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    A little less than a year ago I created some video tutorials from a thread in the general discussion forum as the impetus. The first set of videos were based on SDS and have a separate thread here in the tutorials. For the second method, NURBS, It appears I failed to create a separate thread and buried the link in the original post. This thread is here to remedy that error. Coke bottle built on NURBS and Trimmed NURBS. https://youtu.be/b44MU13JsX4 (Again apologies for my sucky presentation skills, but hopefully the information is at least conveyed.) ¢£
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    formZ models into Keyshot

    So instead of waiting for ADS/Luxion to make a link/plugin, or waiting for .fmz files to be opened directly into Keyshot, I decided to explore the best workflow for this process. The thing I like about this is that there is very little work to be done in Keyshot, you can essentially import your model, drop in an HDRI, maybe change the lighting scheme and you have a rock-solid render in a matter of seconds. IMO Keyshot is much faster than Maxwell or V Ray and it is much simpler if you're looking for something out-of the box, but still produces stellar results. Anyways, export your model as OBJ. The options to change here are... Export Method > Plain Objects > Smooth : AS FACETTED and check TRIANGULATE ALL FACETTED When importing, the OBJ, set the UP ORIENTATION to Y, Materials and Structure > check KEEP INDIVIDUAL PARTS, and Group by MATERIALS. The only thing to look out for here is that your formZ model should not have shared materials for objects that are to be different textures. That is, don't set the same plain white texture for a brick wall and grass if you are not going to use different textures in Keyshot. After this you can keep the rendering or use any of the preset materials to improve accuracy. Transparency doesn't translate, so these are best replaced within Keyshot. Not sure if this will help anyone, or maybe it'll give people another reliable option for a renderer with formZ. Screenshots attached.