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    Apple Silicon M1

    I have been testing formZ and Twinmotion on my new Mac mini M1 16GB/1TB with no major issues and good results in general for the kind of projects I'm working on, not very big. I'm using fZ 9.2 A460 and TM 2022.1.0 Preview on macOS Big Sur. None of them optimized yet, of course. The files I'm working on in formZ are ~45MB, and the test file in Twinmotion is ~408MB. I have no problems if I work on both at the same time. As I write, both are running in the background, and TM is rendering seven panorama images at 6K to upload to Twinmotion Cloud (Early Access). I share a screenshot where you can see that the Mac mini is not even using swap memory.
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    David Lemelin

    Apple Silicon M1

    I received my 16" M1 max MacBook Pro yesterday and have been testing out FormZ 9.1 and Maxwell... It all runs. FormZ isn't nearly as smooth as I would have expected from all that GPU power, but Maxwell does render a LOT faster than my old i7 MBP. That said, I expect much greater performance once these apps are optimized. I hope this will not require that we wait multiple years, but with FormZ and Maxwell... well, sometimes things take time. I will be doing more testing with other 3D apps and renderers to validate what I'm seeing in FZ9 and Maxwell 5.2. I'm not dissatisfied at all... but I am anxious to see software running natively on these chips. Oh, and for those who care... all-day Maxwell rendering and modeling at the same time, zero fans. Zero. As for the cost of this machine (+$5k Can) it's a lot... but my last MBP was a 2013 i7, fully specced out and it has been running and rendering for 8 years without a peep (still running the very latest OS update). Only thing I swapped was the battery last year. In comparison, I've never had a PC laptop survive more than 3 years usably. You get what you pay for, and with Apple, it just works. And lasts.