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    Thanks Marcelo, I hope for an update for 9.1 as well, and eventually for a native version for apple silicon. Like you, we purchased the M1 Mac mini to replace on older Macbook and couldn't wait. The M1 mini is very snappy. It's completely silent and stays cool, I haven't even heard the fan come on yet. The performance is very good but with large models in FZ, complex drawings in Vectorworks, and rendering with Maxwell and Twinmotion, things start to lag a bit. With maximum RAM limited to 16 GB, it's not really a long-term solution for workstation-level performance. I'm looking forward to the newer higher performance silicon macs. cheers Innes
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    Yeah! Totally worked! It scared me at first it doesn't drop rendering the catcher object until after the first pass. Does just what I want. Will save time replacing entire walls in photos. Been doing tons of photo revisions. Thanks, not sure I would have ever sussed that one out myself.
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    Thanx Justin!
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    Great Cris, I am in the same boat. Very excited about the new Macs. I also know I am going to run into a lot of bugs and problems. After thinking about it for a while, I decided to take the leap and not delay the transition any longer. This way I will have everything running smoothly when things get really interesting in a while. Please, be sure to share in the forum your impressions. Best, Marcelo