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    Left field, far out suggestion

    What about an update post every month of what's cooking from AutoDesSys in regards to Formz in terms of bugs and improvements.
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    Honestly, what is the true purpose of the current drafting module? It is certainly not for standalone drafting per se, but rather for line editing support in modelling instead. Could the same not have been achieved by the addition of appropriate tools there, like before? Let me expand on this. As far as I can see, there is no way at present to produce a drawing in drafting, and then to open it directly in layout for final touches. Correct me if I’m wrong, but in order to achieve this, the sequence must be: Produce a drawing in drafting (2d model FML file); Import it into modelling (3d model FMZ file), and finally; Import it from modelling into layout (2d layout FML file). This process is prone to error, since the critical direct link between 1. and 3. above is missing. It is impossible to open a drafted FML file directly in layout, which is a disaster. So, my first suggestion would be to allow this possibility. Briefly, here are some others: Improve DWG file importing. In my experience, hatches and layer colors refuse to import, while text fonts come in as dimension styles. As such, they are useless, because layout will not import dimension styles. Therefore, text fonts are out too! Improve layer color support. Currently, layer colors do not stick. They will be different, as soon as the file is saved and reopened. A possible workaround is to change the color attribute of the objects themselves, but the penalty is color printing output. So….. Permit PDF printing as B&W vector output despite layer or object color. This is the norm in AutoCAD, for example, where the output is always B&W despite layer or line color. Permit PDF printing of image hatches with vector output. Introduce object display order support. (bring to front, send to back etc….) Improve the image content tool in layout. At present, an imported image continues to be placed until the pick tool is selected. On a related note, the size by dimension lock does not work in object parameters. The displayed aspect ratio is lost, when changing these values. It has already been said by others, and I wish to reiterate that a good 2d drafting tool is indispensable in a profession such as architecture. Until we reach the day when 3d printed buildings are upon us 2d documentation remains king. Sure, we can turn to other software to do the job, but wouldn’t it be nice if FZ could do it all?
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    Unfortunately, this conversation has been on an endless repeating loop for quite some time now. It's high time something was done about it.
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    Hello Tech Will there actually be another statement from you on this topic at some point? I mean by that: What is the future of Form.Z? What are the strategies? I would still be very interested in this!
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    Why form•z is not popular any more:

    How interesting, this is my suggestion, more or less, in the recent past... In posts I commented I suggested to work together with Affinity, because their software/development/concept is an answer in many ways. Good to know more people know about the Affinity suite.
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    In other news, but fitting right into this discussion: Affinity Designer, on sale 50% off: 27,99 € Affinity Photo, on sale 50% off: 27,99 € Affinity Publisher, on sale 50% off: 27,99 € Fast, stable and easy software, with Apple Silicon support results in a forum with 600.000 postings, and being a serious rival for adobe, finally. I seriously suggest, Serif should buy AutoDesSys. Or at least team up. Serif would enter the windows world and 3D, also get hold onto dwg, AutoDesSys would gain insight to a modern interface, programming style and integrate extended 2d layout capabilities. Serif form•z 2023 would cost 99 € / $ and blow sketchup into insignificance. btw, this is serif's mission statement: We started out in 1987 developing creative software for Windows and built up a decent suite of apps over a 20-year period. But there were problems. Apart from these legacy apps being locked into Windows, they were becoming bloated, hard to maintain and the core foundation of them was not built with consideration of the latest developments in hardware. So, we decided to start again. We threw all that old code away and began development of the Affinity range from scratch. It was a big gamble and turned into a massive project - it took the best part of 5 years from writing the first line of code to releasing Affinity Designer, our first Affinity app, in October 2014. Since then we’ve not looked back. We’ve now got a full creative suite of applications covering photo editing, desktop publishing and graphic design which have won the biggest awards available in the industry and have been adopted by over a million customers worldwide. This success has been great, but our main focus remains on pushing the boundaries of what is possible with creative apps. We love doing what we do, and we are just getting started.
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    Incase someone else is having the same problem It's the Saturation slider in the Global Illumination section of V-Ray Settings. It's set to 1 by default