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    I can share that I'm struggling with these same issues on a MacBook Pro M1 Max. I got the top of the line, delivered in December. I hoped for speedier v-ray rendering. While working on the M1 Max in January I experienced a lot of issues with lagging geometry in wireframe and quickdraw. Support suggested turning off Selection Preview under Edit and turning off antialias and smooth object options in display options. I experienced odd behavior in the modeling tools, where a tool hovered over would not pop-out the row of options below it. The workspace doesn't remember where windows are placed on a dual monitor setup. there were other peculiarities I'm forgetting now as well. Very frustrating. All the zip and quickness of FormZ in the past is lost on this very expensive machine. I've retreated to my 2019 Intel MacBook Pro and taken it off eBay for now. The M1 makes a great machine for invoicing and watching shows.