Z? What are the strategies? I would still be very interested in this!
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    V-Ray update

    (cow slowly chewing its cud).
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    Why form•z is not popular any more:

    How interesting, this is my suggestion, more or less, in the recent past... In posts I commented I suggested to work together with Affinity, because their software/development/concept is an answer in many ways. Good to know more people know about the Affinity suite.
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    In other news, but fitting right into this discussion: Affinity Designer, on sale 50% off: 27,99 € Affinity Photo, on sale 50% off: 27,99 € Affinity Publisher, on sale 50% off: 27,99 € Fast, stable and easy software, with Apple Silicon support results in a forum with 600.000 postings, and being a serious rival for adobe, finally. I seriously suggest, Serif should buy AutoDesSys. Or at least team up. Serif would enter the windows world and 3D, also get hold onto dwg, AutoDesSys would gain insight to a modern interface, programming style and integrate extended 2d layout capabilities. Serif form•z 2023 would cost 99 € / $ and blow sketchup into insignificance. btw, this is serif's mission statement: We started out in 1987 developing creative software for Windows and built up a decent suite of apps over a 20-year period. But there were problems. Apart from these legacy apps being locked into Windows, they were becoming bloated, hard to maintain and the core foundation of them was not built with consideration of the latest developments in hardware. So, we decided to start again. We threw all that old code away and began development of the Affinity range from scratch. It was a big gamble and turned into a massive project - it took the best part of 5 years from writing the first line of code to releasing Affinity Designer, our first Affinity app, in October 2014. Since then we’ve not looked back. We’ve now got a full creative suite of applications covering photo editing, desktop publishing and graphic design which have won the biggest awards available in the industry and have been adopted by over a million customers worldwide. This success has been great, but our main focus remains on pushing the boundaries of what is possible with creative apps. We love doing what we do, and we are just getting started.
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    Incase someone else is having the same problem It's the Saturation slider in the Global Illumination section of V-Ray Settings. It's set to 1 by default
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    New update 9.0.6

    One of the biggest problems, is that form.Z has a lot more competition now. In it's heyday it was untouchable because it offered arguably the most comprehensive set of tools on the market, for not much money at $1495. Rivals were thin on the ground and consisted of software either for "hobbyists" (Infini-D, trueSpace, Ray Dream) or for well heeled pros with deep pockets (3DS Max, Houdini, LightWave, Alias PowerAnimator, Softimage 3D). From the latter group, Alias PowerAnimator at $30,000 came closest to form.Z when it came to modelling power. The buying decision was obviously a no brainer. Cinema 4D, Maya, and Rhino were not born untill around 1999, and they signalled the decline of the dominance of form.Z, in terms of power to value ratio. In addition, "The Joint Study Program" ensured a steady stream of future new users, by seriously involving students with the software early on. Rave reviews flooded in from various publications around the world. These were the golden years, and lasted for about fifteen years, 1991-2006, but then the decline began. I believe that the only way back will be to try to claw back the lost respect, but the question is how? Indeed, can it be done..... or is it too late?