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    fz 9.2?

    thank you Ztek for this testimony I did not follow the same route because I continue to work with Z6 except for the export to Twinmotion with which we ensure the finishing of our scenes and the video renderings We also use the Z6 draft for our plans it's a basic tool but ultimately allows us to do whatever we need I was very happy when I saw that it had been re-introduced in Z9 except that under Windows the bugs are still too problematic Today I just hope that Autodessys will end up realizing a stable software under Windows with all the functionalities of Z6 and the depth of the settings that the user can make himself ... Like such a stable and complete formz 6 with just the right interface upgrades from Z9 Definitely a "PRO" software waiting for Formz 10 !🤣 I guess designers will wait a long time for their build history ... And for my part I turn to other tools that Formz cannot do what I want ...
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    I forgot We have developed a small base setup which optimizes the base rendering well. (for architecture) If you want we can share it with you tomorrow at the office ... Just send me an email jldaureil[at]alicepro[dot]fr
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    V-Ray 5 for form•Z Beta now available

    Nope not confused. I do what I do just fine and know lots of industry people who do the same as me very successfully with the same or similar equipment and software. I'm not using the current FormZ 9 and VRAY 5 so can't comment on that. It seems this forum has become an agessive echo chamber... so I'll go back to ignoring it and doing my own work.