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    Thanks, Graham, for bringing up the issue. Wow! Turning off the edges of solids/surfaces makes a big difference in Shaded Work and Full Shaded in my Mac mini M1 16Gb/1Tb. But I always work in Shaded Full and cannot work without the edges turned on! An alternate solution could be to have a shortcut to turn them on and off as needed, mainly to navigate the heavier projects with the edges off. It doesn’t sound too bad because I’m accustomed to working with my keyboard, but the problem is that the capability for such a shortcut doesn’t exist in the Key Shortcut Manager! I think this capability needs to be available. It makes a BIG difference, and the fact that you need to navigate through a palette to activate/deactivate the option with the mouse doesn’t make any sense. For now, I am going to do it in 3 steps, using my actual shortcut to show the Display Options dialogue.