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    form•Z v9 LAB plugins

    The form•Z LAB plugins are available for form•Z v9! A single installer installs all of the plugins for form•Z pro form•Z jr or form•Z Student and Faculty Edition. https://lab.formz.com
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    9.2.01 Doesn't work on Monterey 12.3

    This is an exceptionally poor take. formZ just has a problem keeping up with the technologies that Apple implements in their hardware. THAT is the issue. there are likely hundreds of professional software that runs on macOS without a problem. Everything from spreadsheets, to photo manipulation, to movie editing, to 3D modeling, rendering, and compositing. Houdini, Nuke, Unreal, Octane, Premier, After Effects, Maya, Cinema 4D, Photoshop (entirety of the Creative Suite), and even the Microsoft Office suite are arguably more professional than formZ and run just fine on M1. Blaming Apple for formZ not working properly is like blaming Tesla for not playing for favorite mix that's stored on a cassette. So sure, keep jamming away on your favorite cassette, no one will stop you. but the sound quality over the years has diminished. The choice is yours....
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    9.2.01 Doesn't work on Monterey 12.3

    Oh here we go..........
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    🙄 FZ 9.2 works great here on Windows. Instead of blaming FormZ, you should realize that this change was caused by Apple and their unwillingness to be compatible and easily integrate with other software. They have created the closed ecosystem causing these issues, not AutoDesSys. If you love FormZ, as so many of us do, and you need to keep doing professional work on new hardware, you can simply buy a PC instead of a new Apple. The choice is yours.
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