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    9.2.01 Doesn't work on Monterey 12.3

    If I was running ADS, I would seriously consider developing a simple FZ add-on for the likes of Blender. Why? Because it currently lacks good, CAD-like modelling functionality, and it has a VAST user base. The opening is there, and at $50 - $100 a pop, it would sell like hotcakes! Who knows, some of that user base may even progress to our beloved full-fat version as a result! We desperately need fresh blood! From what I see, only a tiny handful of diehard existing (or previous) users frequent this board over and over again, which is a real shame! Where are the other supposed thousands that are meant to exist? The answer is that they have almost certainly gone elsewhere! It's a minute to midnight.....
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    Unfortunately, I also do not understand why this discussion has once again degenerated into a software war that has long since become out of fashion. However, I clearly take the side of the critics of our beloved 3D software FormZ. I have been working with this tool since 1994, the way it works has probably become second nature to me and I am probably dependent on the continuation of this software for the purpose of my professional life - which is not difficult for me. This is exactly why I am always critical in these forums, be because of the (subjectively) old-fashioned and partly unergonomic UI, the way V-Ray, for example, is implemented and how it looks with regard to communication with the users. In this respect I always have to look with envy at other products, such as Blender, Keyshot, Rhino and Affinity. That I bet on this horse 30 years ago, which feels so wobbly today, always makes me angry and sad - but I could live with that. But why do I feel no indication and no effort on the part of AutoDesSys to remove these concerns and to communicate future perspectives clearly and proactively?