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    Left field, far out suggestion

    What about an update post every month of what's cooking from AutoDesSys in regards to Formz in terms of bugs and improvements.
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    I also just started to learn the graph editor in AE for timing a shot. I was able take a shot that was worthlessly timed when rendered, and retimed to go just as it needed. Kills some of the attrition of clips on the cutting room floor. Coupled with motion blur after the fact I am getting some nice results.
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    I have been trying not to look at all the new and exciting things available for all the other programs out there. It just gets me frustrated. I do know that Vray 5 is coming to FMZ and I hope that it has all the features that are shown in your videos. But the question persists-When? Things have grown very quiet again at ADS and I hope that it means they have been working diligently on the new release. As for your animation needs I have found that TwinMotion is lighting fast and the integration with FMZ is very good. It will probably never be up to the quality of V-ray but sometimes speed is more important. Especially when they ask for real time VR. Until I get a chance to experiment with Vray5 I will continue to play with TM to see how far I can take it. One important thing to note for now is that if you set up your model with V-ray materials they will not translate over to Twin Motion. In my case I needed a still shot using V-ray and then an animation in TM. It was a bit more work to redo the materials on many different objects. Luckily the material editor in TM is pretty fast even if it lacks a lot of the V-ray depth.