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    Justin Montoya


    All good ideas But, before we get too far ahead of ourselves, I think we are missing modern animated documentation showing the basics of formZ tools and workflow. These should be imbedded in the documentation pages for new users to help quickly get up to speed with formZ. So let's say we start with simple animations showing how to use each basic tool, something new users could quickly watch while following along to learn the basics of formZ. I like animated GIFs for quick tool demos. Here, I made an example showing how the basic INSERT HOLE tool works. I feel like this is a good example showing the basic, but very fast and efficient solid modeling power of formZ: I think it would be great if future tutorials could show similar animated GIFs broken down into logical steps. That way it's' not a long video you need to rewind, instead it is a short looping video showing the current step. I realize my customized workspace may not be the best basis for these, but I really love having my Tools on the Right which is the logical next step of setting the Tool Options. Future animations could even just use a small portion of the screen with the modeling and pop out tool bar that shows how the basic functions work without all the other Interface visible. BTW, I'm using a nice app called ScreenToGif to quickly record, edit, and export these. https://www.screentogif.com/