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    I have tried the export to TwinMotion/Unreal and actually find this option very interesting. But for me, the development of this plugin is first and foremost a sign of life from Form.Z - for that I am very grateful. But... and if you would please also pay attention to my contribution just above: I am a creator, a designer - and I work on average 8 hours a day at the computer and with your software. When I create something beautiful and functional, I also want my tools to be beautiful and functional, or to reflect these attributes. That is the alpha and omega of why design exists.
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    This is an evergreen and interesting topic, if you do a search on the Forum for i.e. "future", interface", "GUI" etc. you will find lots of interesting discussions over the years, ranging from "oh no, this is not as it was in V2.9 anymore" to " we need a complete redesign, it has to be like xyz but better"..., plus lots of actually proactive proposals by users to contribute to those points. side note: "Der Ton macht die Musik"
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    Hi Tech So you are saying: «We can find no communication with our sales or support teams from you so you have no basis for your comment that we are not responsive.» I have been using FormZ since 1995 . Since version 7, the user interface and its stability has been a tragedy. For years I have tried to draw your attention to this with constructive contributions by E-Mail or here in the Form. Here are a few examples:
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    Sure, being sarcastic helps a lot! I did not claim so. My feeling is that development is slow, no ui goal can be seen. blender is far from being the industry standard in ui design, but for me it just seems that form•z keeps only keeps rearranging the chairs on the deck.