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    union bug

    Sometimes it’s just easier to move an object to the origin and Cartesian to work on. It is possible to work at weird angles using custom reference planes but great care is required when doing this. The “three point align” script was invaluable at aiding in building skewed objects by moving them to origin and then back into position. Would love to have it back working again or have it incorporated as a proper tool. A righteous Development Team project?
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    Of note, the numerical accuracy and how it overrides snaps, has been an issue since v7. I have reported it as a bug a couple of times (first a long time ago), but I think I was only able to make it clear as to what I meant fairly recently. This wasn't an issue in 6.x and prior. It drives me nuts. I almost always drop it to something like 1/1024 or 1/2048. with a number of decimal places set to 10. Of course, these days I tend to work on projects that are no larger than a card table. and most often with objects that are smaller than a loaf of bread. At these sizes, that damn NA really gets to be a nuisance! ¢£