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    Example Images

    One I just finished last week. Learned about chromatic aberration on this one.
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    Andrew West

    Example Images

    Nice images. How are you applying the decals? More examples will hopefully help build our little community. Here is one of mine. The nice thing about this image is that no matter how many lights I throw in the mix it still renders fairly quickly.
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    Example Images

    Been quiet in here lately....
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    My 2012 MacPro/ Sierra/ 3d Connexion moves the mouse cursor only, despite reinstalling the driver 3 times. I saw no option to uninstall connexion. (I've ignored this important tool for over a year due to other work than 3d). Any insight would be welcome as I have time for 3d, (finally). The main problem is the absence of 3D Connexion in the device check list of SysPrefs/Security/Privacy
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    Andrew West

    Layout fonts outlined

    Anton Drafting has never been a form.z strength, especially when you compare it to a true drafting program like Autocad. However, I have on occasion used it for drafting and I find that the font you use is critical to a nice clean look. I personally like to use City Blueprint for my font which is a little old school but comes across well.
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    Transform "each"

    This is possible by using shortcuts set in the "Quick Keys" Palette "Nudge" tab. Set a shortcut and select "Apply to Entities Individually" and click away:
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    https://hdrihaven.com/ Actually useful HDRI site.
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    Example Images

    Actually, the setting I used for this render are mostly the default settings. I did turn on AO, but I have not seen the effect in my renders. I set the depth of field distance in inches to where I wanted the clear portion of the image. Quality was .005 to get the noise free depth of field. Chromatic aberration is a little trick I ran into recently trying to learn more about mimicking photos. Sometimes, (I am not sure under what conditions yet) cameras displace the red, blue, and green channels. I saw a tutorial on YouTube where the presenter used the Lens Correction in Photoshop to offset the three channels from each other. I just drag the sliders a little bit off center.
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    Example Images

    Very nice Andrew. I suppose the image you posted is also done in the way they've asked you. Very well lit, no strong shadows. Real estate purposes. Below is my design for a custom home. Thankfully, I'm not required to light up the building the same way. I like to render with strong shadows to show the three dimensional quality of the design, and the end user is fine with it.
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    Layout fonts outlined

    Oh I have the same problem and I was apologizing just yesterday to my CNC guy. I feel like I battle Layout evefrytime I have to produce a drawing for production and just when I think I've got it figured out it throws up some weird shit that wants me to throw my laptop out the window!
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    Problems projecting a light pattern

    Hi David, I've done this before using the Maxwell plugin projector light. To get good results the light needs to be cranked up really high and the waves map having contrast set high as well. Des
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    Hi Joe, Hope you are well too! Just got back in form a long Thanksgiving weekend and looking at the animations I rendered over the time. I was able to use the Bend Along Path tool's ability to animate the percentage of completion to animate an undulating bead of caulk that looks just like its coming out of the caulking tube as it goes along. I am excited by such silly things.
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    smart model architectural plug-in

    Although I am a professional Architect I am not interested in the way those solutions work, it's just a database! You are not modelling anymore, but searching in a huge database with names and codes. And never find the object you want as an architect. Editing the object is still time consuming... Of course for some objects, like a water tap it's handy... FormZ has the possibility to be the best 3D modeller, simple to use, and therefore fast. The simpler you can build a 3D model, the better it works to get a unique design. Not a copy of a database! The information management in Form Z should be as simple as the 3D modeller, than we can print out our own spreadsheets... 3D model is one part of the BIM workflow, communicating with other professionals is the other part. For this we need exchange options. Anyway...
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    Justin Montoya

    Views Group

    + YES
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    Justin Montoya

    Nvidia GPU on Mac

    No. Apple has shown it has no interest in supporting 3D design professionals with it's lack of proper hardware and software support. NVIDIA GPUs are needed for most common and popular GPU Rendering engines (Maxwell, V-Ray, Octane, etc.), which requires the Nvidia based CUDA driver, which Apple stopped supporting completely. It would appear that Apple and Nvidia are not going to move forward together, despite Nvidia's attempts to keep the drivers alive. I believe this is the reason 99% of all 3D professionals have moved away from new Apple machines. It just doesn't work with the newer, faster, GPU based rendering software anymore. I loved the Mac OS system for many years, but these decisions forced us to move to Windows 10 to stay competitive with rendering. Windows 10 has been fantastic and I don't miss Apple at all. We even switched to Pixel phones and Android TVs. It all works together beautifully and has none of the new Apple BS to deal with.
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    Hi Chris, Looks great! Thanks! Here's a picture of my last try. -Craig
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    Lumion plugin

    lumion imports many file formats.....unless its a live plugin it doesn't make much difference we have no issue using fz (mac) models in lumion , basically the same as using sketchup/lumion without live link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zcsdy6Dzliw
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    Example Images

    Here is a simple composite I just did. The AC unit is a photo, the mounting hardware is what we sell here at our company. I do a lot of stuff like this. Disclaimer... the AC part is a Getty Image that my company purchased the rights to, so please don't use this image for any reason.
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    Example Images

    Thanks! 1. Do a nurbs curve. 2 Make a cylinder = thickness of rope. 3. Give it a cylinder texture. 4. Change texture to a UV coordinates (Edit Texture Tool). 5. Then use Bend Along Path tool to a cylinder, the rope texture should now follow nicely the curves. Hope this helps
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    DAE is probably the best option still... especially if there are materials. Hopefully FBX will give us an even better option. I've found that whatever is an object in formZ becomes a group in SU, which is a good thing if you want to avoid the sticky geometry mentioned earlier. If you have facetted/curving objects, you'll want to use the Soften command on them in SU so the facets are automatically hidden in your views. You'll need to do that to every object that has said facets.